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User manual Sven, model Boogie Ball

Manafacture: Sven
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При зарядке светодиод горит красным цветом. Светодиод гаснет, если аккумулятор заряжен. Время зарядки: от отдельного источника - 2,5 часа, отивВ - 4 часа. ПОДКЛЮЧЕНИЕ И ЭКСПЛУАТАЦИЯ • Перед подключением убедитесь, что все компоненты системы выключены. • Соедините с помощью подходящего сигнального кабеля-адаптера с гнездом под мини-джек 03,5 мм колонку и источник аудиосигнала - мобильный телефон, ПК и т. п. • Включите питание усилителя колонки выключателем, загорится светодиод-индикатор, заработает усилитель. • Подстройте регулятором громкость звучания колонки на необходимый уровень. • Отключите питание усилителя выключателем, светодиод-индикатор погаснет. • Чистота звука может измениться, если время зарядки BOOGIE BALL превысит 4 часа (это нормально), в процессе эксплуатации BOOGIE BALL самостоятельно отрегулирует настройки звучания. SVEINT Сделано в Китае. Служба потребителей: тел.: +7(495) 22-33-44-5, e-mail: info@sven.ru, Произведено под контролем «Свен Скандинавия Лимитед». 48310, Финляндия, Котка, Котолахдентие, 15. E-mail: info@sven.fi Made in China. Consumer line: tel.: +7 (495) 22-33-44-5, e-mail: info@sven.ru , Produced under the control of OySven Scandinavia Ltd. 15, Kotolahdentie, KOTKA, Finland, 48310. E-mail: info@sven.fi, ® Registered Trademark of Oy SVEN Scandinavia Ltd. Finland. Portable sound system Please read the following instructions carefully before connecting, operating or adjusting this product. Besides that, please keep this manual in a convenient place for future reference. Thank you for buying the Sven acoustic system (AS)! LIMITED WARRANTY The enclosed materials are provided “as is” with out warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose. The entire riskas to quality and performance of the system and enclosed material is assumed by you. LIMITATION OF REMEDIES Sven entire liability and your exclusion remedy shall be replacement of the media if you have met the conditions as described under “Limited Warranty”. In no event will Sven Corporation be liable to you for any damages arising out of your use of this system. All mentioned trademarks are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Technical support is on “Vacuum bass” resonator is applied in SVEN BOOGIE BALL the original compact dynamic speaker. There is a dustproof capsule design loudspeaker with built in lithium-ionic the accumulator. Our BOOGIE BALL provides 360° omni-directional sound, good transient characteristic and sound reducibility, flat frequency response curve. BOOGIE BALL is ultra-compact in size making it easy to carry around and travel with it is particularly suitable for use with personal computer or other mini players. PACKING INCLUDING 1). Loudspeaker- 1 pcs 2). Signal adaptor cable - 5 pcs 3). USB-Cable- 1 pcs 4). User manual - 1 pcs 5). Warranty card - 1 pcs AS FEATURES • Pocket size speaker, compact but no discount in sound quality • Vacuum Bass resonator • Li-on battery last 7-8 hours • 360° sound field Bottom view © Power and volume switch © Power indicator LED © Minijack0 3.5 mm DESIGN OF A LOUDSPEAKER Top view © Top cap © Hole for strap © USB port LOCATING Opening and closing of capsule speaker: • Align ...


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