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User manual Vitek, model VT-3540 GY

Manafacture: Vitek
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manual abstract

The multi-functional clock can store the readings of minimum and maximum temperatures. Data transfer from the remote temperature sensor-transmitter is performed at 344 MHz. The multi-functional clock has a LED display with 5 languages and two alarm-clocks -main and one-time alarm. DESCRIPTION: MULTI-FUNCTIONAL CLOCK (see page 3) A. LED DISPLAY Displays temperature readings inside the room and in the remote measurement areas, also the calendar readings. B. CHANNEL BUTTON Switches between the data reception channels from the remote temperature sensors. C. MEMORY BUTTON Displays data on maximum and minimum temperatures received from the main and remote temperature sensors. D. MODE BUTTON Switches between the work modes of the device and confirms the input settings. E. ALARM ON/OFF BUTTON Displays the alarm-clock set time, allows to set the alarm-clock time. F. SNOOZE/LIGHT BUTTON Activates the Snooze function and the LED display lighting. G. WALL MOUNT OPENING H. UP BUTTON Changing the settings. I. DOWN BUTTON Changing the settings. J. BATTERY COMPARTMENT To install UM3 or AA size batteries. K. REMOVABLE TABLE STAND Should be detached when mounting the alarm clock onto the wall. 4 3 54 0.qxd 13.07.05 17:50 Pag- ENGLISH DESCRIPTION: REMOTE TEMPERATURE SENSOR (see page 3) A. LED INDICATOR Flashes once when the device transmits data. Flashes twice when batteries should be replaced. B. BATTERY COMPARTMENT 2 x AA size batteries should be inserted. C. RESET BUTTON Resets the device settings to the original factory settings. D. CHANNEL BUTTON You should select the data transmission channel before inserting batteries into the battery compartment. E. WALL MOUNT APERTURE F. CELCIUS/FAHRENHEIT SWITCH BUTTON GETTING STARTED For the device to work properly: 1. Using the CHANNEL switch, select the data transfer channel, then insert batteries into battery compartment. 2. Place the remote temperature sensor within the data transfer distance, as close as possible to the clock body. 3. Position the multi-functional clock and the remote temperature sensor in places with minimum interference noise for better data transfer. Take into account that the data transfer distance of the remote temperature sensortransmitter (usually 10-15 m) depends on the material of walls in the building and their quantity. Try several variants of placing the clock. Despite the remote temperature sensor is weatherproof, it must be placed away from the direct sunlight, rain or snow. Inserting Batteries: Remote Temperature Sensor 1. Turn off the screws on the battery compartment cover. 2. Select the data transfer channel using the CHANNEL switch. 3. Insert 2 x UM-3/AA size batteries 1.5V, observing the polarities. 4. Replace the battery compartment cover and turn up the screws. Inserting Batteries: Multi-functional Clock 1. Open the battery compartment cover. 2. Insert 2 x UM-3/AA size 1.5V batteries, observing the polarities. 3. Replace the battery compartment cover. 5 3540.qxd 13.07.05 17:50 Pag- ENGLISH Replacing Batteries Replace batteries when the battery discharge indication appears or the device work becomes unstable. Wall Mount Apertures and Table Stand The multi-functional clock set includes a detachable table stand for placing the clock on a flat surface. To attach the device to the wall, use the aperture on the back panel of the clock. The Clock Operation The remote temperature sensor-transmitter starts transmitting the temperature data with 45 second intervals (right after the batteries are installed). The multi-functional clock starts accepting the signals from the remote temperature sensor within two minutes (after the batteries are installed). After receiving the data from the remote temperature sensor-transmitter, the inside temperature reading will be displayed on the upper line of the display, and the outside temperature reading - on the next line. The multi-functional clock will automatically renew the temperature reading in 45 second interval. If the signal from the remote temperature sensor is not received, the ”--” sign will be shown on the upper line of the display. To activate the repeated signal search, press the DOWN ▼ button and hold it for two seconds. Perform this operation when the clock has failed to accept data from the remote temperature sensor-transmitter. Display Symbols The multi-functional clock is working in the data signal search mode. • • The temperature data are registered. The signal from the remote temperature sensor is not received. 'C Temperature Readings The temperature inside the room is displayed on the upper second line of the display. The outside air temperature is displayed on the upper line. The ^ sign in the left of the upper line indicates searching/accepting the signal from the remote temperature 3540.qxd 13.07.05 17:50 Pag- ENGLISH sensor-transmitter (each 45 seconds). If the signal form the remote temperature sensor is not recei...


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