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Sony RDR-GX3

downloaded: 0File size: 2 mb    Manafacture: Sony  
Category: DVD Players

If necessary, press TV/DVD on the remote to return the input to the TV. If you connect this recorder to a TV with SMARTLINK, set “Linel Output” to “Video.” For correct SMARTLINK connection, you will need a SCART (EURO AV) cord that has the full 21 pins. See your TV’s instruction manual as well for this connection. JNt 2 OUI INPUT S VIDEO ,continued Step 3: Connecting the Video Cords 17 Basic Hookups and Settings © Connecting to component video input jacks (Y, Cb, Cr) Connect using a co

Makita BO4900V

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will make exposed metal parts of the tool “live” and shock the operator. 4. Do not leave the tool running. Operate the tool only when hand-held. 5. This tool has not been waterproofed, so 7. Use of this tool to sand some products, do not use water on the workpiece sur-paints and wood could expose user to face. dust containing hazardous substances. Use appropriate respiratory protection. 6. Ventilate your work area adequately when you perform sanding operations. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS WARNING: M

Boston Acoustics AM/FM Radio

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...... ...... About Station Presets The Solo has 20 station presets. The presets can be used to store either AM or FM stations. Because of the way the Solo places stations in the presets you may want to plan how you store them. Here’s how it works. The first station you store goes into Preset 1. The second station goes into Preset 2 and so on, up to 20 stations. If you remove a preset all the stations in presets above the one you removed, drop down a preset position. The table below gives an exa

Vulcan-Hart GL

downloaded: 0File size: 3 mb    Manafacture: Vulcan-Hart  
Category: Water Heaters

BOX 696 LOUISVILLE, KY 40201-0696, TEL. (502) 778-2791 FORM 30767A (5-93) (Formerty 99-02-01B) A IMPORTANT OPERATING, INSTALLATION AND SERVICE PERSONNEL Operating information for this equipment has been prepared for use by qualified and/or authorized operating personnel. All installation and service on this equipment is to be performed by qualified, certified, licensed and/or authorized installation or service personnel, with the exception of any marked with a □ in front of the part number.

Sony KV-29LS30U

downloaded: 6File size: 2 mb    Manafacture: Sony  
Category: Televisions

Tune your TV. Change the broadcast channels into a different order. View TV Programmes. FD Trinitron Colour Television 4-206-233-01 (1) ©2001 by Sony Corporation Printed in Spain Ecological Paper - Totally Chlorine Free 2 Batteries Remote Control RM-887 2Inserting Batteries into the Remote Control Connecting cables are not supplied. OUT IN or VCR The Scart lead is optional. If you use this optional connection it can improve the picture and sound quality when using a VCR. If you do not use a SCAR