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User manual Vitek, model VT-3534

Manafacture: Vitek
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manual abstract

Please take the time to read and understand this manual so you can begin to enjoy the convenience and features this product has to offer. FEATURES Main Display Unit: • 12/ 24 hour clock and alarm • local temperature display • receives and displays temperature readings from up to 4 remote transmitter via RF technology of 433MHz • minimum and maximum temperature record • high/ low temperature alarm function • temperature trend indicator • user-selectable °C or °F • backlight illumination • battery type: 2 x AA VT-3534 receiver -e- Remote Transmitter VT-3534 drip-proof design with LCD socket of external sensor probe temperature display in user-selectable °C or °F transmission range: up to 40 meters in open area battery type: 2 x AA size VT-3534 transmitter 2 3 534.qxd 22.09.2004 15:22 P. 3 ENGLISH button placement -Q- GETTING STARTED 1. CHANNEL/WEEKDAY - scrolls through remote channels 1-4; scrolls through weekday 2. ALARM/(C/F) - toggles between C and F; 12 and 24 hour format, turns alarm on/off; clears temperature alarm presets 3. SNOOZE/MODE - scrolls through time, weekday, language, time zone, alarm and temperature alarm set points (high/low); activates alarm snooze 4. HOUR/MONTH/MAX/+ - scrolls through hours, months and languages; shows maximum temperature 5. MINUTE/DAY/MIN/- - scrolls through minutes, days and languages; show minimum temperature 6. R - reset the receiver 7. SET: enter to House code and Channel setting mode 8. C/F: change between C or F, change channel and house code 9. Battery compartment 10.Socket for external sensor probe. 11. Wall Mount Holder & Table Stand 12. LCD display 3 3 534.qxd 22.09.2004 15:22 P. 4 ENGLISH -e- cH SETTING UP SETTING UP TRANSMITTER(S) • Set up the transmitter(s) before setting up the receiver 1. Remove battery cover and insert batteries to start setup 2 AA size batteries (included) Insert batteries into compartment observing proper polarity 2. HOUSE CODE will flash for 8 seconds 3. Select HOUSE CODE (1-15) by pressing C/F and pressing SET to CHANNEL setting If you have multiple transmitters for a single receiver, set each transmitter to the same House code 4. CHANNEL will flash for 8 seconds 5. Select CHANNEL (1-4) by pressing C/F If you have multiple transmitters for a single receiver, set each transmitter to a different Channel code 6. Humidity & Temperature will alternatively display on LCD _ screen 7. Select °C or °F of Temperature by pressing C/F • Use a different house code if your weather station detects other signals from neighboring sources • Factory default: house code = 01 and channel = 01 <2) (?) (6) 0/h -e- SETTING UP RECEIVER 1. Remove battery cover 2. 2 AA size batteries (included) 3. Insert batteries into compartment, observing proper polarity; replace cover REPLACING BATTERIES: y symbol on receiver will appear when batteries need to be changed. Transmitter: Lo bat will be displayed 4 3 534.qxd 22.09.2004 15:22 P. 5 ENGLISH CLOCK/DATE/LANGUAGE SETTING Clock Setting: i. Press and hold MODE for 3 seconds to enter the clock setting mode (the Clock display will flash) ii. Press HOUR to set the hour and MINUTE to set the minute iii. Press ALARM/(C/F) during clock setting, to change between 12 and 24 hour display. Date Setting: iV. Press MODE or enter the date setting V. Press MONTH to set the month, press DAY to set the day and press WEEKDAY to set the weekday Language Setting: Vi. Press MODE or enter the language setting Vii.Press + or - to select the language for displaying day of the week: -“ ” German -“ ” English -“ ” French -“ ” Italian Time Zone Setting: Viii. Press MODE or enter the time zone setting iX. Press + or - set the value X. Press MODE or complete the setting 3534.qxd 22.09.2004 15:22 P. ALARM SETTING ENGLISH i. Select Alarm 1 ( & 1) or Alarm 2 ( & 2) by pressing MODE ii. Press HOUR to set the hour and MINUTE to set the minute iii. Press ALARM/(C/F) to enable or disable the alarm function r KZ r L XX I • The alarm clock is last for 2 minutes and will be repeated 5 minutes later when MODE/SNOOZE key is pressed. SETUP Automatic Learn Function: 1. Learn function executes automatically and runs for approximately 3 minutes when batteries are first installed in the receiver. 2. Within these 3 minutes, receiver picks up the temperature & humidity signals from remote transmitter and displays the readings. l: Manual-Learn (Searching for Remote Signals): If a new remote transmitter is added or if signal is lost (outdoor display blinking), learn function must be executed again. 1. Press & hold CHANNEL for 3 seconds to start. 2. Beep sound indicates that learn function has started. 3. Channel symbol will flash and unit will beep as each remote sensor is detected. 4. Temperature readings of remote transmitter displays on the receiver. 6 #>■ o ° o Û POE? mo as w- -e- 6 3 534.qxd 22.09.2004 15:22 P. 7 ENGLISH zoo; BBS* WEATHER DISPL...


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