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User manual Philips, model AZ2025/14

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2 DIGITAL DYNAMIC BASS BOOST selects a more vivid bass response 3 ULTRA HIGH CLARITY - adjusts the treble tones 4 INCREDIBLE SURROUND - creates a super-enhanced stereo effect 5 VOLUME -to adjust volume level 6 POWER slider -selects the sound source for CD/ TUNER / TAPE and also the POWER OFF switch 7 OPEN•CLOSE - opens/ closes the CD door 8 CASSETTE RECORDER keys RECORD 0 - starts recording PLAY 1 - starts playback SEARCH 5/ 6 - fast winds/rewinds the tape STOP•OPEN 9/ -stops the tape; - opens the cassette compartment PAUSE ; - pauses recording or playback 9 BATT LOW - indicates when battery power is running low 0 PROGRAM - CD: programmes tracks and reviews the programme; Tuner: programmes preset radio stations ! PLAY PAUSE 2; - starts or pauses CD playback @ STOP 9 - stops CD playback; erases a CD programme # PRESET 4, 3 - selects a preset tuner station (down, up) $ CD MODE - selects different play modes: REPEAT or SHUFFLE (random) order % SEARCH ./ § Tuner: - (down, up) tunes to radio stations; CD: - searches back and forward within a track; -skips to the beginning of a current track/ previous/ later track ^ REMOTE SENSOR (for AZ 2025 model only)infrared sensor for remote control & BAND - selects waveband BACK PANEL * Telescopic aerial - improves FM reception ( AC MAINS - inlet for mains lead ) Battery compartment -for eight batteries, type R-20, UM-1 or D-cells REMOTE CONTROL (for AZ 2025 model only) 1 VOLUME 3,4– adjusts volume level 2 PRESET 3,4(up, down) – selects a preset radio station 3 TUNING ., §(down, up) – tunes to radio stations 4 SHUFFLE – to play CD tracks in random order 5 REPEAT – repeats a track/ CD programme/ entire CD 6 2; – starts and pauses CD playback/ interrupts CD playback 7 ., ™– skips to the beginning of a current track/ previous/ later track 8 STOP 9– stops CD playback or erases a CD programme 9 SEARCH 5, 6– searches backwards or forwards within a track/CD 4 POWER SUPPLY Whenever convenient, use the mains supply if you want to conserve battery life. Make sure you remove the mains plug from the set and wall socket before inserting batteries. BATTERIES (NOT INCLUDED) 1. Open the battery compartment and insert 8 batteries, type R-20, UM-1 or D-cells, (preferably alkaline) with the correct polarity as indicated by the "+" and "–" symbols inside the compartment. Remote control (supplied for AZ 2025 model only) Open the battery compartment and insert two batteries, type AAA, R03 or UM4 (preferably alkaline). 2. Replace the compartment door, making sure the batteries are firmly and correctly in place. The set is now ready to operate. – If BATT LOW lights up, battery power is running low. – The BATT LOW indicator eventually goes out if the batteries are too weak. Incorrect use of batteries can cause electrolyte leakage and will corrode the compartment or cause the batteries to burst. Therefore: • Do not mix battery types: e.g. alkaline with carbon zinc. Only use batteries of the same type for the set. • When inserting new batteries, do not try to mix old batteries with the new ones. • Remove the batteries if the set is not to be used for a long time. • Batteries contain chemical substances, so they should be disposed of properly. Using AC POWER 1. Check if the mains supply, as shown on the type plate located on the bottom of the set, corresponds to your local mains supply. If it does not, consult your dealer or service centre. 2. If your set is equipped with a voltage selector, adjust the selector so that it matches with the local mains. 3. Connect the mains lead to the wall socket and the set is now ready for use. 4. To disconnect the set from the mains supply completely, remove the mains plug from the wall socket. 8 x R20 • UM-1 • D-CELLS English 5 BASIC FUNCTIONS English Switching on and off • Adjust the POWER slider to the desired sound source: CD, TUNER or TAPE. • The set is switched off when the POWER slider is in the TAPE/OFF position and the keys on the tape deck are released. ™The volume, tone, sound settings and tuner presets will be retained in the set's memory. ™When switching off, may show briefly in the display if you have been using the CD or tuner function. PHILIPS demo mode 1. On the set, press the CD STOP 9 button for 5 seconds. ™PH..IL ..IPS and demo mode messages scroll across the display continuously. 2. To return to the current display you can either: • press any function button on the front panel. This interrupts the demo mode for 30 seconds; • press the CD STOP 9 button for 5 seconds. PH..IL ..IPS scrolls across the display once before the demo mode is cancelled. Adjusting volume and sound 1. Turn the VOLUME control clockwise to increase or anti- clockwise to decrease volume on the set. For AZ 2025 model only: Press VOLUME 3 or 4 on the remote control. ™Display shows the volume level VoL and a number from 0-32. 2. Press DIGITAL DYNAMIC BASS BOOST once or more to switch on or off. ™If on, indicator 1 lights up. Press again if you want extra bass and indicator 2 lig...


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