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User manual Vitek, model VT-3537 SR

Manafacture: Vitek
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File name: Vitek-VT-3537_SR-Pdf-Rus.Pdf
Language of manual:ruukende
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manual abstract

qxd 14.07.05 9:18 P, ENGLISH LCD DISPLAY 1. TIME 2. MONTH 3. DATE 4. DAY 5. TEMPERATURE 2 3 53 7new. qxd 14.07.05 9:18 P, ENGLISH MULTI-FUNCTIONAL ALARM CLOCK User Manual Please, read these instructions and keep it for future reference. DEVICE DESCRIPTION: • Large LED Display • Display of hours, minutes, seconds, date, weekday, month, year. • 12/24 hours format. • Display of weekday in 5 languages. • Display of air temperature in Celsius/Fahrenheit • Power supply - 2 xx AAA batteries (1.5V) • Sound alarm signal, LED display back light. SWITCH AND BUTTONS The device has one switch, located at the back panel of the device, and 4 buttons, which perform the following functions: SWITCH (6) - located at the back panel • Alarm setting • Data setting • Time setting • Alarm clock turning on/off MONTH/HOUR/12/24 Button (2) • Increasing months count when setting the time. • Increasing hours count when setting the time. • Switching between 12/24 hours formats. DATE/MINUTE/LANGUAGE BUTTON (3) • Increasing data count when setting the data. • Increasing minutes count when setting the time. • Selecting the language for the weekday 3 3 53 7new. qxd 14.07.05 9:18 P, ENGLISH YEAR/’ C/’ F BUTTON (4) • Increasing years count when setting the time. • Switching temperature display between Celsius/Fahrenheit scales. ALARM ON/OFF BUTTON (5) • Alarm clock turning on/off INSERTING/REPLACING BATTERIES Two AAA batteries are used to power the clock. When the LED-display becomes dim, the batteries should be replaced. To insert or replace batteries, perform the following steps: 1. Replace the battery compartment lid. 2. Inset the AAA batteries into the battery compartment, observing the polarities. 3. Close the compartment. CALENDAR SETTING • Set the switch on the back panel into the DATE SET position. • Year, month and date digits will flash. • Press the YEAR button to set the year. • Press the MONTH button to set the month. • Press the DATE button to set the current date. • Set the switch into the LOCK position. SETTING WEEKDAY LANGUAGE • In usual time display mode, press and hold the LANGUAGE button for 3 seconds. • Press the LANGUAGE button to set the language for the weekday, for example ENG, SPN, FRA, GER, ITA. • Set the switch into the LOCK position. BBS -V itrUElal 0® -7/1 IHiEBc'36 SEES 5; | (kiplflE Dnrn luuj* »■ip. IU IU n


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