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Black & Decker 97272

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Category: Saws

Feed the saw hard enough to keep it working without much decrease in speed. Forcing it beyond this makes for rough cuts, inaccuracy, and overheating of the motor. Should your cut begin to go off the line, don’t try to force it back on. It's best, of course to make errors on the waste side of the line. Then you can withdraw the saw, sight anew, and start a new cut a trifle inside the wrong one. In any event, withdraw the saw if you must shift the cut. Forcing a correction inside the cut can stal

LG GM750

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BABT, Balfour House, Churchfield Road, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 2TD, United Kingdom Notified Body Identification Number : 0168 Declaration Je declare par la presente que les produits et appareils Nom Date de publication mentionnes ci-dessus et concernes par la presente declaration sont conformes aux normes et aux Seung Hyoun, Ji / Directeur 31. Aug. 2009 dispositions des directives mentionnees ci-dessus. European Standard Center LG Electronics Logistics and Services B.V. Veluwezoom 15, 132

Casio LK-56

downloaded: 7File size: 4 mb    Manafacture: Casio  
Category: Musical Instruments

Note Pitch The keyboard key that should be pressed lights, while the actual pitch of the note appears in the display’s staff notation area. The fingers you should use to play the notes are also shown on the display. Note Length Keyboard keys stay lit for as long as the note should be played. The staff notation and fingerings also remain on the display for the length of the note. Next Note The keyboard key for the next note to be played flashes, while a number appears on the display near the fing


downloaded: 1File size: 2 mb    Manafacture: LG  
Category: Mobile Phones

Indicates the battery charge level. Indicates new text message(s). Indicates new voice message(s). Indicates that the alarm clock is set. Indicates that your phone is using the silent settings. Indicates that your phone is using the outdoor settings. Indicates that your phone is using the headset setting. Indicates that all calls are being diverted to another number. Indicates that your phone is in Flight mode. Indicates new schedule(s). Menu and Options Your phone offers a set of functions that

Harbor Freight Tools 95069

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Category: Scales

SAVE THIS MANUAL. When unpacking, make sure that the product is intact and undamaged. If any parts are missing or broken, please call 1.800.444.3353 as soon as possible. Copyright© 2006 by Harbor Freight Tools®. All rights reserved. No portion of this document or any artwork contained herein may be reproduced in any shape or form without the express written consent of Harbor Freight Tools. Diagrams within this document may not be drawn proportionally. Due to continuing improvements, actual produ