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User manual Hyundai, model H-CSX8A

Manafacture: Hyundai
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For example you can use magic tape (supplied accessory) fix under seat (pic. 1). Remote control mounting: Select a mounting location that allows easy access to the control while driving. Using the subwoofer level remote control as a template, mark and drill holes in the mounting surface (pic. 2). Pic.1 Pic.2 2 Notes: . Verify that mounting location is safe for drilling and wiring, and it will not interfere with the mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle. Mount the unit using the brackets too the vehicle body so it does not move with sudden braking. For underseat install, make sure it does not obstruct seat mobility Do not expose to excessive heat and humidity. Do not allow liquid and small objects get inside the unit. Connecting Follow all mounting and wiring instructions to ensure the integrity of existing wiring after installation. Before connecting: Disconnect the vehicle's battery before making connection to the +12 volt supply wiring. Separate audio and power wiring to avoid interference. All wires and connections must be insulated with electrical tape, and filter with protective connector shields where ever possible. Before replacing blown fuse check and verify that there is no short cut at all connections. Only use 15 A fuse. GND REM +12V A. Power input terminal connecting Power connecting scheme see on the pic. 3. 4/8 GAUGE wire is recommended for both the power and ground connecting. 12 Gauge - for the remote turn-on connecting. Both types are available at most Mobile Audio Dealers or Installation Shops. (1) Ground: to vehicle's chassis. To avoid unwanted ignition noise caused by ground loops, it is essential that the Amplifier be grounded to a clean, bare, metal surface of the vehicle's Chassis. Vehicle's chassis ground r~ BATTERY + @tl=C POWER INPUT _J Remote Turn-ON is connected to Radio's power antenna lead or a switchable i I2v To Power antenna Fuse ( Near Battery ) Pic. 3 3 (2) +12 Volt (fused) Constant Power: To Battery (+) made directly to the positive (+) terminal of battery. For safety measures, install an in-line Fuse Holder (not supplied] as close to the battery positive (-] terminal as possible with an ampere rating, nol to exceed total value of fuses in AMP, (3) Remote Turn-on Input: To Power Antenna output of Car Stereo. This Amplifier is turned "ON" remotely when the vehicle's stereo is turned "ON", Note: If your radio does not have a +12 volt output lead when the radio is turned on, the "remote" terminal on the amplifier can be connected to vehicle's accessory circuit that is live when the key is "on". B. Fuse connecting Fuse connecting scheme see on the pic. 4. The amplifier is equipped with a plug-in auto fuse protecting set against fault conditions. Do not use a fuse with a higher value and never bridge the fuse over. The fuse of the underside is spare fuse, if AMP not switching on, check the upside fuse that if it is broken, if it is broken, you can put "spare fuse" insert to the upside fuse holder. C. Low level input connecting Use a pair of shielded stereo audio cable with RCA type jack connect your receiver's "LINE OUT" to the RCA input. Pic. 4 D. High level input connecting Connecting scheme see on the pic. 5. Note: Inputs may be high level (from the receiver's speaker) or low level (from special low level outputs). Low level is preferred for best performance. Use only the low level or high level input, do not use both at one time. E. Remote control connecting Connecting scheme see on the pic. 6. Pic. 5 Pic. 6 4 Functions and controls 1. LEVEL regulator Adjust the subwoofer input level with LEVEL regulator. You can also regulate it using the remote control. The input level control should match the output of your radio. After the installation is complete, make sure the input level control is turned down all the way(MIN). Play a tape or CD and turn volume up slowly until you start hearing distortion, now back the volume down just a bit. On the subwoofer slowly turn up the input level control until you start hearing distortion and back it down a bit, Now your radio and subwoofer levels are matched. 2. Sub sonic regulator Adjust the frequency of the subsonic filter (20 - 50 Hz available). 3. BASS BOOST regulator Adjust the frequency of the bass control filter (0 - 12 dB of boost available). 4. LPF regulator Adjust the low-pass crossover (50 - 150 Hz available). 5. PHASE switch Changing woofer phase with the PHASE switch (0, 180 degrees). 6. LED indicator When the +12 V and REM +12 V power both switch on, the LED is green. This means that the amplifier begins to work. If LED is red this means the amplifier is shut down from protecting circuit (thermal protection and short protection). 5 Troubleshooting No sound The LED indicator is not illuminated. Check fuse in amplifier. Verify connections are correct. Short cut. Verify that there are no short cut. Grounding is wrong. Verify for proper groundi...


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