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User manual Hyundai, model H-CDM8030

Manafacture: Hyundai
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manual abstract

Please understand if RDS service is not available in you area, the following service is not available, either. Band selection Press PWR to power on, then press the MODE button to select TUNER. Press BAND once or more to select: FM1, FM2, FM3, MW1, MW2. Manual/ automatic tuning . Manual tuning: press T-UP or T-DN button and hold for 2 seconds to enter manual tuning. Press the T-UP/ T-DN buttons on the panel repeatedly to select a station upward or downward step by step. . Automatic tuning: Press the T-UP/ T-DN buttons, the automatic search will start. It will play when finds the station. 17 Programming tuner stations You can store up to a total of 30 radio stations in the memory (18 FM, 12 MW), manually or automatically. To store a station: - Select a band (if needed) - Select a station by T-UP/ T-DN buttons - Hold a Preset button (1-6) which you want store the station for at least 2 seconds. . To recall a station: - Select a band (if needed) - Press a Preset button (1-6) briefly to recall the stored station OR: During radio mode press the T-UP/ T-DN buttons to select upward or downward stored stations. AS/ PS function (Auto Store/ Preset Scan) . Preset scan: press AS/ PS button to scan all preset stations in the memories of the current band and stay on each memory stations for about 5 seconds. The memory location indicator on the LCD will flash during the process. To stop preset scan, press AS/ PS button again. . Auto memory store: press AS/ PS button for more than 2 seconds to enter auto store mode. The radio will automatically store 6 stations to the 6 preset memories of the current band. To stop auto store, press AS/ PS button again. AF function (Alternative Frequencies) . AF mode: Press AF/REG button shortly to turn on or turn off the AF function. If the AF function is on the display will show “AF”. When AF switching mode is selected, but RDS information is not received yet the “AF” will be flashing. 18 The RDS program will be automatically searched and received. After turning on, if the RDS signal is week or even no signal, the unit will search another frequency with this RDS program. Default setting is ON. . Region mode: Press and hold AF/REG button for 2 seconds, the unit will be under REGION ON or REGION OFF mode: - REGION ON: PI code will be searched during AF searching. The display will show “REGION ON”. - REGION OFF: PI code and covered area will not be searched. Default setting is OFF. PTY (Program Type) function 1. Press PTY button on the RC or select the PTY ON mode by pressing the SEL button to activate the PTY function. 2. Then press the number buttons, you can select the music program style. 3. Press PTY the second time, then press the number buttons, you can select the language program style. When PTY is selected, the radio starts to search corresponding PTY information, and stops if the corresponding PTY information is detected. If there are no keys entered for 2 seconds, previously selected PTY is searched. During 1 loop, if desired PTY is not found, NO PTY is flashed, then return to previous normal radio and PTY word disappears. 4. Press PTY button for the 3rd time to switch the PTY function off. TA (Traffic Alarm) function Press the TA/TP button shortly to select TA ON or TA OFF mode. In TA mode (LCD shows TA) traffic program will be automatically searched, until the program is received. If it’s not the TP icon will appear on the display. If there is no RDS signal the TP icon will be blinking. If the unit is in CD/ MMC/ SD/ USB mode, it will switch to radio mode temporarily. 19 CD/ NAND/ SD/ MMC/ USB operations Loading a disc 1. Turn the power on. 2. Press the OPEN button on the panel. 3. Insert the disc with the printed side facing upward into the slot. 4. Press EJECT button on the inner side to eject the disc. Inserting the SD/ MMC card/ USB device Insert the MMC/ SD card or USB device into MMC/ SD compartment or USB socket. Then the playing mode will be changed into MMC/ SD or USB mode automatically. The first card/ USB device track playback will start. Note: When MMC/ SD card and USB device are both inserted into their compartment or socket, the playing mode will be changed into the mode of the latter one. USB/SD/MMC notes: USB functions (flash memory type) MP3 music play. 1. SD/ MMC card support. 2. USB flash memory 2in1 (SD/ MMC) support. 3. FAT 12/ FAT 16/ FAT 32 is possible - FAT 12/16 (dir: 200 support, file:500 support), - FAT 32 (dir: 200 support, file:500 support). 4. Filename: 32 byte/ Dir name: 32byte. 5. Tag (id3 tag ver2. 0) - Title/ Artist/ Album: 32 byte support. 6. Multi card reader not support. 7. USB 2.0 support. 20 Note: USB format supports 2.0. Capacity: 8 MB ~ 1 GB. SD cards brands: Cannon, Fuji film, Palm, Motorola, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Compaq, Sharp, Samsung, etc. Capacity: 8 MB ~ 1 GB. MMC cards brands: Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, HP, Palm, Sanyo, Microsystems, etc. Capacity: 16 MB ~ 1 GB. Pl...


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