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User manual Hyundai, model H-CMD4007

Manafacture: Hyundai
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manual abstract

In this case, data may not be reproduced correctly. High quality CD-R or CD-RW disc is recommended. • Up to 16 characters are displayed for the name of an Album or a Track. ID3TAG version 1.x is required. • Note that the unit may not play Tracks in the order that you wrote them to the disc. 29 System setup 1. Press the SETUP button on the RC to display the setup screen. 2. Use the ◄/► cursor buttons to select the desired menu: General setup, Audio setup, Video setup, Preference setup, Password setup, Exit the menu. 3. Press ▼ to enter it. 4. Use the ▲/▼ cursor buttons to select the desired setting. 5. Press ► to enter the setting adjustment window. 6. Press the ▲/▼ cursor buttons to select the option of the setting and press ENTER to confirm it. 7. Press the ◄ cursor button to return to horizontal menu list. 8. To exit Setup menu select the Exit setup menu. General setup page • TV DISPLAY 4:3/PS: When the unit connects to the normal TV set, the widescreen image shows on the full screen, but some part is cut off. 4:3/LB: When the unit connects to the normal TV set, the widescreen image shows and black bars appear on the top and bottom of screen. Wide: Use this item when the unit is connected with the wide screen TV set. Wide squeeze: Use this item to widen the image to TV screen width. Note: No matter which display format is selected a picture recorded in standard 4:3 format always displays in the 4:3 aspect ratio. The display format of DVD titles may vary; refer to the information that accompanies your specific DVD title. If the DVD title is recorded in 16:9 wide display format while the TV is a standard 4:3 screen, horizontal compression of the image will result. u> ; a « i GENERAL SETUP PAGE TV DISPLAY PS OSD LANG ENG GO TO GENERAL SETUP PAGE J 30 AUDIO SETUP PAGE SPEAKER SETUP SPDIF SETUP GO TO AUDIO SETUP PAGE a SPEAKER SETUP PAGE Some DVD titles may be recorded in special formats. In such cases, the DVD titles will always appear on the screen in their original format, regardless of which TV display selected format. • OSD LANGUAGE Select on-screen display language. Audio setup page You can set up the Speakers and SPDIF function. • SPEAKER SETUP - DOWNMIX LT/RT: The audio out is Left and Right channels format even if the original sound is 5.1 CH format. Stereo: The audio out format is stereo even if the original sound is 5.1 CH format. V surr: The audio out is virtual surround sounds (only for 5.1 CH player) • SPDIF SETUP - SPDIF OUTPUT SPDIF OFF: no digital signal out (optical or coaxial output off), only analog audio output. SPDIF/RAW: digital signal output in the original format recorded in the disc. SPDIF/PCM: digital signal output in the decoded PCM form. Note: The DVD player simultaneously outputs a Dolby Digital signal and an analog signal, but you have to select the Analog output if you want to take advantage of the Karaoke effects. - LPCM OUT (optional) SET DOWNMIX MODE 31 Preference page • TV TYPE This unit is suitable for all kinds of TV systems. You can select one of the PAL, NTSC or Multi. Multi: the TV system is auto switched according to the disc system. NTSC: this system is used in USA, Taiwan, Japan etc. PAL: this system is used in China, Europe, Hong Kong etc. • AUDIO, SUBTITLE, DISC MENU language setup These are the initial settings by your preference. If a setting is supported by disc content, it will work. Otherwise the disc default value works. And these settings can be changed respectively by pressing the AUDIO and SUBTITLE keys when playing. • PARENTAL The control level is for parental to control playing content and protect your children from violence and erotic. The disc, the level of which is higher than the setting level cannot be played. There are up to 8 censorship classes for DVDs. • DEFAULT Reset to the initial factory setups PREFERENCE PAGE TV TYPE PAL AUDIO ENG SUBTITLE OFF DISC MENU ENG PARENTAL DEFAULT GO TO PREFERENCE PAGE 32 Password setup page • PASSWORD MODE Set the password function to On or Off. On: the parental control can be changed in the PARENTAL submenu (Preference page). Off: you cannot change the parental control in Parental submenu. '—Of § V a sa i PASSWORD SETUP PAGE PASSWORD MODE ON PASSWORD GO TO PASSWORD SETUP PAGE j PASSWORD When the password mode is ON you can change the password. Select PASSWORD => CHANGE. Use the cursor buttons to select the desired field. In the OLD PASSWORD field insert the old password or 136900 (if you forget the old one). In NEW PASSWORD field insert the new password. Insert it again in CONFIRM PWD field. Press OK to save the new password. Exit setup menu Select this item to exit the setup menu. 33 Handling discs_ • Dirty, scratched or warped discs may cause skip ping or noise. • Handle the disc only by the edges. To keep clean do not touch its surface. • Discs should be stored in their cases after use to avoid scratches....


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