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Then touch OK to complete the shut down. To restart your Nexus 4 if it becomes unresponsive, press and hold the Power/Lock key for at least 10 seconds. TIP: To quickly silence your phone or toggle airplane mode, press and hold the power button for one or two seconds to see a quick confirmation dialog – even from the lock screen. NEXUS 4 QUICK START GUIDE Set up your Nexus 4 The first time you turn on your phone, you’ll see a Welcome screen. To choose a different language, touch the menu. Then to

Samsung HT-DS970

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Category: Home Theater Systems

RSLS C L SW R Position of the DVD Player • Place it on a stand or cabinet shelf, or under the TV stand. Front Speakers RL • Place these speakers in front of your listening position, facing inwards (about 45°) toward you. • Place the speakers so that their tweeters will be at the same height as your ear. • Align the front face of the front speakers with the front face of the center speaker or place them slightly in front of the center speakers. Center Speaker C • It is best to install it at the s

ProSpot Fitness P-600

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Category: Fitness Equipment

The PROSPOTfitness® P-600 has a footprint of approximately 6’x 6’. The barbell is approximately 7’ long. Locate your PROSPOTfitness® P-600 away from any source of water. Do not allow any liquid to be near the machine or spilled on any electrical part. Do not insert any object into the electrical box. • Approximate assembly time is 1-1/2 hours. • A flat area of 9’ x 9’ will be required to assemble and properly use the PROSPOTfitness® P-600. • You will need the following tools and a helper to comp

Samsung GT-S8600

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Category: Mobile Phones

This helps your device show information when there is no GPS signal or when the GPS signal is weak. You may incur additional charges for accessing the mobile network. 1 In Menu mode, select Settings > Location. 2 Drag the slider next to Network position. › View your location Learn to determine the latitude, longitude, and altitude of your current position using the GPS. In Menu mode, select Settings > Location > My position. Connectivity 102 PC connections Learn to connect your device to a PC wi

Elite Products ERC-008ST

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Category: Food Steamers

*The consumer is responsible for any delivery charges for all replacement units provided for exchange under the warranty. RETURNS: Any return of defective merchandise to the manufacturer must be processed accordingly by contacting customer service first to obtain an RA # ( Return Authorization Number). We will not accept any returns of merchandise without an applicable RA #. We cannot assume responsibility for loss or damages to products returned to us during incoming shipment. For your protecti