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User manual Hyundai, model H-CMD2002

Manafacture: Hyundai
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manual abstract

Note: Select EQ according to this sequence: User => Flat => Jazz => Pop => Classic => Rock => Vocal. Different EQ reflects in different Bass level and Treble level and the Bass and Treble level could be adjusted only in User (user setting) mode. The LOUD function compensates deficiencies in the low and high sound ranges at low volume. You can select a desired Loudness level. 29 Display operations Press the DISP button on the monitor or on the RC to show the playback information on the screen. Auto brightness control To avoid the display being too bright at night time, if the cable for headlight is connected to ILLUMI, turning on the headlight dim the backlight of TFT and vice versa. Line mute If the MUTE is connected, other audio output mutes when a telephone call is received by the car phone or the verbal navigation is performed. 30 Digital tuner operations_ Note: RDS service is available in AM broadcasting only. RDS service availability varies with areas. Please understand if RDS service is not available in you area, the following service is not available, either. To activate this function enter the RDS SETUP menu (please refer to SYSTEM SETUP menu chapter of this manual). Mode selecting Press TUNER button on the front panel to switch directly to RADIO TUNER source, or press SRC button on the remote control to switch to RADIO TUNER source, the following user interface appears: Pic. 1 Pic. 2 The second window is opened when the multizone function is activated or when the monitor doesn’t show the video files. 1. Band 2. Indicators of RDS options: AF, TA, TP, PTY 31 3. Current radio frequency 4. Clock 5. Indicator for strong signal receipt of local radio station LOC 6. Indicator for receiving the stereo broadcast 7. P1 - P6 - preset radio stations (they are touch buttons), press to recall preset station to playback 8. PTY - program type 9. Touch buttons 10. MULTI-ZONE menu: touch to open the multizone sources menu 11. PS - program service 12. For multizone function: shows the signal source for 1st zone 13. For multizone function: shows the signal source for 2nd zone. To return to main menu touch the TUNER button in the top left corner of the display. Band selection Press TUNER button on the front panel, or BAND button on the remote control, or press BAND button on the touch screen to switch to the bands among FM and AM band. Manual/ automatic tuning . Manual tuning: Short press M/ ► buttons on the joystick once, or press 9/ : buttons on the touch screen repeatedly to select a station upward or downward step by step. . Automatic tuning: Long press 9/ : button on the remote control, or M/ ► button of the joystick, or press 9/ : button on the touch screen, to start seeking for next available radio station by increasing tuning frequency. Press these buttons again to stop the searching. 32 Programming tuner stations You can store up to a total of 36 radio stations in the memory (24 FM, 12 AM), manually or automatically. To store a station: - Select a band (if needed) - Select a station by -4/^ buttons - Hold a Preset button (1-6) that you want store the station for at least 2 seconds. . To recall a station: - Select a band (if needed) - Press a Preset button (1-6) briefly to recall the stored station AMS (Auto Memory Store) function Select the band. Long press TA button on the joystick or press AS button on the touch screen to tune all the radio stations in range from the current frequency, and auto store 6 radio stations with the strongest radio signals in P1 to P6 respectively according to frequency from low to high. The search will stop when it makes the hole loop. To stop auto store, press AS button again. Preset scan Short press button 1 to 6 on the remote control or press P1 - P6 on the touch screen to load the preset radio stations from P1 to P6 for playback. Buttons 1 to 6 corresponds to station P1 to P6. Short press TA button of joystick or PLAY/PAUSE button on the remote control, searching all the radio stations in range from the current frequency, playing the station for 10 seconds once a radio station is located and continue to search. Press other tuning function buttons to cease the radio scan tuning. 33 Local radio station seeking (LOC) When the LOCAL function is on only the stations with strong radio signal can be played. 1. Long press the SEL/LOC/DX button on the front panel or LOC button on the touch screen to turn the LOCAL function on. 2. Long press the SEL/LOC/DX button again will turn off LOCAL, the indicator of LOC on TFT lit off. AF (Alternative Frequencies) function When the radio signal strength is poor, enabling the AF function will allow the unit to automatically search another station with the same PI (Program Identification) as the current station but with stronger signal strength. Press the TUNER button on the panel and hold for 2 seconds to turn ON or turn OFF the AF function. If RDS service is not available in your area, tu...


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