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User manual SoundMax, model SM-CMD3000

Manafacture: SoundMax
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File name: SoundMax-SM-CMD3000-Pdf-Rus.Pdf
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manual abstract

For the discs contained PBC, it can playback interactive software with the menu displayed on TV. And if the disc contains still images, it can playback high definition of still image. Title The title is the important part of DVD disc. The memory volume of the disc is rather big, that makes possible to record several films on one disc. For example, if a disc contains three films, they may be divided into Title 1, Title 2 and Title 3. You can easy use the functions of looking-for. Chapter A title can be divided into several blocks, so that every block can be operated as a unit, the unit is called chapter. The chapter contains a unit at least. Track It is the biggest component of VCD. Generally, every song of karaoke disc is a track. Discs for playback • This unit can play disc types: CD/DVD/DVD±R/±RW/CD-R/-RW. • Compatible with formats: DVD/SVCD/VCD/HDCD/MP3/WMA/CDDA/JPEG/MPEG4/DivX playback • The following file types are supported: Audio files: MP3 (*.mp3) WMA (*.wma) Video files: MPEG 2(*.vob) MPEG 1(*.dat) Picture file: JPEG (*.jpg) • ISO 9660 or ISO 9660 +Joliet format - Max. 30 characters • Supported sampling frequency for MP3 disc: 8 KHz - 48 KHz (44.1 KHz preferably) • Supported bit-rates of MP3 disc are: 32 - 320 kbps (128 kbps preferably). • Following formats are NOT supported *.ACC, *.DLF, *.M3U, *.PLS, MP3 PRO, files with DRM. • Open session discs are NOT supported. 16 Inserting the USB device Insert the USB device into USB jack. Then the playing mode will be changed into USB mode. The first USB device track playback will start. Note: USB functions (flash memory type) MP3 music play • FAT 12/ FAT 16/FAT 32 is possible - FAT 12/16 (dir: 200 support, file:500 support), - FAT 32 (dir: 200 support, file:500 support). • Filename: 32 byte/ Dir name: 32byte. • Tag (id3tag ver2.0) - Title/ Artist/Album: 32 byte support. • USB format supports 2.0. Capacity: 8 MB ~ 1 Gb. Loading/eject a disc - Press the REL button on the panel. Insert the disc with the printed side facing upward into the slot. - Press EJECT button to eject the disc. Playing/pausing playback - When the disc is in the playback will start automatically. Or you can press the SOURCE button to start playback. To ensure good system performance, wait until the unit finishes reading the disc information before proceeding. - Press the PAUSE/PLAY/PAUSE button to pause the playback. Press again to resume the playback. Stop playback During MP3/MPEG-4/USB mode, press STOP button on the RC to stop the playback. Press it again to resume the playback. During VCD/CD mode, press STOP button to pause playing, press PAUSE/PLAY/PAUSE to play, and press STOP button twice to stop playing completely. To start playing press PAUSE/PLAY/PAUSE button. Using the number buttons Press the number buttons to insert the track/chapter number. Select a track by using Number buttons 0~9. The selected track will be played automatically. 17 Playing the previous/next track During DVD playback, press m to replay the current track, press and hold m within 3 seconds to play the previous track, press to play the next track. During MP3/USB playback, press the ^/^ buttons to play the previous/next track. During VCD/CD/MPEG-4 playback, press the m button to replay the current track, press m button within 3 seconds to play the previous track, press the button to play the next track. Fast forward and backward playback Press the «/►► buttons on the RC to fast the playing in backward or forward direction as follows: X2 => X4 => X8 => X16. Slow playback During playback press SLOW on the RC to start slow forward or backward playback. The change is a following: 1/2 => 1/4 => 1/8. Repeat playback During disc playback, press the RPT button on the RC or AMS button on the panel to repeat the current track/chapter playback: Chapter => Title => Off. Random playback During disc playback, press the RDM button on the RC to start random playback of the tracks. Press again to cancel. Changing angle (for DVD only) If DVD disc supports multi-angle playback, press the ANGLE button on the RC to playback images in different camera angles. If discs doesn't support multi-angle playback, this function will not work. Selecting audio languages (for DVD only) During DVD disc playback press ST/AUDIO button on RC repeatedly to select the audio language to listen (if the disc supports multi-language mode). 18 Selecting the channel (for VCD only) During VCD disc playback repeatedly press the ST/AUDIO button on the RC to select the channel: Left => Right => Stereo. Selecting subtitle language (for DVD only) Subtitle language is in disc initiation setting during playback. If DVD disc supports multi-subtitle playback, press the LOC/SUB-T button on the RC repeatedly to switch among languages. Changing size (for DVD/VCD) During playback press the ZOOM button on the RC. The picture will be enlarged accordingly: X2 => X3 => X4 => Normal. When the picture is e...


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