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User manual Directed Electronics, model 6

Manafacture: Directed Electronics
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ALL UNITS RECEIVED BY DIRECTED FOR WARRANTY REPAIR WITHOUT PROOF OF DIRECTED DEALER INSTALLATION WILL BE COVERED BY THE LIMITED ONE-YEAR PARTS AND LABOR WARRANTY. Note: This warranty does not cover labor costs for the removal and reinstallation of the unit. BY PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT, THE CONSUMER AGREES AND CONSENTS THAT ALL DISPUTES BETWEEN THE CONSUMER AND Directed SHALL BE RESOLVED IN ACCORDANCE WITH CALIFORNIA LAWS IN SAN DIEGO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. © 2003 Directed Electronics, Inc FEATURES • Dual high-speed MOSFET switching power supplies and complimentary bipolar outputs. • Thermal, DC offset, reverse polarity, and short circuit protection. • Top-mounted controls easily accessed for system tuning. • Dual continuously variable 12 dB/octave two-way active crossovers (ch 1-6, RCA output). • Switchable 8 dB bass EQ function and optional remote subwoofer level control (ch 5-6). WARNING High-powered car audio systems may produce sound pressure levels that exceed the threshold at which hearing loss may result. • Two, four, and six channel input allows full access to source or processor output functions. • Summed stereo full-range RCA outputs with variable two-way crossover. • Gold-plated wire terminals and RCA connectors ensure maximum signal transfer. • Rugged one-piece extruded heat sink finished with injection-molded mounting feet. They may also impair a driver’s ability to hear traffic sounds or emergency vehicles. Use common sense and practice safe listening habits when listening to or adjusting your audio system. © 2003 Directed Electronics, Inc INSTALLATION GUIDELINES 1. Please read this owner’s manual carefully before installing this amplifier. 2. Disconnect the battery ground terminal prior to making any electrical connections. 3. Check for any hazards or obstructions such as gas tanks, fuel or brake lines, and wiring harnesses before mounting the amplifier. 4. Pick a mounting location that will provide adequate access and ventilation and protect the amplifier from heat, moisture, and dirt. 5. Avoid sharp metal areas when routing cables to the amplifier, and run RCA cables away from the power cables and other potentially noisy car harnesses. 6. The amplifier should be grounded with a short, heavy gauge wire connected directly to the car at a bare metal surface, preferably scraped body sheet metal. Do not use factory ground locations, seat bolts, or brackets that are spot welded. 7. Always fuse your power connection within 8 to 10 inches of the battery terminal. Use a fuse or circuit breaker rated slightly more than the on-board fuse(s) of the amplifier(s). The gauge of power wire used should take into account the total current draw of the system, and the length of wire used. IASCA and other auto sound competition organizations have charts available for this; you can also find a chart in the MECP study guide. Minimum wire gauge recommendations for the individual amplifiers are listed on the specification page. Always use the same gauge wire for the amplifier ground that you use for the power wire. Be sure to examine the battery ground cable of the vehicle, and if necessary, upgrade it by adding an additional ground wire that is the same gauge as the amplifier’s power wire. Remember, the amplifier can only deliver its rated output when it is not current limited by the power and ground supply wires. 8. This amplifier is designed to drive a speaker load that measures from 2 to 8 ohms. Keep in mind that heat is the long-term enemy of automotive electronics and the lower your © 2003 Directed Electronics, Inc speaker load, the more heat is generated. For low impedance speaker applications or restricted ventilation installations, an external cooling fan may be advisable. 9. Battery and ground connections to the vehicle should be made with crimped ring terminals of the appropriate size (surface area is what counts); soldering the terminals after crimping is also recommended. 10. Due to the high-frequency MOSFET switching power supply, filtering the power cable is not generally required (remember that the amp can’t deliver full output if the power supply is restricted). Proper grounding of the signal source is mandatory for the amplifier to reach its performance peak. If the RCA inputs are not grounded adequately via the signal source, electrical noise from the vehicle may be picked up in the system. © 2003 Directed Electronics, Inc FRONT PANEL CONNECTIONS/STATUS LED 1. R RRC CCA AA I IIn nnp ppu uut tt J JJa aac cck kks ss - --Accepts line level outputs from head units or signal processors at voltages between 150mV and 8 volts. 2. R RRC CCA AA O OOu uut ttp ppu uut tt J JJa aac cck kks ss - --These pass through RCA jacks can be used to send a signal to a second amplifier. It is the summed stereo output of the one through four channel inputs of the amplifier. 3. S SSt tta aat ttu uus ss L LLE EED DD - Lights GREEN to indicate the amplifier is on and operating normally, and will be off if the amplifier shuts do...

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