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User manual Vitek, model VT-4024

Manafacture: Vitek
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manual abstract

All servicing should be referred to qualified service personnel. 2. To avoid hight heat, do not place the unit directly under the sun, and stay away from any heat source. 3. Do not expose the unit to the rain or moisture, avoid placing container with water on top of the system. 4. Please turn off the power and onplug the plug when the unit is not in use. 5. To disconnect the main plug, pull from the plug head, do not pull the power cord. 6. Avoid any loosen item drop in to the subwoofer through its ventilator. 7. Do not use harsh abrasives or chemicals to clean the unit, as it will damage the surface finish, use only a soft and damp cloth. 8. Place the unit far enough from other equipments for good heat dissipation. e The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the product. e 2 é 4024.qxd 27.08.2004 16:39 Page 3 -e- ENGLISH BEFORE USING Please unwrap the packing carefully, and save the packing materials for future usage. SPEAKER Subwoofer with built-in amplifier SPEAKER CABLE 5. satellite speakers, 2 Front Speakers, 2 Rear Speakers, and 1 Center Speaker (Label on the back of each speaker) Three 2 meter speaker cables are for front and center speaker to subwoofer 2m ~Q- 6m Two 6 meter speaker cables are for rear speaker to subwoofer ~Q- REMOTE CONTROL AND BATTERY The remote controller comes with the package helps user operates the system. BATTERY INSTALLATION 1. Open the battery case. 2. Insert two batteries, do not reverse the polarity. 3. Close the battery case. 4. Kept 7 meter (23 feet), 30 degree angle when aiming at the unit. Caution: remove the battery when the unit is not being used for a period of time. 3 é 4 024.qxd 27.08.2004 16:39 Page 4 -e- ENGLISH DESCRIPTION OF THE FRONT, REAR PANEL, AND REMOTE CONTROL FRONT PANEL 1. Power Indicator 2. Display Panel 4 é 4024.qxd 27.08.2004 16:39 Page 5 -e- ENGLISH REAR PANEL 1. DVD/5.1 Input Connector 9. Rear-Right Channel Output 2. STEREO Input Connector Connector 3. AUXl Input Connector 10. Front-Left Channel Output 4. AUX2 Input Connector Connector 5. 5.1 9-pin DIN Input Connector 11. AC Power Cord 6. Front-Right Channel Output 12. FUSE Connector 13. Main Power Switch 7. Center Channel Output Connector 8. Rear-Left Channel Output Connector 5 4 024.qxd 27.08.2004 16:39 Page 6 -e- ENGLISH REMOTE CONTROL -Q- 1. ON/STANDBY 2. DVD/5.1 Input Select 3. AUX1 Input Select 4.2.1 CH Mode Output 5. Master Volume UP 6. Front Speaker volume adjustment 7. Master Volume DOWN 8. Treble Fine Tuning 9. Bass Fine Tuning 10. Center Volume Fine Tuning 11. Surround Volume Fine Tuning 12. Subwoofer Volume Fine Tuning 13. 3D Mode Sound Effect 14. Reset 15. STEREO Input Select 16. AUX2 Input Select 17. 5.1 CH Mode Output 18. Mute 6 4 024.qxd 27.08.2004 16:39 Page 7 -e- ENGLISH -Q- CONNECTIONS FRONT/ LEFT SPEAKER REAR / LEFT SPEAKER CENTER SPEAKER 101(0) FRONT / RIGHT SPEAKER REAR / RIGHT SPEAKER Caution: Make sure the power is off, when connect satellite speakers to the subwoofer unit 1. Cut off the cable coating and twist the wire. (Diagram Below) -Q- 2. Connect Front-Right satellite speaker to the Front-Right Output connector at the back of the subwoofer. 3. Connect Front-Left satellite speaker to the Front-Left Output connector at the back of the subwoofer. 4.Connect Rear-Right satellite speaker to the Rear-Right Output connector at the back of the subwoofer. 5. Connect Rear-Left satellite speaker to the Rear-Left Output connector at the back of the subwoofer. 6. Connect Center satellite speaker to the Center Output connector at the back of the subwoofer. 7. Be sure that all the speaker cables +, -, are connected correctly, the sound will not be clear when connect wrongly. 7 é 4024.qxd 27.08.2004 16:39 Page 8 -e- ENGLISH PLACEMENT OF THE SPEAKER Place and connect the speakers with 5.1 CH DVD player, or other sound devices, can get the best 5.1 surround sound effect.Refer to the diagram below: 8 4 024.qxd 27.08.2004 16:39 Page 9 -e- ENGLISH OPERATING SYSTEM INSTRUCTIONS 1. ON/OFF Plug in the power cord to the outlet, switch the main power to ON/STANDBY position, the system goes to STANDBY mode. The Power Indicator turns RED, the display panel remains off. Press the Power button or the STANDBY key on the remote control, the system goes to Operation Mode, the Power Indicator turns BLUE, the Display Panel is ON. Press the Power Button or STANDBY key again, the system goes back to STANDBY mode, Power Indicator turns back to RED, Display Panel is OFF. Turn off the main switch to shut down the unit. 2. SELECT INPUT MODE Press the PUSH SELECTOR button on the front panel (or press the corresponding input key on the remote control directly), can select from the loop of DVD/5.1, STEREO, AUX1, AUX2, 4 different source of...


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