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User manual Casio, model 2330-1

Manafacture: Casio
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· If you do not perform any operation for a few minutes while a setting screen (with flashing digits) is on the display, the watch automatically exits the setting screen. Timekeeping Mode Countdown Alarm Mode Day Counter Mode Alarm Mode Press B. TIMEKEEPING MODE · Pressing C in the Timekeeping Mode illuminates the display for about two seconds. The backlight is disabled while a setting screen is on the display. · When using 12-hour timekeeping, a P appears on the display for “pm” times (noon to 11:59 pm). An “am” time (midnight to 11:59 am) is indicated when there is no P indicator on the display. 24-hour timekeeping is being used when the 24 indicator is on the display. Minute hand Hour hand PM indicator Second hand Hour : Minutes Month Day of week Day To set the time and date 1. While in the Timekeeping Mode, hold down A until the seconds digits appear and flash on the display. This indicates the setting screen. 24indicator 2. Press B to move the flashing in the sequence shown below. Press B. Seconds Day DST Hour Minutes Year 12/24Month 3. While the seconds setting is selected (flashing), press C to reset it to 00. · If you press C while the seconds setting is in the range of 30 to 59, the seconds are reset to 00 and 1 is added to the minutes. If the seconds setting is in the range of 00 to 29, the minutes count is unchanged. · While the DST* (Daylight Saving Time) setting is selected, press C to toggle it on and off. DSTindicator 2 DSTindicator 2 DSTindicator 1 DSTindicator 1 Press C. DST OFF DST ON . Daylight Saving Time (DST), which is also sometimes called “summer time” advances the time for one hour, as is the custom in some areas during the summer. Remember that not all countries or even local areas use Daylight Saving Time. · DST indicator 1 flashes while the DST setting is selected. It also appears in the Timekeeping Mode and Alarm Mode to indicate that DST is turned on. DST indicator 1 does not appear in the Timekeeping Mode when DST is turned off. · DST indicator 2 appears (flashing) only while the DST setting is selected on the setting screen. 0 indicates that DST is turned off, while 1 indicates that DST is turned on. · While the 12/24 setting is selected, press C to toggle it between 12-hour and 24hour timekeeping. 4. While any other digits are selected (flashing), press C to increase the selected digits. Holding down changes them at high speed. 5. After you make the settings you want, press A to exit the setting screen. · The day of the week is automatically set in accordance with the date. · The date can be set within the range of January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2039. · When setting the year, you need to specify only the rightmost two digits. To specify the year 2001, for example, set 01. To set the hands When the analog setting does not match the time shown on the display, use the following procedure to correct the analog setting. 1. When the second hand reaches the 12 o’clock position (00 seconds), pull out the crown to stop the second hand. 2. Hold down A until the seconds digits appear and flash on the display. 3. Rotate the crown to set the hour and minutes. 4. When the seconds count on the digital display reaches 00, press in the crown to restart the second hand. 5. Press A to exit the setting screen. ABOUT THE BACKLIGHT About the Auto Light Switch Function When the auto light switch function is turned on, the backlight automatically turns on for two seconds under the conditions described below. Avoid wearing the watch on the inside of your wrist. Doing so causes the auto light switch to operate when not needed, which shortens battery life. Moving the watch to a position that is parallel to the ground and then tilting it towards you approximately 40 degrees causes the backlight to illuminate. 40° Parallel to ground · The backlight may not illuminate if the face of the watch is more than 15 degrees off parallel to the left or right. Make sure that the back of your hand is parallel to the ground. Parallel to ground More than 15 degrees More than 15 degrees too high too low · Static electricity or magnetic force can interfere with proper operation of the auto light switch function. If the backlight does not illuminate, try moving the watch back to the starting position (parallel with the ground) and then tilt it back toward you again. If this does not work, drop your arm all the way down so it hangs at your side, and then bring it back up again. · Under certain conditions the backlight may not light until about one second or less after turn the face of the watch towards you. This does not necessarily indicate malfunction of the backlight. To switch the auto light switch function on and off In the Timekeeping Mode (except when making any settings), hold down C for two seconds to turn the auto light switch function on and off. Auto light switch indicator Hold down C. ON OFF · The auto light switch indicator is shown on the display in all modes while the auto light switch function is on. · ...

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