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Shoprider PHFW-1020

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Category: Mobility Aid

3. If unintended movement or brake release occurs, turn the power chair OFF as soon as it is safe. 4. Be aware that adding accessories or components, or modifying the power chair may make it more susceptible to EMI. NOTE: There is no easy way to evaluate the overall immunity of the powered chair. Report all incidents of unintended movement or brake to the power chair provider, and note whether there are sources of EMI nearby. 6/25/2004 5 Safety Instructions Please do use the folding power chair

LG P500 Optimus One

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Category: Mobile Phones

Call center : 0-2878-5757 29 alnsmiaSîJ ainsmiasnaion lvЙ1úlfluaifsшVi^1Wfa^n'uívsAVlV LG-P5GG. (siünisai^ Waвu1üй1uЙ10úliuй'^lйaf) adñ^m uuaiaaí anuiaiua ■шш iàâuaâ Ivispí™ LG-P5GG îiâjflmmnu flâumrnâS nuamítá isuuSifliiiäu muinüvis Äm LG-P5GG MrnuiM®: • tinaâinsmiaîuïâonvïîiâo LG iviiuu • nisl^igtfamuMnusUiuai4flNatvnissijissnuMoiflSao‘ivis Ä^viSuaaao -• ainsmiaSjai^nanaionutumomvi 3G naúl1Шútaэ1ú‘Vwsй'w'w ‘iisaaiunau! lEmwrtMama^/ íatatuÍM^vw iéau^atMí^^Mñunau miaaíía

Ariens 463

downloaded: 10File size: 826 kb    Manafacture: Ariens  
Category: Lawn Mowers

Briggs & Stratton Intek Engines: Place handlebar into handlebar service position and tip the machine to the left, opposite the discharge opening. Kawasaki: Place handlebar in service position and tip unit to right. IMPORTANT: If engine becomes "flooded" due to tipping, clean air cleaner and remove spark plug, put one teaspoon of oil in cylinder, turn engine over a few times and reinstall spark plug. 4.3 FILLING THE FUEL TANK WARNING: EXPLOSIVE VAPORS and its FLAMMABLE FUEL can result in death or

Sharp UX-P400

downloaded: 49File size: 2 mb    Manafacture: Sharp  
Category: Faxes

¦ If the fax machine is interrupting callers before they can leave a message, try a longer Quiet Detect Time setting. If your outgoing message includes a period of silence, make sure that the setting is longer than that period of silence, or re-record your outgoing message to shorten the silence. Note: Quiet Detect Time can be turned off by entering "00" for the time. Note, however, that the fax machine will not be able to receive faxes sent manually by Normal Dialling. To change the setting, fo

Samsung LE26R41B

downloaded: 21File size: 8 mb    Manafacture: Samsung  
Category: Televisions

is displayed with the OK selected. Press the ENTER button. Result: The following areas are available: Belgium - France - Germany -Italy - Netherlands - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - United Kingdom - Eastern Europe- Others Select your Country by pressing the or button. Press the ENTER button. Result: The Auto Store menu is displayed with the Start selected. Press the ENTER button. Result: The channel search will start and end automatically. Press the ENTER button. Select the hour or minute by pr