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User manual SoundMax, model SM-CMMD7000

Manafacture: SoundMax
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manual abstract

LOC ON appears on the display and only local stations are available. When you turn it off both distance and local stations can be received. Note: The function is invalid in AM tuning. Selecting the Stored Station During radio mode, press ^/^ buttons on the RC or on the front panel to select the stored station upward/downward. MO/ST Selector During radio mode, you can press ST/AUDIO button on the remote control to select mono mode or stereo mode. Stereo reception is on when ST ON appears. It is switched to mono mode when ST OFF appears. Note: The function is available only in FM tuning. Scanning/Memorizing Stations Automatically During radio mode, you can press AMS/MENU button on the RC or AMS button on the monitor to scan each stored station for 5 seconds respectively which stored with Number Buttons (from 1 to 6). You can press the corresponding Number Buttons, AMS/MENU button on the RC or AMS button on the monitor when your desired station is on. And it starts playing that station. When you press and hold AMS/MENU button on the RC or AMS button on the monitor for more than 2 seconds, it will activate automatically memory-storing function. The tuner automatically selects a station and stores it by any one of the Number Buttons (from 1 to 6). To store the station press and hold number button for more than 2 seconds when listening. 19 Note: The unit can be stored up to 6 stations for each band. On Screen Display During radio mode, keep pressing OSD button on the remote control or DISP button on the front panel to display the current mode. RDS Setup 1. AF Press it to activate AF function. 2. TA Press it to activate TA function. 3. ^/▼ Press it to select PTY code. 4. PTY Press it to activate PTY function. 5. During PTY ON, press this button to search the playing track type. 6. Displays the RADIO TEXT of the RDS station. 7. PS: Display the current RDS station programs information. 8. SEEK+/SEEK- Press it to tune automatically. 9. PREV Press it to turn to "listening to the radio". 10. EQ Press it to select the corresponding preset modes to adjust the sound quality. 11. LOUD Press it to activate the LOUD function. 20 Alternative Frequencies Briefly press AF/EQ button to activate the auto searching station function. When AF is on, the RDS signal is week or there is no it at all, it will be found in the presetted frequencies and the whole bands. Traffic Alarm Briefly press TA/LOUD button activate the traffic alarm function. When AF is on, the TA displays on LCD, or else, if there is no TP information, the mode will search TP station automatically. The TA is green when it is played by a station, if not, it is white. When TA is playing, the volume will be adjusted to a TA level automatically. When other modes are activated (such as DVD,AUX), if a TA program is played the mode will skip to the RDS mode automatically. It will resume to the primary mode after the TA is over. Program Type Briefly press PTY/ANGLE button on the RC or PTY button on the monitor to activate PTY function. When PTY is on, PTY ON appears on the monitor, you can press UP/DOWN to select the program type, and then press PTY CODE to search the special program. And the monitor displays PTY SEARCH. If PTY is off, PTY OFF appears on the monitor, the searching is stopped. Note: RDS service availability varies with areas. Please understand if RDS service is not available in you area, the following service is not available, either. To activate this function enter RDS Menu by pressing TA/LOUD button on the Remote Control. 21 Disc operations Discs for playback • This unit can play disc types: DVD/DVD±R/DVD±RW/CD/CD-R/CD-RW • Compatible with formats: DVD/SVCD/VCD/CDDA/MP3/WMA/HDCD/ Picture-CD/JPEG • The following file types are supported: Audio files: MP3 (*.mp3) WMA (*.wma) Video files: MP4 (*.avi, DIVX3.11/4.0/5.0/6.0 and XVID) MPEG 2(*.vob) MPEG 1(*.dat) Picture file: JPEG (*.jpg) • ISO 9660 or ISO 9660 +Joliet format - Max. 30 characters • Max. Track number is 448 • Max. nested directory is 8 levels • The max. album number is 99 • The max. length of each track is 99 minutes 59 seconds • Supported sampling frequency for MP3 disc: 8 KHz - 48 KHz (44.1 KHz preferably) • Supported bit-rates of MP3 disc are: 32 - 320 kbps (128 kbps preferably). • Following formats are NOT supported *.ACC, *.DLF, *.M3U, *.PLS, MP3 PRO, files with DRM. • Open session discs are NOT supported. Note: Before performing any disc operations turn on the power of the unit. 22 DVD operations Glossary PBC (PlayBack Control) PlayBack Control is a menu recorded on the disc with SVCD or VCD2.0 format. For the discs contained PBC, it can playback interactive software with the menu displayed on TV. And if the disc contains still images, it can playback high definition of still image. Title The title is the important part of DVD disc. The memory volume of the disc is rather big, that makes possible to record several fil...


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