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User manual Hyundai, model H-CDM8048

Manafacture: Hyundai
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Photos and specs  Hyundai  H-CDM8048
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manual abstract

Removing this panel makes the radio totally inoperable. Place the detachable panel into the case. 1. Switch off the power of the unit. 2. Remove the detachable panel. 3. Gently press the button of the case and open the cover. 4. Place the panel into the case and take it with you when you leave the car. Install Detachable panel 1. Fix right part of face plate I the right part of panel slot of the unit. 2. Press down the left side of the face plate until if clicks into the panel slot of the unit. Remove the unit Switch off the power of the unit. 1. Remove the panel and the trim plate. 2. Insert both L-Keys into the hole on the front of the set until they lock. 3. Pull out the unit. 16 Handling compact discs — Dirty, scratched or warped discs may cause skip ping or noise. Handle the disc only by the edges. To keep clean do not touch its surface. Discs should be stored in their cases after use to avoid scratches. Do not expose discs to direct sunlight, high humidity, high temperature or dust. Prolonged exposure to extreme temperature can wrap the disc (such as leaving the discs in your car during summertime). Do not stick or write anything on either side of disc. Sharp writing instruments, or the inks used in some felt-tip pens, may damage its surface. DO NOT touch the unlabeled side. DO NOT attach any seal, label or data protection sheet to either side of a disc. This unit cannot play 3-inch ( 8cm ) CDs. Never insert a 3-inch CD contained in the adapter or an irregularly shaped CD. The unit may not be able to eject it, resulting in a malfunction. Cleaning 1. Cleaning the cabinet Wipe with a soft cloth. If the cabinet is very dampen (not dropping wet) the cloth with a weak solution of soapy water, and then wipe clean. 2. Cleaning discs Fingerprints should be carefully wiped from the surface of disc with a soft cloth. Unlike conventional records, compact discs have no grooves to collect dust and macroscopic dirt, so gently wiping them with a soft cloth should remove must panicles. Wipe in a straight motion from the center to the edge. Never use thinner benzine, record cleaner or anti static spray on a compact disc. Such chemicals can damage its plastic surface. 17 Components 1. Nut 5 mm 2. Spring washer 3. Screw M5x25 mm 4. Screw 5. Plain washer 6. Strap 7. Operating instructions 8. Key 9. Mounting collar 10. Wire connector 11. Removable face plate case 12. Trim plate 1 pe 2 pes 1 pe 1 pe 2 pes 1 pe 1 pe. 2 pes. 1 pe. 1 pe. 1 pe. 1 pe. 18 Troubleshooting guide General No power or no sound Car's engine switch is not on. Turn your car's key to ACC or ON. Cable is not correctly connected. Check connection. Fuse is burnt. Replace fuse. Check volume or mute on / off. If above solutions cannot help, press the RESET button. Disc Disc is inside but no sound Disc is upside down. Place disc in the correct direction, and the label side up. Disc is dirty or damaged. Clean disc or change another disc. Disc sound skips, tone quality is low Disc is dirty or damaged. Clean CD or change another CD. Sound skips due to vibration Mounting angle is over 30°. Adjust mounting angle to less than 30°. Instable mounting. Mount the unit securely with the mounting parts. Radio Much noise in broadcasts Station is too far, or signals are too weak. Select other stations of higher signal level. Preset station is reset Battery cable is not correctly connected. Connect the battery cable to the terminal that is always live. Error display messages NO FILE: Disc is not CD or contains no MP3 files. ERR-7: Disc upside down. ERR-10: Recovery error, check the disc. ERR-11: MP3 error, check the disc. ERR-3: ERR-4: Disc mechanism error. Press A button to eject the disc. In case that the disc cannot be ejected by pressing A button, press the RESET switch and press the± button again. If still not ejecting consult your dealer. 19 Specification General. Power supply: 12V DC (11V-16V), Test voltage 14.4 V, negative ground Maximum power output: 50Wx4 channels Rated power output (RMS): 25Wx4 channels (4 Q 10% T.H.D.) Suitable speaker impedance: 4-8 ohm Pre-Amp output voltage: 2.0V(CD play mode: 1KHz, 0 dB, 10 KQ load) Fuse: 10A/5A Dimensions (WxHxD) / Weight 178 x 50 x 162 mm / 1.7 kg ESP: CD (40s), MP3 (120s) FM Stereo Radio. Frequency range: 65.0- 74.0 / 87.5 - 108.0 MHz Usable sensitivity: quieting sensitivity (S/N=50dB): 8 dB^ / 12 dB^ Frequency response/ Stereo separation: 30 Hz-15kHz/ 30dB (1kHz ) Image response ratio/IF response ratio: 50dB/70dB Signal/noise ratio: 55dB MW(AM) Radio. Frequency range: 522-1620 kHz Usable sensitivity(S/N=20dB): 30 dB^ Disc Player. System: Disc digital audio system Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz Signal/noise ratio: >80 dB Total harmonic distortion: Less than 0.2 %(1 kHz) Wow and flutter: Below measurable limits Channel separation: >55 dB Specifications are subject to change without notice. Mass and dimension are approximate. 20...


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