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User manual Sony, model CDX-GT500EE

Manafacture: Sony
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may damage the aerial. Notes on the control and power supply leads • The power aerial control lead (blue) supplies +12 V DC when you turn on the tuner. • When your car has built-in FM/AM aerial in the rear/side glass, connect the power aerial control lead (blue) or the accessory power input lead (red) to the power terminal of the existing aerial booster. For details, consult your dealer. • A power aerial without a relay box cannot be used with this unit. Memory hold connection When the yellow power input lead is connected, power will always be supplied to the memory circuit even when the ignition switch is turned off. Notes on speaker connection • Before connecting the speakers, turn the unit off. • Use speakers with an impedance of 4 to 8 ohms, and with adequate power handling capacities to avoid its damage. • Do not connect the speaker terminals to the car chassis, or connect the terminals of the right speakers with those of the left speaker. • Do not connect the earth lead of this unit to the negative (–) terminal of the speaker. • Do not attempt to connect the speakers in parallel. • Connect only passive speakers. Connecting active speakers (with built-in amplifi ers) to the speaker terminals may damage the unit. • To avoid a malfunction, do not use the built-in speaker leads installed in your car if the unit shares a common negative (–) lead for the right and left speakers. • Do not connect the unit’s speaker leads to each other. Note on connection If speaker and amplifi er are not connected correctly, “Failure” appears in the display. In this case, make sure the speaker and amplifi er are connected correctly. . . . . . 2 . CDX-GT500EE . 4 SUB OUT (MONO) AUDIO OUT REAR AUDIO OUT FRONT BUS AUDIO IN BUS CONTROL IN A B AMP REM Max. supply current 0.3 A Макс. сила тока 0,3 А Fuse (10 A) Предохранитель (10 А) Blue/white striped С синей и белой полосками . *2 Light blue Голубой Rear speaker Задний громкоговоритель Front speaker Передний громкоговоритель Active subwoofer Aктивный низкочacтотный гpомкоговоpитeль Power amplifi er Усилитель . . . from the car’s power connector от автомобильного разъема питания See “Power connection diagram” on the reverse side for details. Подpобнee cм. в paздeлe “Cxeмa подключeния питaния” нa обpaтной cтоpонe. Positions 1, 2, 3, and 6 do not have pins. Позиции 1, 2, 3 и 6 не имеют контактных штырьков. from the car’s speaker connector от автомобильного разъема громкоговорителя ATT Пpимeчaниe Пepeд ycтaновкой yбeдитecь, что фикcaтоpы по обeим cтоpонaм кpонштeйнa . зaгнyты внyтpь нa 2 мм. Ecли фикcaтоpы нaxодятcя в пpямом положeнии или выгнyты наружу, аппарат не удастся надежно установить, и он может выпасть. Пример подсоединения Примечания (.-A) • Прежде чем подключать аппарат к усилителю, обязательно подсоедините провод заземления. • Звуковой сигнал будет воспроизводиться только в том случае, ес...


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