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User manual SoundMax, model SM-CMD5001

Manafacture: SoundMax
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File name: SoundMax-SM-CMD5001-Pdf-Rus.Pdf
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manual abstract

If RDS service is not available in your area, turn off the AF mode. 19 TA (Traffic alarm) function Briefly press TA/LOUD button to activate the traffic alarm function. When AF is on, the TA displays on TFT, or else, if there is no TP information, the mode will search TP station automatically. The TA is green when it is played by a station, if not, it is yellow. When TA is playing, the volume will be adjusted to a TA level automatically. When other modes are activated (such as DVD, AUX), if a TA program is played the mode will skip to the RDS mode automatically. It will resume to the primary mode after the TA is over. Program type Briefly press PTY/ANGLE button on the RC to activate PTY function. When PTY is on, PTY ON appears on the monitor, you can press UP/DOWN cursor buttons to select a program type to search the special program. And the monitor displays PTY SEARCH. If PTY is off, PTY OFF appears on the monitor, the searching is stopped. 20 TV-tuner operations TV touch screen menu 1 2 3 4 5 When you select TV mode, following touchable User Interface will be displayed: 1. Preset station number. 2. Digit buttons. To select a channel numbered 1 to 9, touch the number on the monitor to select. Press -- at first, then press the corresponding number button to select a channel number more than 10. 3. Current TV frequency. 4. STEP button. Touch to adjust clearer image. 5. ANT button. Touch it to select the left or right antenna. 6. SET button. Touch for the following menu: SOUND. Select sound system M/N, B/G, D/K. BAND. Select TV band V-l, V-H, UHF. MODE. Select color system: SECAM/NTSC/PAL. MANU+/MANU-: touch to change frequency upward/downward step by step. AUTO: Touch for automatic search of a channel. 7. CH-/CH+ buttons. Touch to select previous or next station. 8. Touch to go back to Main menu Note: To hide the User Interface, touch the screen in any place free of touchable buttons. To recall the User Interface, touch the screen again. TV channel selection Press PREVIOUS/NEXT buttons on the RC to select the TV stations. Press 1 - 9 number buttons to select stations directly; press GOTO button to select more than 1-10 stations, then press the corresponding numbers. 21 Frequency searching Press REWIND/FORWARD buttons on the RC to select the frequency upwards and downwards step by step. Press and hold the button for automatic search of channels. Seek channels automatically Press AMS/MENU button on the RC to seek stations automatically. AUX operations When AUX mode is selected, following User Interface will be displayed: Touch AV SET item to go to AUX setup menu. In this menu you can adjust following parameters: 1. AUDIO ADJUST 2. VIDEO ADJUST 3. SYSTEM ADJUST: (Auto 1 - PAL, NTSC, SECAM; Auto 2 - P-M, P-N). 22 Disc/USB/SD operations Insert/eject disc Press REL button on the panel or EJECT button on the RC to open the front panel. Insert a disc into the slot. The unit will automatically switch into DVD mode. After loading, its playback will start automatically. Open the front panel and press EJECT button to eject the disc. Touch screen operations with DVD/VCD/MP4 discs 1 2 1 While playing a DVD/VCD/MP4-disc, the touch screen has__ following areas enabling to perform various playback operations: 1. PREVIOUS area (left part)/NEXT area (right part) - touch to --- skip to the previous or next chapter. 2. Track area - touch to call digit keyboard. Touch digit buttons to input the number of a track to be played. Besides, if while playing you touch the bottom part of the screen, playback control panel will be displayed, including following buttons: HI Play/pause ■ Stop < Decrease volume a <>» Increase volume |q DVD setup menu MODE Mode selection 23 Touch screen operations with CD/MP3/USB/SD While playing a file contained on a CD/MP3/USB/SD, the touch screen has following areas and buttons enabling to perform various playback operations: 1. Disc/File type indicator (not operable) 2. File list. Touch the needed file to start its playback 3. Track area - touch to call digit keyboard. Touch digit buttons to input the number of a track to be played 4. List scroll buttons 5. PLAY/PAUSE button 6. STOP button 7. CARD/USB indicator (not operable) 8. PREVIOUS button 9. SEL button. Touch repeatedly to select a sound parameter to be adjusted 10. NEXT button 11. +/- buttons. Touch to decrease/increase volume 12. Touch to go to DVD setup menu 13. Mode selection Insert/eject USB/Memory card Connect a USB drive to the USB connector of this unit. It will automatically switch to USB mode and start to read the contents of the USB. To eject the USB drive from this unit, switch to another mode and disconnect the USB from the USB wire connector. To connect a memory card to this unit, open the front panel and insert the memory card into the slot. Close the front panel. The unit will automatically switch to SD mode and start to read the contents of the me...


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