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User manual Sony, model CDX-GT500EE

Manafacture: Sony
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manual abstract

The sound skips. • Installation is not correct. —— Install the unit at an angle of less than 45° in a sturdy part of the car. • Defective or dirty disc. The operation buttons do not function. The disc will not eject. Press the RESET button (page 4). “MS” or “MD” does not appear on the source display when both the optional MGS-X1 and MD changer are connected. This unit recognizes MGS-X1 as an MD unit. —— Press (SOURCE) until “MS” or “MD” appears, then press (MODE) repeatedly. Radio reception The stations cannot be received. The sound is hampered by noises. • Connect a power aerial control lead (blue) or accessory power supply lead (red) to the power supply lead of a car’s aerial booster (only when your car has built-in FM/AM aerial in the rear/side glass). • Check the connection of the car aerial. • The auto aerial will not go up. — Check the connection of the power aerial control lead. • Check the frequency. • When the DSO mode is on, the sound is sometimes hampered by noises. —— Set the DSO mode to “off” (page 6). Preset tuning is not possible. • Store the correct frequency in the memory. • The broadcast signal is too weak. Automatic tuning is not possible. • Setting of the local seek mode is not correct. — Tuning stops too frequently: Press (SENS) until “Local on” appears. — Tuning does not stop at a station: Press (SENS) repeatedly until “Mono on” or “Mono off” (FM), or “Local off” (AM) appears. • The broadcast signal is too weak. — Perform manual tuning. During FM reception, the “ST” indication flashes. • Tune in the frequency accurately. • The broadcast signal is too weak. — Press (SENS) to set the monaural reception mode to “Mono on.” An FM programme broadcast in stereo is heard in monaural. The unit is in monaural reception mode. — Press (SENS) until “Mono off” appears. Error displays/Messages Blank*1 Tracks have not been recorded on the MD.*2 — Play an MD with recorded tracks. Error*1 • The disc is dirty or inserted upside down.*2 — Clean or insert the disc correctly. • A blank disc has been inserted. • The disc cannot play because of some problem. — Insert another disc. Failure (Illuminates until any button is pressed.) The connection of speakers/amplifiers is incorrect. — See the installation guide manual of this model to check the connection. Load The changer is loading the disc. — Wait until loading is complete. Local Seek +/- The local seek mode is on during automatic tuning. NO Disc The disc is not inserted in the CD/MD changer. — Insert discs in the changer. NO Disc Name A disc name is not written in the track. NO Group Name A group name is not written in the track. NO ID3 Tag ID3 tag information is not written in the MP3 file. NO Information Text information is not written in the ATRAC3/ ATRAC3plus or WMA file._ NO Magazine The disc magazine is not inserted in the CD changer. — Insert the magazine in the changer. NO Music The disc is not a music file. — Insert a music CD in this unit or MP3 playable changer. NO Track Name A track name is not written in the track. Not Ready The lid of the MD changer is open or the MDs are not inserted properly. — Close the lid or insert the MDs properly. Offset There may be an internal malfunction. — Check the connection. If the error indication remains on in the display, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Read The unit is reading all track and group information on the disc. — Wait until reading is complete and playback starts automatically. Depending on the disc structure, it may take more than a minute. Push Reset The CD unit and CD/MD changer cannot be operated because of some problem. —— Press the RESET button (page 4). “ ” or “—ii”i ■ ”1—II” L__II___" II__L____■ During reverse or fast-forward, you have reached the beginning or the end of the disc and you cannot go any further. The character cannot be displayed with the unit. *1 If an error occurs during playback of a CD or MD, the disc number of the CD or MD does not appear in the display. *2 The disc number of the disc causing the error appears in the display. If these solutions do not help improve the situation, consult your nearest Sony dealer. If you take the unit to be repaired because of CD playback trouble, bring the disc that was used at the time the problem began. 17 Поздравляем с покупкой! Благодарим Вас за то, что Вы остановили свой выбор на проигрывателе компакт-дисков Sony. В поездке Вы сможете использовать следующие функции проигрывателя. • Воспроизведение компакт-дисков Можно воспроизводить диски CD-DA (содержащие также CD TEXT*), CD-R/ CD-RW (с файлами MP3/WMA и диски в формате Multi Session (стр. 14)), а также компакт-диски ATRAC CD (форматы ATRAC3 и ATRAC3plus (стр. 15)). Тип диска CD-DA MP3 WMA ATRAC CD Метка на диске _П COMPACT _П COMMET шшш (мш DIGITAL AUDIO DIGITAL AUDIO ЕШЯВШН I Rewritable I _П COMPACT nCOMRACT MME GutEGB DIGTIAL AUDIO DIGITAL AUDIO 15ЯЯЯЯНЯЭ IReWritablel ...


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