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Superior DR-400CEP

downloaded: 4File size: 974 kb    Manafacture: Superior  
Category: Fireplaces

** In accordance with the curent ANSI SZ223.1/NFPA 54 National Fuel Gas Codes. ‡ A vent shall not terminate directly above a sidewalk or paved driveway which is located between two single family dwellings and serves both dwellings. *‡ Only permitted if veranda, porch, deck or balcony is fully open on a minimum 2 sides beneath the floor: Figure 8 NOTE: DIAGRAMS & ILLUSTRATIONS NOT TO SCALE. V NOTE: DIAGRAMS & ILLUSTRATIONS NOT TO SCALE. *34.... (872) Back wall of chase/enclosure (including any fi

Agri-Fab 45-03153-131

downloaded: 1File size: 956 kb    Manafacture: Agri-Fab  
Category: Garden Tools

• Read the chemical label instructions and cautions for handling and applying the chemicals purchased for spreading. • Wear eye and hand protection when handling and when applying lawn or garden chemicals. • Never operate tractor and spreader attachment without wearing substantial footwear, and do not allow anyone to ride or sit on spreader attachment frame. • Never allow children to operate the tractor or spreader attachment, and do not allow adults to operate without proper instructions. • Alw

Fantom Vacuum VPW43H

downloaded: 10File size: 399 kb    Manafacture: Fantom Vacuum  
Category: Pressure Washers

Disconnect the high pressure hose from the pressure washer and trigger gun. 4. Disconnect garden hose from pressure washer. 5. Remove excess water from the pump by tipping the unit on both sides to drain any remaining water from the water intake and outlet fittings. 6. Drain detergent applicator bottle and flush with clean water. 7. Wipe away any remaining water on all parts and fittings. 8. Engage the trigger gun safety lock. 9. Store the unit and accessories in a room above 32°F. Winterizing &

Attwood 7615

downloaded: 2File size: 452 kb    Manafacture: Attwood  
Category: Boats

Press trim plate onto switch, verify correct operation. Peel paper backing from trim plate, push plate firmly against mounting surface. Figure 1 Figure 2 © 2003 Attwood Corporation 1016 N. Monroe Street, Lowell, MI 49331-0260 www.attwoodmarine.com

BlueAnt Wireless BLUEANT Z9I

downloaded: 39File size: 1 mb    Manafacture: BlueAnt Wireless  
Category: Wireless Accessories

Winner of the prestigious CES 2007 Design and Engineering award, the BlueAnt Z9i is the next generation in Noise Suppression, Echo Cancellation and Wind Noise Reduction for Bluetooth headsets. There are two settings of Voice Isolation - STANDARD and MAX. Voice Isolation Standard is for use in normal environments and gives you a natural sounding voice removing mild noise. Voice Isolation Max gives you superior voice clarity in a wide variety of high noise areas. ENGLISH BlueAnt Features of the Bl