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User manual SoundMax, model SM-CDM1042

Manafacture: SoundMax
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File name: SoundMax-SM-CDM1042-Pdf-Rus.Pdf
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manual abstract

Choose local reception or distant reception mode. Mute ON/OFF In power on mode, press PWR/MUTE button to switch the sound on or off. The muted state will be also canceled by pressing VOL+/VOL- buttons. Mode selection Press MODE button on the RC or MOD button on the unit to choose RADIO, CD, USB, SD source, AUX or BT AUDIO mode. Last position memory feature During disc, USB, SD card playback, if you turn off the unit and then switch on it, the unit will resume playing from the point that it was interrupted. During disc, USB, SD card playback, if you switch to other mode, and then return the previous mode again, the unit will resume playing from the point that it was interrupted. Clock display and adjustment To view the current time, press the DISP button, it will show for 5 seconds and then revert to the previous display mode unless the DISP button is pressed again. During the period when the time is shown on the LCD display, you can change the time, press the DISP button for several seconds, the time will flash, then press VOL+ button to adjust hour, and press VOL- button to adjust minute. 16 Information display Press DISP button to operate as the conversion of each display mode as follows: - In case of receiving a RDS station In radio mode: PS -> CT -> FREQ -> P TY In CD mode: CD -> CT -> (ID3 TAG) -> PS -> FREQ -> PTY • In case of no receiving CT or PTY Information, the display shows as "NO CLOCK" or "NO PTY". - In case of receiving a non RDS station In radio mode: "NO CLOCK" -> FREQ-> "NO PTY" In CD mode: CD -> "NO CLOCK" -> FREQ -> "NO PTY" Each displaying time is several seconds, and come back to 1’st position after several seconds. Notes: CT = clock time; FREQ = frequency. Reset function Remove the front panel. RESET button is pressed with either a ballpoint pen or thin metal object. RESET function is to be activated for the following reasons: • Initial installation of the unit when all wiring is completed. • All the function buttons do not operate. • Error symbol on the display. 17 Radio operations Note: RDS (Radio Data System) service availability varies with areas. Please understand if RDS service is not available in you area, the following service is not available, either. To select a radio band In radio mode, press the BAND button repeatedly to select a radio broadcasting band you need. FM 1 => FM 2 => FM 3 => MW1 => MW2. Auto/Manual tuning Automatic search mode: Press NEXT or PREVIOUS buttons, the automatic search will start. It will search upward or downward for the strong signal radio station within the current band. "SEARCH" appears on the LCD display. Manual search mode: Press NEXT or PREVIOUS buttons and hold for 2 seconds until "MANUSEEK" appears on LCD display. Then press these buttons repeatedly to search stations manually. If you do not press these buttons within 5 seconds, the automatic search mode will be activated and "SEARCH' appears on the LCD display. To store/recall a preset radio stations You can store up to a total of 30 radio stations in the memory (18 FM, 12 MW), manually or automatically. To store a station: • Select a band (if needed) • Select a station by pressing NEXT/PREVIOUS buttons. • Hold a Preset button (1-6), which you want to store the station for at least 2 seconds, the current station is stored in the relevant preset memory bank. When a RDS station is being stored, the relevant PI, PS, AF list is stored. To recall a station: • Select a band (if need). 18 • Press a preset button (1-6) briefly to recall the stored station. In case of RDS mode, the strongest AF is selected after AF searching. Auto store/Preset scan Preset scan: Press the AMS button to scan each preset station in the memory of the current band. Finally the radio will play the first preset station. The memory location indicator on the LCD will flash during the process. Press the AMS again to stop preset scan. Auto store: Press the AMS button for more than 2 seconds to enter the auto store mode. The radio will scan from the minimum frequency until 1 cycle search is finished, and automatically store the 6 strongest stations into the preset memories. When the auto-store operation is finished, the radio will start preset scan to explore the stored 6 stations. 19 RDS function Press AF/REG button to switch ON or OFF the RDS function. Setting RDS mode Whenever RDS is switch on, symbol "AF" appears on the display. Program name is displayed on receiving a RDS station. "AF" starts blinking if the broadcasting signals getting worse. Regional Program Operation Press AF/REG button for 2 seconds to switch on or off region mode. Some broadcasting stations change their program from normal broadcasting to regional broadcasting for a certain time period. When region is on, the current listening program remains unchanged. When region is off, it allows the reception to move to the regional station. Using PTY to Select Program Press and hold TA/PTY button to select th...


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