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User manual JVC, model KD-G527

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PTY standby OFF [Initial] = PTY codes, [10] = (back to the beginning) TA VOL [Initial: VOL 15]; VOL 00 — VOL 30 or 50*4, [9] Traffic announcement volume P-SEARCH*5 ON : Using the AF data, the unit tunes in to another Programme search frequency broadcasting the same programme as the original preset RDS station is if the preset station signals are not sufficient. OFF : [Initial]; Cancels. DAB AF*6 AF ON : [Initial]; Traces the programme among DAB services Alternative frequency and FM RDS stations, [10, 19]. reception AF OFF : Cancels. *4 Depends on the amplifier gain control. *5 Only for FM RDS stations. *6 Displayed only when DAB tuner is connected. To be continued... Indications Selectable settings, [reference page] DAB VOL*1 DAB volume adjustment You can adjust the volume level (VOL –12 — VOL +12) of DAB tuner to match the FM sound level and store it in memory. [Initial: VOL 00] LEVEL Audio level meter ON OFF : [Initial]; Activates the audio level indicator. : Cancels; sound mode indicator is shown. DIMMER Dimmer AUTO ON : [Initial]; Dims the display when you turn on the headlights. : Activates dimmer. OFF : Cancels. TEL Telephone muting MUTING 1/MUTING 2 : Select either one which mutes the sounds while using the cellular phone. OFF : [Initial]; Cancels. SCROLL*2 Scroll ONCE AUTO OFF : [Initial]; Scrolls the disc information once. : Repeats scrolling (5-second intervals in between). : Cancels. • Pressing D DISP for more than one second can scroll the display regardless of the setting. EXT IN*3 External input CHANGER EXT IN : [Initial]; To use a JVC CD changer, [10], an Apple iPod, a JVC D. player, [17], and/or DAB tuner, [18]. : To use another external component, [17]. AUX ADJ Auxiliary input level adjustment A.ADJ 00 – A.ADJ 05: Adjust the auxiliary input level to avoid the sudden increase of the output level when changing the source from external component connected to the AUX input jack on the control panel. [Initial: A.ADJ 00] TAG DISP Tag display TAG ON TAG OFF : [Initial]; Shows the ID3 tag while playing MP3/WMA tracks, [12]. : Cancels. AMP GAIN Amplifier gain control You can change the maximum volume level of this unit. LOW PWR : VOL 00 – VOL 30 (Select this if the maximum power of the speaker is less than 50 W to prevent them from damaging the speaker.) HIGH PWR : [Initial]; VOL 00 – VOL 50 ENGLISH *1 Displayed only when DAB tuner is connected. *2 Some characters or symbols will not be shown correctly (or will be blanked) on the display. *3 Displayed only when one of the following sources is selected—FM, AM, CD, or AUX IN. External component operations External component operations You can connect an external component to... • CD changer jack on the rear using: – Line Input Adapter—KS-U57 (not supplied) or AUX Input Adapter—KS-U58 (not supplied) for any other components (except iPod and D. player). – Interface adapter for iPod®—KS-PD100 (not supplied) for controlling iPod. – D. player interface adapter—KS-PD500 (not supplied) for controlling D. player. • AUX (auxiliary) input jack on the control panel. For connection, see Installation/Connection Manual (separate volume). Connecting an external component to the AUX input jack Stereo mini plug Portable MD player, etc. ~ For selecting the external component connected to... • AUX input jack • CD changer jack on the rear using KS-U57 or KS-U58 If “EXT IN” does not appear, see page 16 and select the external input (“EXT IN”). • CD changer jack on the rear using interface adapter for iPod— KS-PD100 or for D. player— KS-PD500 Y Turn on the connected component and start playing the source. ! Adjust the volume. . Adjust the sound as you want. (See pages 13 and 14.) To check the clock time while listening to an external component AUX IN, EXT IN, or CD-CH* OClock * See “While playing an MP3 or WMA disc” on page 12 for details. ENGLISH ENGLISH DAB tuner operations What is DAB system? Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) can deliver digital quality sound without any annoying interference and signal distortion. Furthermore, it can carry text, pictures, and data. When transmitting, DAB combines several programmes (called “services”) to form one “ensemble.” In addition, each “service”—called “primary service”—can also be divided into its components (called “secondary service”). A typical ensemble has six or more programmes (services) broadcast at the same time. By connecting the DAB tuner, this unit can do the following: • Tracing the same programme automatically —Alternative Frequency Reception (see “DAB AF” on page 15). It is recommended to use DAB tuner KT-DB1000 with your unit. If you have another DAB tuner, consult your JVC IN-CAR ENTERTAINMENT dealer. • Refer also to the Instructions supplied for your DAB tuner. ~ Y ! Start searching for an ensemble. When an ensemble is received, searching stops. To stop searching, press the same button again. . Select a service (either primary or secondary) to listen to. To tune in to an ensemble manually Start searching for an ...


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