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User manual Trane, model RTHD

Manafacture: Trane
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manual abstract

The introduction of this next-generation chiller an exciting step forward in application versatility, ease of installation, control precision, reliability, energy- efficiency, and operational cost-effectiveness. The new RTHD chiller is designed to deliver proven Series R performance, plus all the benefits of an advanced heat transfer design and a low- speed, direct-drive compressor. Important Design Advances and New Features Major design advances include: • Higher full-load energy efficiency reduces both operating and life-cycle costs. • CH530 controls enable: -scrolling access to inputs and operating information via the LCD touch-screen display; -freedom from interoperability concerns with LonMark communications; -job-specific communication options that allow greater reporting flexibility. • Improved startup temperature capabilities and reduced sensitivity to condenser water temperatures alleviate the most common startup concerns. • Removed Liquid Vapor Separator, providing lighter unit weight and simplified refrigerant piping, for less expensive handling, separation, and installation. The industrial-grade design of the Series R helical rotary chiller is ideal for both industrial and commercial markets, in applications such as office buildings, hospitals, schools, retail buildings, and industrial facilities. The linear unloading compressor, wide operating temperature range, advanced controls, electronic expansion valve, short anti-recycle timers, and industry-leading efficiencies mean that this latest Trane Series R chiller is the perfect choice for tight temperature control in almost any application temperatures, and under widely varying loads. © 2004 American Standard Inc. All rights reserved. RLC-PRC020-EN Contents Introduction Features and Benefits Options Controls Application Considerations Selection Procedure Model Nomenclature General Data Electrical Data and Connections Dimensions and Weights Mechanical Specifications Conversion Table RLC-PRC020-EN Application Versatility and High Performance • Screw compressor technology and the electronic expansion valve provide reliable performance in an expanded range of operating temperatures. •Tight water temperature control extends to operation of multiple chillers in parallel or series configurations, offering further system design flexibility for maximum efficiency. • Advanced design enables chilled water temperature control to +/- 0.5°F (.28°C) for flow changes up to 10 percent per minute, plus handling of flow changes up to 30 percent per minute for comfort cooling. •Two-minute stop-to-start and five-minute start-to-start anti-recycle timer allows tight chilled water temperature control in constant or transient low-load applications. • LonMark communications capability provides excellent, trouble-free interoperability. Applications in this catalog specifically excluded from the ARI certification program are: • Low temperature applications, including ice storage • Glycol • 50Hz units below 200 nominal tons Features and Benefits • Generic Building Automation System points are available for easy access to operational information. • Extensive information on professional design selection and layout is available in a simple, highly readable electronic format. • Standard model RTHD configurations are in stock and available for immediate delivery, and Trane offers the fastest ship cycles in the industry for built-toorder units. • Industrial / LowTemperature Process Cooling – Excellent operating temperature range and precise control capabilities enable tight control with single chiller or series configuration. • Ice/Thermal Storage – Specifiers and operators benefit from dual setpoint control and industry-leading temperature, efficiency, and control capabilities, plus outstanding support through partnership with Calmac, a strong Trane partner providing proven installation examples, templates, and references that minimize design time and energy costs. • Heat Recovery – Maximum condenser temperature exceeds those of previous technologies, providing hot water and tight control that minimizes operating costs for the chilled water plant and boiler/hot water heater, and consistent dehumidification. Simple, Economical Installation • Compact size makes the model RTHD well suited for the retrofit and replacement market. • All units fit through standard double- width doors. • Bolt-together construction makes for fast, easy unit disassembly. • Small RTHD footprint saves valuable equipment room space and alleviates access concerns for most retrofit jobs. • Lightweight design simplifies rigging requirements, further reducing installation time requirements and costs. • Full factory refrigerant or nitrogen and oil charges reduce required field labor, materials, and installation cost. • Only evaporator and condenser water piping is required; no starter water cooling (with its associated safety concerns) or field piping is necessary. • Oil cooler and purge system connections have...


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