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User manual Century, model PM-1646AA

Manafacture: Century
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manual abstract

• Discontinue use of changer if infant can push up on hands and knees or sit unassisted. • DO NOT carry changer with infant in it. 1 Lay changer on flat surface. 2 Grasp middle of each long side and gently pull apart until short Triangular T-Fitting sides “click” and lock in place. Tab NOTE: Make sure changer sides are fully extended and locked. 3 With vinyl side facing up, insert two (2) “T-Fittings” on changer into “T-Slots” in bassinet and push down to secure. 4 Push Triangular Tabs into TriangularHoles in Playard corners. 5 Secure changer to Playard: • Pass Attachment Strap through opening in corner of side panel of Playard. • Fasten strap to outside of Playard. Repeat for other strap. 6 Place storage pocket flap over side of Playard. NOTE: DO NOT place supplies weighing more than 2.3 kg (5 lbs.) in storage pocket. Changer is now ready for use. 1 Lay canopy on flat surface. 2 Unfold rods and insert fiber glass ends into aluminum ends. NOTE: There are three (3) sections of each rod that must be extended. 3 Slide rod completely into canopy fabric. Repeat for other rod. 4 Pull end of Sleeve over rod and release rod. Repeat for other rod. 5 Set canopy over Playard and insert canopy tabs into curved slots of Playard corners. 6 Secure canopy bottom around Playard corners using Attachment Strips. ASSEMBLY and USE continued 6 Triangular Hole T-Fitting T-Slot Triangular Tab Canopy WARNING Avoid serious injury or death: Temperature inside Playard with canopy can be higher than outside: • DO NOT cover mesh. Keep well ventilated. • Keep out of direct sun. • Remove child from Playard before child becomes overheated. Canopy can only be used with Playard. DO NOT use canopy when using bassinet or changer. Attachment Strips Sleeve Attachment Strap 1 Unfasten both attachment straps. 2 Remove bassinet from Playard. 3 Remove floorboard from bassinet. 4 Press release buttons on each hook and push hook into larger tube. 5 Rotate hooks to center of bassinet. FOLDING and STORING 7 Bassinet 1 Unfasten attachment straps. 2 Unhook “T-Fittings” from “T-Slots” by pulling up slightly on long side closest to bassinet, then pull changer away from bassinet. 3 Grasp short sides and feel for release buttons in center of short sides. Changer 1 Unfasten attachment strips, pull canopy tabs out of corners and lift canopy up and away from Playard. 2 Remove rods from canopy. 3 Pull rods apart and fold. NOTE: Rods are NOT a play toy! Keep out of reach of children. Store in pocket of travel bag. 4 Fold canopy. 5 Place canopy and rods in pocket of travel bag. Canopy 4 Press buttons on each side and push closed. 5 Place changer in pocket of travel bag. 4 Gather Playard frame together while pulling up on Floor Loop. 5 Wrap floorboard around Playard frame with padding facing in. NOTE: Floorboard Handle MUST be aligned with wheels as shown. 6 Secure Attachment Straps by threading through loops on end of floorboard and folding back onto itself. NOTE: Make sure floorboard is positioned above wheels. 7 Position travel bag over Playard so Handle comes through Opening in side of bag. Pull travel bag over Playard. Pull Floor Loop through opening on top of travel bag. NOTE: To prevent rubbing, make sure travel bag is positioned above wheels. 6 Fold bassinet. 7 Place bassinet in pocket of travel bag. IMPORTANT: If continuing to use Playard, be sure to properly secure floorboard in Playard. 1 To remove floorboard: • Unfasten attachment straps. • Remove floorboard and set aside. 2 Lift Floor Handle, rotate counterclockwise to unlock floor and pull up, approximately 45.7 cm (18 inches). 3 To fold top rails: • Pull up on top rail slightly. • Squeeze Release Button on bottom of top rail and push rail down. (Release buttons are identified by printed arrows.) Repeat for other sides. NOTE: • If rails are difficult to unlock, raise center of floor higher and squeeze Release Button again. • If only one side of rail folds, squeeze Release Button again to fully fold. FOLDING and STORING continued 8 Playard Release Button Floor Handle Handle Attachment Straps Floor Loop Handle Opening Floor Loop MAINTENANCE Cleaning Playard, Bassinet, Changer, Canopy, Floorboard and Travel Bag • Surface wash with mild detergent and water, air dry. • Quickly clean up any spills with warm soapy water. REPLACEMENT PARTS Parts List (Model 10-761-XXX-01) Price Quantity Total A. Travel Bag US $ 10.00 x _____ = $ ______ (CAN $ 15.50) B. Padded Floorboard US $ 25.00 x _____ = $ ______ (CAN $ 38.75) C. Instruction Manual FREE x _____ = FREE Total Parts $ ______ NOTE: Prices subject to change. REPLACEMENT PARTS ORDER FORM Total Parts $ Sales Tax $ Shipping & Handling $ Outside Continental USA $ Total $ We must have this information to process your order: see label on bottom tubing of Playard. Model No.: Manufacture Date: Please make checks payable to CENTURY PRODUCTS or charge to VISA, MASTERCARD or DISCOVER. Orders outside USA Must use credit card. Cardholder’s Name: Card Number: Sales Tax • Cali...


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