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User manual Peg-Perego, model ARIA TWIN 60-40

Manafacture: Peg-Perego
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File name: ARIATWIN_60-40_FINA0901I85.pdf
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manual abstract

ES _ Repuestos disponibles en otros colores que se especificaran en el pedido. FR _ Pieces de rechange disponibles en plusieurs couleurs a specifier dans la demande. EN_English Thank you for choosing a Peg-Perego product. WARNING _ IMPORTANT: READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND KEEP THEM FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS COULD PUT THE CHILD’S SAFETY AT RISK. _ THIS PRODUCT IS DESIGNED FOR CHILDREN WHOSE MAXIMUM WEIGHT IS 45 POUNDS (20 KG) AND WHOSE MAXIMUM HEIGHT IS 43 INCHES (110 CM). THIS SHOPPER BASKET IS DESIGNED TO CARRY A MAXIMUM WEIGHT OF 11 POUNDS (5 KG). ANY CUPHOLDER EVENTUALLY PROVIDED WITH THIS UNIT IS DESIGNED TO CARRY A MAXIMUM WEIGHT SPECIFIED ON THE CUPHOLDER ITSELF. ANY POACH OR POCKET PROVIDED WITH THIS UNIT IS DESIGNED TO CARRY A MAXIMUM WEIGHT OF 0.44 POUNDS (0.2 KG). _ FAILURE TO FOLLOW MANUFACTURER’S SPECIFICATIONS OR USE OF ACCESSORIES OTHER THAN THOSE APPROVED BY THE MANUFACTURER MAY CAUSE THE UNIT TO BECOME UNSTABLE. _ AVOID SERIOUS INJURY FROM FALLING OR SLIDING OUT. ALWAYS USE COMPLETE 5 POINT SEAT BELT. _ NEVER LEAVE YOUR CHILD UNATTENDED. _ ALWAYS USE ALL THE BRAKES WHENEVER PARKED. _ TO AVOID SERIOUS INJURY, WHEN MAKING ADJUSTMENTS ENSURE THE CHILD’S BODY IS CLEAR OF ALL MOVING PARTS. _ ALL OPERATING AND ASSEMBLY PROCEDURES SHOULD BE PERFORMED BY AN ADULT. _ DO NOT LIFT THE STROLLER BY GRIPPING THE FRONT BAR. THE FRONT BAR IS NOT DESIGNED TO WITHSTAND LOADS. _ ENSURE THAT THE STROLLER IS OPENED CORRECTLY AND LOCKED IN POSITION OF USE. _ CHECK TO MAKE SURE THAT THE CAR SEAT OR THE BABY CARRIAGE IS CORRECTLY FASTENED TO THE STROLLER (WHERE APPLICABLE). _ DO NOT DRIVE THIS PRODUCT AROUND STAIRS OR STEPS; CARE MUST BE TAKEN IF UNIT IS USED ON STAIRS OR ESCALATORS. _ DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT IF IT HAS BROKEN OR MISSING PARTS. _ DO NOT USE NEAR FIRE OR EXPOSED FLAME. _ NOTICE: THIS ARTICLE MEETS OR EXCEEDS ALL REQUIREMENTS COVERED IN ASTM F833 STANDARD AND LATEST REVISIONS. INSTRUCTIONS 1 OPENING: to open the stroller, simultaneously release the two fasteners (fig_a) and firmly lift the handlebar (fig_b), before pushing it down until the final click (fig_c). 2 FRONT BAR-CHILD TRAY: insert the front bars (fig_a). The front bar and child tray are independent, to meet the needs of any child; it is possible to open one at a time or remove one. To open the front bar-child tray on one side only, push the button and pivot the front bar outwards (fig_b). To remove the front bar- child tray, first push the central button and simultaneously lift the front bar; next push the side button and simultaneously pull out the front bar (fig_c). Do not place hot drinks on the front bar-child tray as this could be dangerous. 3 HOODS: the hoods are independent. One or both may be lowered at any one time. Insert the hood clips into the appropriate housing (fig_a), button the hoods to the rear of the backrests (fig_b) and open by pulling forward (fig_c). To remove the hoods, push the side buttons and simultaneously slip the hood upwards (fig_d). 4 CUP-HOLDER: to attach the cup-holder to the centre of the handlebar, place it in the appropriate housing, as in the figure. 5 BRAKE: Press down on the brake lever situated on the rear wheel unit to set the brake on the stroller. Lift the lever to release the brake. Always set the brake when the stroller is at a standstill. 6 5-POINT SAFETY HARNESS: to fasten, insert the two waist strap buckles (with shoulder - 11 straps attached) into the leg divider strap until you hear a click (fig_a). To release, press the sides of the buckle and simultaneously pull the waist strap outwards (fig_b). 7 To put on the safety harness, insert the strap adjuster into the slot in the backrest (fig_a) and remove it after fastening the harness to allow the child to move freely (fig_b). Place the strap adjuster just beneath child’s shoulder level so the shoulder straps do not slide off (fig_c). To tighten the waist strap, pull in the direction of the arrow on both sides (fig_d). To loosen it do the opposite. The waist strap may be tightened up to the safety stop (fig_e). 8 BACKREST ADJUSTMENT: to recline the backrest, lower the backrest adjuster (fig_a) and simultaneously push the backrest down (fig_b). To lift the backrest, push the backrest adjuster up. 9 SWIVEL WHEELS: to make the front wheels swivel, lower the lever (fig_a). To fix them in place, lift the lever (fig_b). 10 BASKET REPLACEMENT: Should the basket need to be replaced, fasten it to the clips at the front (fig_a) and button it to the rear (fig_b). 11 WHEEL REMOVAL: the stroller wheels may be removed. To remove the front wheels, turn them to swivel position, push the levers (fig_a) and simultaneously push the wheel downwards until it is released (fig_b). 12 To remove the rear wheels, press the button (fig_a) and at the same time push the wheels down until they come off (fig_b). 13 FOLDING: before folding the stroller, close the hoods (if attached). To fold the stroller, lift the buttons on the sides...


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