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User manual Hyundai, model H-CDM8061-NN

Manafacture: Hyundai
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Consult the dealer or an experienced technician for help. • Make sure you disconnect the power supply and aerial if you will not be using the system for a long period or during a thunderstorm. • Make sure you disconnect the power supply if the system appears to be working incorrectly, is making an unusual sound, has a strange smell, has smoke emitting from it or liquids have got inside it. Have a qualified technician check the system. • DO NOT raise the volume level too much, as this will block outside sounds, making driving dangerous. • Stop the car before performing any complicated operation. 3 Installation/Connections First complete the electrical connections, and then check them for correctness. Installation opening This unit can be installed in any dashboard having an opening as shown below. The dashboard should be 4.75 - 5.56 mm thick in order to be able to support the unit. 1. Insert mounting collar into the dashboard, and bend the mounting tabs out with a screwdriver. Make sure that lock lever (^) is flush with the mounting collar (not projecting outward). 2. Secure the rear of the unit. After fixing mounting bolt and power connector, fix the rear of the unit to the car body by rubber cushion. 3. Insert trim plate. When you prepare to insert trim plate, please check it’s direction. Once it was up side down, it cannot be fixed. 4 Electrical connections Do not interchange the connection of the wiring!!! For some car models you may need to modify wiring of the supplied power cord as illustrated(modified wiring), or else the memory of the unit may be lost after you power off. Contact your authorized car dealer before installing this unit. 5 Using the ISO Connector 1. If your car is equipped with the ISO connector, then connect the ISO connectors as illustrated. 2. For connections without the ISO connectors, check the wiring in the vehicle carefully before connecting, incorrect connection may cause serious damage to this unit. 3. Cut the connector, connect the colored leads of the power cord to the car battery as shown in the color code table below for speaker and power cable connections. Location Function Connector A Connector B 1 Rear Right(+)—Purple 2 Rear Right(-)—Purple/Black Stripe 3 Front Right(+)—Grey 4 Battery 12V (+)/yellow Front Right(-)---Grey/Black Stripe 5 Auto Antenna/blue Front Left(+)—White 6 Front Left((-)—White/Black Stripe 7 ACC+/red Rear Left(+)—Green 8 Ground/black Rear Left(-)—Green/Black Stripe 6 Panel controls 1. Power on: press any button on the panel except £ and GUD to turn on the unit. Press more than 2 seconds to power off. 2. Radio/ Disc play (when disc is in). 3. 1-6 radio preset: press to tune in a preset station. Hold for more than 2 seconds to store station. 4. Radio tune/ Track seek. 5. Disc eject. 6. Band switch: FM1 ^ FM2 ^ FM3 ^ FM (OIRT) ^ AM1 ^ AM2. 7. Volume Up (+) / Down (-). 8. Panel release. 9. Push button to adjust volume level. Push to select VOL/ BAS/ TRE/ BAL/ FAD. Push more than 2 seconds to Menu mode. MP3 track/ file/ character search 7 ESP 40s/120s 10. Time display / adjust. 11. AMS: Radio preset scan/ Radio Audio preset SEARCH: MP3 track/ file/ character 12. Disc playback: Play/ Pause. Top play (press more than 2 seconds). 13. Disc playback: Intro play (10 seconds). 14. Disc playback: Track repeat play. 15. Disc playback: Track random play. 16. Disc playback: MP3 track - 10 down. 17. Disc playback: MP3 track + 10 up. 18. FM stereo / Mono. 19. Radio local / Distant. 20. Loudness. 21. Reset: Press Reset button with a pointed object to reset the unit to the original status. NOTE: Press the Reset button will erase the clock setting and stored stations. 8 Button tips AMS: Auto Memory Store ^ Press briefly to scan the preset station 1-6 for 5 seconds each. Hold more than 2 seconds, the 6 strongest available station will be automatically saved in the memory of preset button 1-6. Radio Radio : Press briefly either side of the button to tune in the station that you have known its frequency. Hold it more than 2 seconds, tuning will automatically activate and stop when signals of the next station are received. Disc playback Disc playback : Press briefly either side of the button to go to the next or previous track. Hold it to fast forward or reverse back the track.. Set clock Press DISP button, time displays. Press again more than 2 seconds, time display blinks. Press “+” button or the button to set times. 9 Menu Function Press the button more than 2 seconds to enter menu mode, then each press changes the mode as follows: DSP mode — ESP mode — BEEP ON / OFF— SEEK1/2 mode (only in tuner mode) — VOL LAST / AD mode. DSP mode Press the “+” button or the button to choose DSP sound effect. POP —► ROCK—► CLASSIC—► FLAT—► DSP OFF *_l LOUD mode Press the “+” button or the button to choose loud on or off. BEEP ON/OFF mode Press the “+” button or the button to choose button beep so...


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