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User manual SoundMax, model SM-CDM1032

Manafacture: SoundMax
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manual abstract

2). Attaching the control panel 1. Insert the left side of the control panel into the main unit (pic. 3) Note: the control panel must be attached into the T-Joint. 2. Press the right side of the control panel until a "click" sound is heard. 3. Close the panel. Caution: Pic. 3 DO NOT insert the control panel from the right side. It can damage the control panel. The control panel can easily be damaged by shocks. After removing it, place it in a protective case and be careful not to drop it or subject it to strong shocks. The rear connector that connects the main unit and the control panel is an extremely important part. Be careful not to damage it by pressing on it with fingernails, pens, screwdrivers, etc. Note: If the control panel is dirty, wipe off the dirt with soft, dry cloth only. And use a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean the socket on the back of the control panel. 6 Connection scheme Notes: • In spite of having any kinds of speaker system, must use 4 ohms impedance of speaker to reduce the distortion during high volume level. • Prohibit to make the conductors of auto antenna and ground touch with each other. 7 Panel controls Front panel 1. OPEN BUTTON 2. TA BUTTON 13 Press it to active the TA functioi 3. \«/m buttons In Disc mode press the buttons shortly to go to previous/next track. Press and hold them to start fast backward/ forward rewind. In Radio mode press the buttons shortly to search the stations manually. Press and hold for 2 seconds to start searching the stations 12 -is automatically. 4. PTY / CLK BUTTON Press it to active the PTY function. Press and hold it to set the time. 5. PRESET STATION [1-6] BUTTONS 6. No 1/ PLAY/PAUSE ( Ml) button. 7. No 2/ INT BUTTON 8. No 3/ RPT Press it to play the current tack repeatedly. 9. No 4/ RDM 5 8 Press to start the random playback. 10. No 5/ DN 10 Press it to start playing on 10 tracks back. 11. No 6/ UP 10 Press it to start playing on 10 tracks forward. 12. BAND / SUB BUTTON In radio mode press it to select desired band. Use this button to turn the Subwoofer output ON. 13. MODE button. Press it to select the mode: TUNER => DISC => USB/SD/MMC => AUX. 14. AUX IN 15. F / PS BUTTON 16. USB socket 17. SD socket 18. MUTE BUTTON Press it to switch the sound off. 19. VOL KNOB / SEL BUTTON Rotate it clockwise to increase the volume level; rotate anticlockwise to decrease the volume level. 20. LCD (LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY) 21. AF BUTTON Press it to active the AF function. 22. POWER BUTTON Press it to turn the power on/off. 23. RC Sensor 9 Inner panel Press the OPEN button on the front panel to flip it down. 1. LED INDICATOR 2. RESET BUTTON 4 3 3. DISK SLOT 4. EJECT BUTTON f 2 10 Remote Control 1. POWER button 2. MODE button 3. PLAY/PAUSE/1 button 4. INTRO (10 seconds)/2 button 5. REPEAT/3 button 6. RANDOM/4 button 7. MP3 track - 10 down/5 button 8. MP3 track + 10 up/6 button 9. VOLUME+ button 10. Hi (PREVIOUS) button 11. SEL button 12. VOLUME- button 13. BAND button 14. APS/TRACK SEARCH button 15. TA button 16. AF button 17. ►►I(NEXT) button 18. PTY button 19. CLOCK button 20. MUTE button 11 (i^PAU^ ^ilNT^ SOUNDMAX Functions of controls General operations Power button Press any button to switch the unit on. The display will show a message "WELCOME". Press and hold the POWER button to switch the unit off. The display will show a message "GOODBYE". Volume control Rotate the VOL knob (VOL knob / SEL button) or press VOLUME+/- buttons on the RC. The larger the number shown on the display, the higher the volume level is. Audio settings adjustment Press the SEL button (VOL knob) until the display shows: BAS 0 => TRE 0 => BAL R-L => FAD. Rotate the VOL knob to adjust each mode. - BASS/TREBLE: -7, -6, -5,......, 0, +1, + 2,......+ 5, + 6, +7 - BALANCE: 7L, 11L,......, L=R, 1R,......,7R - FADER: 7R, 11R,......, R=F, 1F,......, 7F NOTE: Adjustments to Bass and Treble will override any preset EQ (Preset Equalizer Curves). In each mode, the waiting time is about 5 seconds, and the waiting time is over, it returns to the last display mode of radio or disc playback mode. Mode selection Press the MODE knob to select the mode: AUX => RADIO => DISK => USB => CARD. NOTE: USB, CARD, DISK mode will only show on the display when a USB flash memory is inserted into the USB port. Loudness control Press the VOLUME knob / SEL button until "LOUD OFF" is shown. Turn the volume knob to select between ON or OFF. 12 Mute function Press the MUTE button to cancel the sound. Press it again or VOL +/ - to resume. Subwoofer control Press and hold the BAND/ SUB button to turn the Subwoofer output ON. An external amplifier is required to operate a subwoofer. Beep Sound Off function Press the VOLUME knob / SEL until "Beep On" is displayed. Turn the Volume knob to switch between Beep ON and OFF. Equalizer setting Press the Volume button, until "EQ" indication is displayed...


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