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BodyCraft SPX

downloaded: 6File size: 1 mb    Manafacture: BodyCraft  
Category: Bikes

PERFECT FOR GROUP CLASSES OR INDIVIDUAL INDOOR TRAINING. Frame • Heavy-duty steel frame with two layers of powder coat paint to prevent rust Flywheel • 46 Lb. Precision flywheel is perimeter weighted for high inertia • Turns on German made SKF™ sealed bearings Drive • French made Hutchinson™ 5PK V-ribbed automotive belt Resistance • Patented friction brake with micro-adjust safety knob and emergency stop Lower Bracket • Heat treated Cro-Moly Axle turns on sealed German made SKF™ bearin

Electrolux Dito 603287

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Dimensions, illustrations, technical data, weights, etc. are given as an indication only. || mioN 500

LG 32CS460

downloaded: 9File size: 7 mb    Manafacture: LG  
Category: Televisions

If it is set to on, the subtitle is displayed by default. • Audio Description: This function is for the blind, and provides explanatory audio describing the current situation in a TV programme in addition to the basic audio. When Audio Description is selected On, basic audio and Audio Description are provided only for those programmes that have Audio Description included. □ To set Power Indicator SETTINGS ^ OPTION ^ Standby Light Turns the standby light in the front panel of the TV on/off.

Hyundai H-CSA694

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Category: Hair Removal

It is necessary to refer the manual. Do not install the speakers where they may be subjected to excessive heat moisture, dust or where they will be kicked repeatedly, brushed or bumped. Before mounting and connecting the wires be sure that wire of the negative pole terminal is disconnected from accumulator. Nonobservance of this demand may cause the short circuit or fire. To prevent short circuit never put or leave any metal objects (e.g. coins or metal tools) inside the acoustic system. Make

Toshiba 20A23

downloaded: 4File size: 1 mb    Manafacture: Toshiba  
Category: Televisions

When operating on a cable system, it can tune to the standard VHF channel frequencies plus up to 113 cable channel frequencies. The actual number of channels received depends upon channel reception in your area or your cable system. • On-screen 3 Language Display -This TV can display the on-screen language in English, Spanish or French. • Sleep Timer -Operable from the remote control, the TV can be programmed to turn off automatically (from 10 to 120 minutes, in 10-minute increments). • Memory B