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User manual MicroBoards Technology, model CX1-1000

Manafacture: MicroBoards Technology
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Extended warranties also available for purchase. Part No.: CX1-1000, CX1BD-1000 (Blu-ray version) Recorders: 1 Disc Input: 100 Typical Weekly Throughput: 100-250 Discs Burn Speed: 8X Blu-ray / 24X DVD / 48X CD Ink Cartridges: 2 Cartridges: CMY (V102C) and K (V101B) Printing Technology: HP thermal inkjet Cost per Disc: About 23 cents per disc (full-color, full-coverage) Print Resolution: 4800 dpi Recording Software: PrintWrite (PC, Mac) Label Design Software: SureThing (PC), Disc Label (Mac) Compatible Operating Systems: Windows XP (32-bit); Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Mac OS 10.5, 10.6 (Intel chipset only) Minimum Processor: Inteo Core2 Duo (PC), Intel processor only (Mac) Minimum RAM: 2 GB required Hard Drives: 20+ free GB required; see web for full details Connectivity: USB 2.0 Weight: 39 lbs. Dimensions: 9” H x 18” D x 20”W (Add 2” H with input rods installed and 5” to D with output bin installed) 800.646.8881 microboards.com ® CX-1 DISC PUBLISHERCX-1 DISC PUBLISHER • Mid-Range Disc Publishing Churches, schools, sales and marketing departments, government oces, videographers, and recording studios alike can benet from the ease, speed, aordability, and professional results delivered by the CX-1 Disc Publisher. The CX-1 makes the process of producing professionally nished CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs in mid-to-high volumes nearly eortless. Even novice users can easily operate the device, thanks to an intuitive user interface and PrintWrite software for PC and Mac. Set it up, walk away and the 100-disc capacity enables automatic unattended burning and printing of all your discs—even publish over a network! DiscPlace Technology provides improved loading and reliability; and with easy disc alignment calibration, you can count on the CX-1 Disc Publisher to meet your demands for reliable operation. Fast throughput is no problem for this device, which provides high-speed 8X Blu-ray, 24X DVD, and 48X CD recording on virtually any type of disc, including Dual Layer and connects through a single USB cable. After recording, easily nish discs with superior disc printing capabilities. The process is fast and cost-eective with the device that delivers high-resolution graphics in less than 20 seconds and for only 23 cents per disc (full color, full coverage). SureThing (PC) and Disc Label (Mac) label design software enables you to create labels with a professional air. And whether you’re printing full-color, full- coverage discs or light coverage with text only, you’ll enjoy brilliant results. Our fourth-generation disc-handling technology provides smooth, clean images; and HP inkjet technology, with vibrant HP Vivera inks, provides consistently brilliant color—in text and images—on each and every disc. Once you own a CX-1, you can rest easy knowing our service and support technicians are always available when you need them. Extended warranties also available for purchase. Part No.: CX1-1000, CX1BD-1000 (Blu-ray version) Recorders: 1 Disc Input...

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