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downloaded: 0File size: 3 mb    Manafacture: LG  
Category: Mobile Phones

Zoom – Zoom in or zoom out. Alternatively you can use the side volume keys. Video mode – Slide down this icon to switch to video mode. Taking a photo Gallery – This enables you to access your saved photos from within the camera mode. Simply touch, and your gallery will appear on the screen. Settings – Touch this icon to open the settings menu. See Using the advanced settings. Focus – Touch this icon to select the options menu. See Using the focus mode. Scene mode – Choose from Auto, Portrait, La

Frigidaire Washer/Dryer

downloaded: 43File size: 863 kb    Manafacture: Frigidaire  
Category: Washers

Eonotstoreorusegasolineorotherflammablevaporsandliquidsinthevicinityofthisoranyother appli_me. WHAT TO DO IF YOU SMELL GAS: • EOnottrytolightanyappliance. • Donottouchanyelectrical switch;donotuseanyphcneinyourbuilding. • Cleartherocm,buildingorareaofalloccupants. • Inmediatelycallyourgassupplierfrom aneighbor 'sphone .Followthegassupplier's • Ifyoucannotreachyourgasstpplier,callthefiredspartment. Installationandservicemustbeperform_dbyaqualifiedinstaller,service_or thegas_lier. Con_ VersiOnen e

Superior DR500

downloaded: 7File size: 2 mb    Manafacture: Superior  
Category: Fireplaces

FOR YOUR SAFETY: What to do if you smell gas: • DO NOT light any appliance. • DO NOT touch any electrical switches. • DO NOT use any phone in your building. • Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbor’s phone. Follow your gas suppliers instructions. • If your gas supplier cannot be reached, call the fire department. Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer, service agency or the gas supplier. POUR VOTRE SECURITE: Ne pas entreposer ni utiliser d'essence ni d'au

Sony SLV-ED828ME

downloaded: 1File size: 1 mb    Manafacture: Sony  
Category: Tape Players

Do not use a commercially available liquid type cleaning cassette other than Sony’s, as it may damage the video heads. • The video heads may have to be replaced. Consult your local Sony service facility for more information. The picture has no colour. • The COLOUR SYSTEM option in the USER SET menu is set to the wrong position. Set the option to conform to the system that the tape was recorded in. The picture rolls vertically • Adjust the vertical hold control on the TV or monitor. during pictur

Craftsman 172.26729

downloaded: 0File size: 10 mb    Manafacture: Craftsman  
Category: Jack Planers

If someone borrows this tool, make sure they have these instructions also. ADDITIONAL RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION cont. 1. Remove the Planer from the Storage / Carrying Case and inspect it carefully to make sure that no breakage or damage has occurred during shipping. 2. Do not discard any of the packing materials until all parts are accounted for. 3. The planer has a Crescent Wrench force-fitted into the Storage / Carrying Case. 4. The Edge Guide is force-fitted into the top of the lid of the Stor