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User manual JVC, model KD-G447

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• The AF and REG indicators light up. • AF OFF : Cancels. PTY-STANDBY *2 PTY standby OFF, PTY codes Activates PTY Standby Reception with one of the PTY codes, [8, 9]. TA VOLUME *2 VOLUME 00 [Initial: VOLUME 15] Traffic - VOLUME 50 announcement (or VOLUME 00 volume - VOLUME 30)*3 P-SEARCH *2 • ON : Activates Programme Search, [9]. Programme search • OFF : Cancels. DIMMER • ON : Dims the display and button illumination. Dimmer • OFF : Cancels. TEL MUTING • MUTING 1/ : Select either one which mutes the sounds while using a cellular Telephone muting MUTING 2 phone. • MUTING OFF : Cancels. SCROLL *4 • ONCE : Scrolls the displayed information once. Scroll • AUTO : Repeats scrolling (at 5-second intervals). • OFF : Cancels. • Pressing DISP for more than one second can scroll the display regardless of the setting. *2 Only for FM RDS stations. *3 Depends on the amplifier gain control. *4 Some characters or symbols will not be shown correctly (or will be blanked) on the display. Continued on the next page in ENGLISH ENGLISH Indications Item (_: Initial) Selectable settings, [reference page] TAG DISPLAY Tag display • TAG ON • TAG OFF : Shows the Tag information while playing MP3/WMA tracks, [12]. : Cancels. AMP GAIN Amplifier gain control • LOW POWER • HIGH POWER : VOLUME 00 - VOLUME 30 (Select this if the maximum power of the speaker is less than 50 W to avoid them from damaging the speaker.) : VOLUME 00 - VOLUME 50 IF BAND Intermediate frequency band • AUTO • WIDE : Increases the tuner selectivity to reduce interference noise between close stations. (The stereo effect may be lost.) : Subject to the interference noise from adjacent stations, but the sound quality will not be degraded and the stereo effect will remain. Other external component operations You can connect an external component to the AUX (auxiliary) input jack on the control panel. O plug (not supplied) k\ I—► FM1/FM2/FM3/AM-, a* \ LAUX|m^ SB-«— You can also select "AUX IN” as the playback source by pressing the SRC (source) button. 0 Turn on the connected component and start playing the source. Adjust the volume. +,____ [Turn] O Adjust the sound as you want. (See page 13.) To check the other information while listening to an external component ED AUX IN ô Clock 16F Remote controller — rm-rkso KD-G447 can be remotely controlled as instructed here (with an optionally purchased remote controller). We recommend that you use remote controller RM-RK50 with your unit. Installing the lithium coin battery (CR2025) Main elements and features Aim the remote controller directly at the remote sensor on the unit. Make sure there is no obstacle in between. Warning: | Do not install any battery other than CR2025 or its equivalent; otherwise, it may explode. Do not leave the remote controller in a place (such as the dashboard) exposed to direct sunlight for a long time; otherwise, it may explode. Store the battery in a place where children cannot reach to avoid the risk of accidents. To prevent the battery from over-heating, cracking, or starting a fire: - Do not recharge, short, disassemble, heat the battery, or dispose of it in a fire. - Do not leave the battery with other metallic materials. - Do not poke the battery with tweezers or similar tools. - Wrap the battery with tape and insulate when throwing away or saving it. 1 0/i/ATT (standby/on/attenuator) button • Turns the power on if pressed briefly or attenuates the sound when the power is on. • Turns the power off if pressed and held. 2 5 U (up) / D (down) ▼ buttons • Changes the FM/AM bands with ▲ U. • Changes the preset stations with D ▼. • Changes the folder of the MP3/WMA. 3 VOL - / VOL + buttons • Adjusts the volume level. 4 SOUND button • Selects the sound mode (iEQ: intelligent equalizer). 5 SOURCE button • Selects the source. 6 2 R (reverse) / F (forward) ► buttons • Searches for stations if pressed briefly. • Fast-forwards or reverses the track if pressed and held. • Changes the track if pressed briefly. im ENGLISH ENGLISH More about this unit Basic operations Turning on the power • By pressing SRC or AUX on the unit, you can also turn on the power. If the source is ready, playback also starts. Turning off the power • If you turn off the power while listening to a track, playback will start from where it had been stopped previously next time you turn on the power. Tuner operations Storing stations in memory • During SSM search... - All previously stored stations are erased and the stations are stored anew. - Received stations are preset in No. 1 (lowest frequency) to No. 6 (highest frequency). - When SSM is over, the station stored in No. 1 will be automatically tuned in. • When storing a station manually, the previously preset station is erased when a new station is stored in the same preset number. FM RDS operations • Network-Tracking Reception requires two types of RDS signals—PI (Programme Identification)...

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