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User manual Pioneer, model AVH-X2650BT

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Refer to Indicator list on page 54. (variable bit rate) files, the play time will not be correctly displayed if fast forward or reverse operations are used. ! To ensure proper operation, connect the dock connector cable from the iPod directly to this unit. ! While the iPod is connected to this unit, the iPod cannot be turned on or off. ! If the characters recorded on the USB storage device are not compatible with this unit, those characters will not be displayed. Switching the text information to display on this unit when playing MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV files. 3 Search key Displaying the file name list to select the files. 4 Media key Switching between media file types to play on USB. Music browse mode (Function for USB MSC) This unit creates an index in order to facilitate browsing for a song. You can search by the categories such as albums and artists. CAUTION ! This function is not available when the USB storage device is locked. En 21 Section USB ! This function is not available when the free space of USB storage device is less than 5 MB. ! While this unit creates an index, do not turn the unit off. It may cause loss of data on your USB storage device. ! If you switch to video or JPEG image display while a database is being created, or when a database could not be created, a message appears and database creation stops. 1 Touch DB to create a database in Music browse mode. Refer to Sound playback operations on page 21. 2 When “ Save the Database to memory? ” is displayed, touch “ Yes” . Saving of the database is completed. If you do not save it, touch “ No” . When the saving is completed, “ Completed saving Database to memory. ” appears. Music browse mode will start. 3 Display a list and touch the tag key. 4 Select a file. Still image playback operations (Function for USB MSC) You can use this unit to view still images saved on a USB storage device. USB Touch panel keys 1 2 USB NORMAL 1JAN PM 12:43 4 4 AllAAll Media a9 876543 1 Fast forward key/Reverse key Selecting a picture. 2 Search key Displaying the file name list to select the files. 3 Capture key Capturing an image in JPEG files. 4 Media key Switching between media file types when there is more than one media file type saved to the USB device. This key does not appear if there is only one media file type saved to the USB device. 5 Random key Playing files in a random order. 6 Repeat key Selecting the repeat range. 7 Rotate key Rotating the displayed picture 90° clockwise. 8 Previous folder key/Next folder key Selecting a folder. 9 Screen mode key Changing the screen mode. Refer to Changing the wide-screen mode on page 9. a Pause and play key Starting or pausing the slideshow. Basic operations Playing still images 1 Connect the USB device. Playback will automatically start. ! When the source icon is not displayed, it can be displayed by touching the screen. Selecting a file using the buttons 1 Press c or d ( TRK) . Fast file...

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