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Philips PVD778

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

There is magnet at the bottom of the auxiliary antenna. Fix it onto a metallic surface. Connect AC power Connect the supplied AC/DC adaptor to the DC IN jack of the TV and a power outlet. Step B Enjoy Set OSD (On-Screen-Display) language (l) Press SETUP repeatedly until the SETUP menu is highlighted. ^2^ Press 3 or 4 to select LANGUAGE. I TV MENU I SETUP | PICTURE LANGUAGE ENGLISH AREA CHINA AUTO SEARCH TV SYSTEM PAL TV SOUND DK FINE TUNE DELETE CH YES 3^ Press 1 or 2 to selec

JBL GTO601.1

downloaded: 3File size: 604 kb    Manafacture: JBL  
Category: Car Amplifiers

Set both parts aside. 4. Locate the enclosed hardware bag and remove the four clips. Each clip has a square end and a larger round end. Using a round end, press two clips onto each neon tube (e.g., Street Glow AN9 or equivalent), as shown in Figure 13. 5. For each tube, align both clips so the square ends slide onto an exposed extrusion edge, as shown in Figure 9. Do not cover any screw holes. When installed correctly, each neon tube will sit under an extrusion and not be visible when viewed fro

Brother 885-X18

downloaded: 3File size: 3 mb    Manafacture: Brother  
Category: Sewing Machines

Align the foot guide with the needle position. 4 Set the pattern selection dial to the Zigzag Stitch. 5 Place the fabric under the foot so the foot guide is aligned between both edges of the fabric. 6 Lower the presser foot and start sewing. ¦ When blind hem stitching When blind hem stitching using the blind stitch foot, turn the screw to adjust the guide to the folded hem. • For more details on blind hem stitching, see page 28. 1 2 3 1Screw 2Guide 3Folded hem 44 APPENDIX 6 APPENDIX MAINTENANCE

Cannon 50cm Free Standing Gas Cooker C50LCIK

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Category: Cooktops

depending on cut of meat Vegetables Baked jacket potatoes 4 or 5 3 1. - 3 hrs. until soft, depending on size Puddings Milk Puddings (500ml/1 pt) 3 4 1.-2. stand dish on baking tray and started with warm milk Baked Custard (500ml/1 pt) 3 4 45-60 mins. bain-marie Baked Sponge Puddings 4 3 40-50 mins Baked Apples 3 3 30-45 mins depending on type and size of apples Meringue Topped Puddings 1 3or4 15 mins or until "tinged" with brown Apple Tart (1 x205mm/8//) 6 2 45-60 mins Fruit Crumble 5 2 35 -45 m

Kohler K-1703

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Category: Remote Control

(680.4kg) Hot water supply should be 70% of capacity or greater. Installations will vary. 3-1/4" No change in measurements if connected with drain illustrated. (K-7161-AF or K-7161M-AF) Drop-in cut-out 58-1/2" (148.6cm) x 40-1/2" (102.9cm) Cut-out for undermount K-583 template Minimum access panel: Pump/control 34" (86.4cm) W x 15" (38.1cm) H required PUMP/CONTROL ACCESS PRODUCT DIAGRAM K-772-H2, K-772-N1 Pristine® Bath Whirlpool Page 2 of 2 1019471-4-A THE BOLD LOOK of KOHLER