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User manual Hyundai, model H-CMD7084

Manafacture: Hyundai
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Photos and specs  Hyundai  H-CMD7084
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manual abstract

Generally, every song of karaoke disc is a track. 15 Features Fully compatible Fully compatible with the most popular discs’ formats such as DVD, CD, CD-R (containing MP3, JPEG), CD-RW represented in the market. Upgrade intelligently Support the function of upgrading the software for playing discs of new formats to keep up with the market competition. Strong output function The player has an analogue audio output of 2 channels, digital audio output and video output of complex video. Supports picture CD, Photo CD Fully compatible with Picture CD and Photo CD without setting additional software. It automatically activates the media player menu to process. Screen saver Supports the screen saver function. If there is no operation or no disc during 5 minutes, the player will automatically turn into the state of screen saver. It can prolong the serviceability of the player. 16 Compatible discs DVD Video DVD disc include video and audio data. The data can contained by the 12 cm diameter of DVD disc is 7 times of one can contained by the common CD-R disc. Its maximum continuous playback time can be up to 2 hours (one of double-sided disc can be up to 4 hours). DVD disc sort as 4 kinds of ones: single-layer and double-layers and single-sided, single layer and double-sided, double-layers and double-sided disc. SVCD Super VCD disc adopt MPEG-II compression way. It can provide better quality of video than VCD disc. And it can record 2 stereo audio track. Super VCD disc can also supports wide screen. VCD2.0 Compare with VCD1.1 disc, VCD2.0 disc has a playback list. Generally, Karaoke disc with VCD2.0 format has a PBC menu. VCD1.1 Picture CD disc its size is same as audio CD disc include audio and video data. The maximum playback time of the standard 12 cm of disc with VCD1.1 is 74 minutes. DVCD Compatible with DVCD disc. DVCD disc is high density of VCD disc. Compared with VCD disc, a DVCD disc can contain more data. CDDA Compatible with CD-DA disc. CD-DA disc include audio data. The maximum playback time of the standard 12 cm of CDDA disc is 74 minutes. MP3/JPEG Compatible with CD-R/CD-RW/CD-ROM discs contained files with MP3/JPG format. Also supports JPG pictures playback with MP3 tracks as background music, provides fine video and audio effect. 17 CD-R/CD-RW Compatible with CD-R/CD-RW disc with ISO9660 specification include the format of MP3, JPG, JPEG, Ac3, PCM, MPG, MPE. DVD+/-R Compatible with DVD+/-R disc with UDF specification include the format of MP3, JPG, JPEG, Ac3, PCM, MPG, MPE. 18 General operation Reset the unit Operating the unit for the first time or after replacing the car battery, you must reset the unit. Press REL button on the panel to open the panel and press the RESET hole with a point object to restore the unit to the original factory settings. Power button Press POWER button on the RC or front panel to turn on the unit. Press POWER to switch the set off. Note: After the unit is off, the volume level is raised during the area between 6 and 30. If the volume level is set less than 6, it will resume to 6; if it is higher than 30, it will resume to 30; if it is between 6 and 30, it still stores in the status which you set. Volume control . Press the VOL+ or VOL- buttons on the RC or rotate the VOLUME knob on the panel to adjust the volume level. . Press repeatedly the SEL button on the remote controller or VOL knob on the front panel to select the audio mode such as BAS (bass), TRE (treble), BAL (balance), FAD (fader) and VOL (volume), then press the VOL+ or VOL- button on the front panel or the remote controller to adjust the settings for each mode. If turning off the power all the settings of each mode will be saved. . If turning off the ACC power all the settings will become as they were set on the plant as current. . If you don’t adjust VOL buttons within 3 seconds after selecting the desired mode, the unit will automatically return to the current mode being displayed. . When EQ mode is activated, press SEL button to select modes: VOL/ BAL/ FAD. BAS/ TRE are invalid. 19 Turning the sound off Press the MUTE button on the RC or PTY/ MU on the panel to turn the sound off. Press it again or use the VOL +/- buttons to turn the sound on. Loud function Press LOUD button to activate LOUD function. You can press this button to increase the low frequency, which can improve sensitivity for your ears. “Loud” appears. Press it again to shut down the function. Equalizer setting While listening to the popular music, classic music or rock music, you can select the corresponding preset modes to adjust the sound quality perfectly by using EQ button. Press repeatedly TA/EQ button on the panel or EQ button on the remote controller to select the current music equalizer modes: POP, CLASS, ROCK and OFF. MBP (My Best Position) function If there is no passenger in your car you can perform the MBP function and enjoy optimum sound. Press the MBP button on the RC ...


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