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Samsung SCX-4605K

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Category: Printers

После появления окна установки дождитесь ее завершения. Для того чтобы зарегистрироваться как пользователь принтера Samsung, установите соответствующий флажок и нажмите кнопку Готово. Регистрация позволит получать информацию от компании Samsung. Если драйвер установлен правильно, в папку Принтеры и факсы будет добавлен элемент Samsung Universal Print Driver. Удаление Samsung Universal Print Driver Появится мастер установки Samsung Universal Print Driver. 3.Использование драйвера Samsung Universa

Beckett 800

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Category: Convection Ovens

Protect Against Dust and Moisture .. Dust and Moisture 8 6104 BCF5 R07 50001 End view Side view 3/16” - 7/32” gap 1/4” in front of nozzle 3/16” above nozzle center R P Q Install nozzle line assembly Insert the nozzle line assembly into the burner air tube. Reference Figure 6. Slide the secondary adjusting plate (Figure 7, item f) completely to the left on the indicator adjusting plate (item e). Finger tighten acorn nut (item c) to secure the two plates together. Slide both plates completely to t

Hitachi WS-65615

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Category: Televisions

However, NetCommand will not be able to control this device. Later you may use the “Change” option in the Edit NetCommand menu to learn the remote control signals. After selecting Next>, the screens that follow are: the AV Receiver Inputs screen (Figure 7), Name screen (Figure 10), Monitor Out screen (Figure 11), ending with the Finish screen (Figure 12). A/V Receiver Inputs Figure 7 If you select “Other” as the manufacturer, you will see the A/V Receiver Input screen after selecting “Learn” and

Samsung VC240

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Category: Displays

i . Copyright The color and design may differ depending on the model, and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for performance improvement. © 2010–2011 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. You are prohibited from unauthorized use or reproduction of any of the information in this user guide without prior approval from Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. • SyncMaster and the Samsung logo are registered trademarks of Sam- sung Electronics

Avanti QR2520X

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Category: Refrigerators

Refer to "Levelling". Misaligned door. The appliance is not levelled. Refer to "Levelling". As much as the advice does not lead to result, call the nearest brand-mark service. Replacing the lamp The appliance is equipped with a longlife LED interior light. Only service is allowed to replace the lighting device. Contact your Service Center . Closing the door 1. Clean the door gaskets. 2. If necessary, adjust the door. Refer to "Installation". 3. If necessary, replace the defective door gaskets. C