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User manual SoundMax, model SM-CMD2039

Manafacture: SoundMax
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File name: SoundMax-SM-CMD2039-Pdf-Rus.Pdf
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manual abstract

Fix the unit with the help of the factory radio mounting brackets. obstacles (wires, dashboard elements, etc) for the unit installation. 2. After installing the sleeve into the dashboard, bend tabs fitting to the size of the dashboard to fix the sleeve in place. 3. Use the metal strap to fix the rear side of the unit. Determine a place for fixing and install the strap as shown in the picture. You can bend the strap to the needed angle with your hands. 4. Make the necessary wire connections. Ensure the connections are correct. 5. Install the unit into the sleeve until the side locks are fixed. Dismantling the unit a - Trim frame 6 - Frame uninstall direction b - Release key insertion 1. Switch off the unit and detach the front panel. 2. Insert your fingers into the groove in the front side of the trim frame (apply some effort to detach the frame). Pull the frame to detach it. 6 1. Select a position in which the screw holes of the brackets (3) are aligned with the screw holes in the unit body, and screw in two screws (2) in each side. 2. Screw. 3. Factory radio mounting brackets. 4. Vehicle dashboard. 5. Lock (remove this part). Note: The outer trim frame and mounting sleeve are not used for method of installation. Detachable control panel To take off the panel Press OPEN button on the panel. The panel will detach. Pull the panel towards yourself to take it off. To attach the panel • Hold the panel with its front directed to yourself. Install the left part of the panel into the bracket of the unit body. • Press the right part of the panel until a click. Caution: The control panel can easily be damaged by shocks. After removing it, place it in the protective case and be careful not to drop it or subject it to strong shocks. The rear connector that connects the main unit and the control panel is an extremely important part. Be careful not to damage it by pressing on it with fingernails, pens, screwdrivers, etc. If the control panel is dirty, wipe off the dirt with soft, dry cloth only. And use a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean the socket on the back of the control panel. Anti-theft system The front panel of this unit can be stored in the included protective case when not in used and carried away when you leave the vehicle to deter theft. Switch off the power of the unit. Detach the front panel, then put it to the protective case and take it with you. 7 Connection diagram RCA OUT LEFT=WHITE VIDEO OUT RIGHT=RED Speaker wiring notes Follow the above wiring diagram to install the head unit with new or existing speakers. • This unit is designed for use with four (4) speakers with impedance between 4 Ohms to 8 Ohms. • An impedance load of less than 4 Ohms could damage the unit. • Never bridge or combine the speaker wire outputs. When not using four speakers, use electrical tape to tape the ends of the unused speaker outputs to prevent a short circuit. • Never ground the negative speaker terminals to chassis ground. 8 Using the ISO Connector 1. If your car is equipped with the ISO connector, then connect the ISO connectors as illustrated. 2. For connections without the ISO connectors, check the wiring in the vehicle carefully before connecting, incorrect connection may cause serious damage to this unit. Cut the connector, connect the colored leads of the power cord to the car battery as shown in the color code table below for speaker and power cable connections. Location Function Connector A Connector B 1 Rear Right(+)---Blue 2 Rear Right(-)---Blue/White Stripe 3 Front Right(+)---Grey 4 Battery 12V (+)/yellow Front Right(-)---Grey/White Stripe 5 Auto Antenna/Orange Front Left(+)---Green 6 Panel light/White Front Left((-)---Green/White Stripe 7 ACC+/red Rear Left(+)---Brown 8 Ground/black Rear Left(-)---Brown/White Stripe Note: Panel light wire should be connected to "+" of the side parking lights wire. Power antenna wire is intended for power supply of the antenna and for remote control of an additional amplifier. 9 Control description Front panel 1. OPEN button 2. TA button 3. SCAN button 4. PTY/CLK button 5. Preset station [1-6] buttons 6. 1/LEFT/OSD button 7. 2/RIGHT/RPT button 8. 3/UP/INT button 9. 4/DOWN/RDM button 10. 5/STOP button 11. 6/SET/PAU button 12. BAND/NP/SUB button 1718 19 20 21 22 23 24 13. POWER button 14. AUX in jack 15. APS button 16. USB slot 17. SD/MMC memory card slot 18. MUTE button 19. VOL knob/SEL button 20. LCD display 21. Disc slot 22. UP/DOWN knob/MOD button 23. EJECT button 24. AF button 10 Back of the front panel 3 Press OPEN button to open the panel. 1 2 Note: Pressing the RESET hole will erase the clock setting and stored stations. Panel status indicator lights up when you slide the panel down; flashes when you remove the panel. 1. Panel status indicator 2. RESET button 3. Disc slot 11 Remote controller (RC) 1. MODE button 2. POWER button 3. BN D/SYS button 4. Cursor b...


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