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User manual LG, model FBD103

Manafacture: LG
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.. or > >> ) SKIP/ SCAN (Press and hold the key ) - CD buttons • B BB/ ]] (PLAY/PAUSE) - DISPLAY MODE Press and hold about 3 second B BB/ ]] (page 13) • x STOP button - DEMO (page 13) • XDSS ( MP3 Optimizer) Reinforce the treble, bass and surround effect,XDSS ON will show in the display, press again for NORMAL. (Page 13) • USB Rec. USB DIRECT RECORDING (Page 19) Hooking up the unit - I MONITOR OUT / OUT PUT(COMPONENT VIDEO /PROGRESSIVE SCAN) connections SPEAKERS MONITOR jack connection Connect the VIDEO jack on the unit to the corresponding input jacks on your TV using a Video cable. OUT PUT (COMPONENT VIDEO) jacks connection Connect one end of the component(Y PB PR) cable to the COMPONENT VIDEO jack on the unit and other end to the COMPONENT INPUT jack on your TV. DVD Mini Hi-Fi System ] USER GUIDE Hooking up the unit -II (Optional) Antenna connection SCART connection- Optional aConnect one end of the scart Fit the AM loop aerial to its stand Connect the AM loop aerial to the player. Connect the FM aerial The reception will be at its best when the two loose ends of the aerial are in a straight line and horizontal. DVD Mini Hi-Fi System ] USER GUIDE cable into the TO TV SCART jack on the unit and other end to the corresponding in jack on your TV. You can get Audio and Video signals together with this connection. (In DVD/USB function, you can hear to set speaker only.) b Plug the power cord into the power source. Remote control abcd a. • POWER : Switches the unit ON or OFF. MUTE : Press MUTE to mute your unit. For example, to answer the telephone. FUNCTION : (DVD/CD> FM> AM) INPUT : Changes the input source (USB > TV -AUDIO (Optional) > PORTABLE) SLEEP : You can set the unit to turn off automatically at a speci fied time. - DIMMER Dims the LED (Light-emitting diode) of front panel by half in power-on status. RETURN ( O): Press to move back wards in the menu. EQ ( EQUALIZER Effect) : You can choose 7 fixed sound impressions.(page 13) VSM : Press VSM to set the VIRTUAL sound.(page 13) 0-9 numerical buttons: Selects numbered options in a menu. b. • ECHO VOL.( V / v ): Adjusts echo volume (Optional) MIC VOL.( V / v ): Adjusts microphone volume (Optional) SETUP : Accesses or removes setup menu MENU : Accesses the menu on a DVD disc. DISPLAY: Accesses On-Screen Display. TITLE : If the current DVD title has a menu, the title menu appears on the screen. Otherwise, the disc menu may appear. b / B / v / V (left/right/up/down): Used to navigate on- screen displays. SELECT/ENTER : Acknowledges menu selection. PRESET(-/+) ( V/v) : Selects programme of Radio. TUN.(-/+) ( b/B): Tunes in the desired radio station. c. • PLAY (N): Starts playback. - 1.5 speed playback The 1.5 speed allows you to watch the pictures and listen to the sound quicker than playing at a normal speed on the disc.- (page 14) - MONO/STEREO FM mode state,selects MONO or STEREO by pressing play button STOP ( x): Stops playback or recording. PAUSE/STEP( X): Pause playback. REC (z) : USB DIRECT RECORDING This function enable you to record music to a connected USB storage device from any other source (Audio CD) ( page19) - SCAN (-/+)( bb/ BB) : Search backward or forward. - SKIP (-/+)( . .. / > >> ): Go to next or previous chapter/ track/Title. PROG./MEMO. : Accesses or removes Program menu. VOLUME (+/-) : Adjusts speaker volume. d. • REPEAT : Repeats a Chapter/ Track/ Title all. CLEAR: Removes a track number on the Program List. S-TITLE: During playback, S - TITLE repeatedly to select a desired subtitle language . VOCAL FADER (Optional) : You can enjoy the function as karaoke, by reducing singer vocal of music in the various source (MP3/WMA/CD or media encoded with Dolby Digital etc.) except for Karaoke mode. (Page 13 ) RDS (optional) : Radio display mode PTY (optional) : Views the various displays of the RDS. DVD Mini Hi-Fi System ] USER GUIDE OSD Initial language setting (Optional) After factory setting ,this beginning menu language will only be displayed at After factory setting ,this beginning menu language will only be displayed at DVD or USB mode if you turn on the power at the first time. 1. Turn the power on: Appear the language list display window 2. Select the language : 3. Press: 4.To confirm press: ON PLAYER ON REMOTE Initial Setting the Area Code (Optional) ON REMOTE After factory setting ,To set the Area code you have to as below. 11STANDBY/ON 11POWER vvVVbB SELECT/ENTER SELECT/ENTER 1. Display setup menu: 2. Select LOCK menu on the first level: 3. Move to second level: Appears the activated Area code on the second level. 4. Move to third level: 5. Enter the new pass word and then, press: 6. Recheck entered new pass word and then, press: 7. Select a code for a geographic area: After select,Rating and Password will be activated.(page 20) SETUP vvVV BB BB Numerical button of 0~ 9 then, SELECT/ENTER Numerical button of 0~ 9 then, SELECT/ENTER vvVVbB Adjust the setting ON REMOTE 1. Di...


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