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User manual Hyundai, model H-CMD4009

Manafacture: Hyundai
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File name: Hyundai-H-CMD4009-Pdf-Rus.Pdf
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manual abstract

It will play when finds the station. Auto store function You can store up to a total of 30 radio stations in the memory (18 FM, 12 AM), manually or automatically. • To store a station: - Select a band (if needed) - Select a station by !«/►►! on the RC or UP/DN on the panel. - Hold a Preset button (1-6) which you want to store the station for at least for 2 seconds. • To recall a station: - Select a band (if needed) - Press a Preset button (1-6) briefly to recall the stored station. 15 Preset scan function Press the APS button to scan all preset stations in the memory of the current band and stay on each memory stations for about 5 seconds. To stop preset scan, press this button again. Auto memory store function Press the APS button on the panel and hold for 2 seconds to enter auto store mode. The radio will automatically store the 6 strongest available stations to the 6 preset memories of the current band. To stop auto store, press this button again. Mono/Stereo selection Press the ANGLE/ST button on the RC to select the sound channel: MONO or STEREO. Local radio station search Press the LOC button on the RC shortly to turn the LOCAL function ON or OFF. When the LOCAL function is on the local stations (stations with weak radio signal) can be played. When the LOCAL function is off both local and distant stations (stations with strong radio signal) can be played. Press the button again to turn it of. RDS function There are the PI, PS, TP, PTY, TA, AF, DATA. PI: Program Identification Code - for identifying code. PS: Program Service Name Broadcast - station name data expressed in alphanumerically character. TP: Traffic Program Identification - for traffic information broadcasting station. TA: Traffic Announcement Identification - showing traffic information is being transmitted or not. AF: Alternative frequencies - frequency list of broadcasting station transmitting the same program. 16 AF (Alternative Frequencies) function Press the AF button briefly to switch on/ off mode. Symbol “AF” will appear on the display. Note: The tuner will return to Alternative Frequencies whenever the reception signals getting worse. “Alarm” will be displayed when an emergency broadcasting is received. Meanwhile sound output level will be adjusted to the preset output level automatically when the volume control is set at minimum. PTY (Program Type) function 1. Press the PTY button on the RC to turn the PTY function on. 2. Rotate VOL knob or press +/- buttons on the RC to select the music type or speech type: NEWS, AFFAIRS, INFO, SPORT, EDUCATE, DRAMA, CULTURE, SCIENCE, VARIED, WEATHER, FINANCE, CHILDREN, SOCIAL, RELIGION, PHONE IN, TRAVEL, LEISURE, DOCUMENT, PTY NONE, POP M, ROCK M, EASY M, LIGHT M, CLASSICS, OTHER M, JAZZ, COUNTRY, NATION M, OLDIES, FOLK M. Note: 1. When PTY is selected the radio starts to search corresponding PTY information and stops of the corresponding PTY information is detected. 2. If corresponding PTY information is not found, normal radio reception is resumed. TA (Traffic Announcement) function Press the TA button briefly to select the TA mode on/ off. Traffic announcement interrupts CD play or radio listening when broadcast. To interrupt traffic announcement press the TA button short without switching off the TA mode. The set will return to the previous operating mode. 17 Disc operations Disc glossary PBC (PlayBack Control) PBC is a menu recorded on the disc with SVCD or VCD2.0 format. For the discs contained PBC, it can playback interactive software with the menu displayed on TV. And if the disc contains still images, it can playback high definition of still image. Title The title is the important part of DVD disc. The memory volume of the disc is rather big, that makes possible to record several films on one disc. For example, if a disc contains three films, they may be divided into Title 1, Title 2 and Title 3. You can easy use the functions of looking-for. Chapter A title can be divided into several blocks, so that every block can be operated as a unit, the unit is called chapter. The chapter contains a unit at least. Track It is the biggest component of VCD. Generally, every song of karaoke disc is a track. Discs for playback • This unit can play disc types: CD-R/-RW/DVD±R/±RW. • Compatible with formats: DVD/SVCD/VCD/HDCD/MP3/WMA/Picture-CD/JPEG playback/MPEG4. • The following file types are supported: Audio files: MP3 (*.mp3) WMA (*.wma) Video files: MP4 MPEG 2(*.vob) MPEG 1(*.dat) 18 Picture file: JPEG (*.jpg) • ISO 9660 or ISO 9660 +Joliet format - Max. 30 characters • Max. Track number is 448 • Max. nested directory is 8 levels • The max. album number is 99 • The max. length of each track is 99 minutes 59 seconds • Supported sampling frequency for MP3 disc: 8 KHz - 48 KHz (44.1 KHz preferably) • Supported bit-rates of MP3 disc are: 32 - 320 kbps (128 kbps preferably). • Following formats are NOT supported *.ACC, *.DLF, *.M3U, *...


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