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User manual Hyundai, model H-DVD5062

Manafacture: Hyundai
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manual abstract

Always wipe it from the center towards the edge. • Do not use daily used detergent to clean the disc. • Protect discs against any fingerprint, do not stick or write anything on the surface of the disc. H-DVD5062 10 ( Disc Terms Title Generally, pictures or music compressed on a DVD are divided into several sections is called title. Chapter The smaller section unit of picture or music in a DVD under the title, usually one title consists from one or more chapters and each of them is numbered for easy searching. But some discs may not have a recording chapter. Track A segment of picture or music on a SVCD, VCD or CD. Each track is numbered for searching. Scene Active and stillness picture divided into certain portions is called scene, and every scene will be showed on screen menu with a scene number, that can be easily found while playing. A scene usually is formed with one or several tracks. PBC function (SVCD, VCD) If a SVCD or a VCD is played a content menu may be showed on screen, this is what is called “Play back control” viz. PBC function. Disc type Functions VCD without PBC function (1.1 version) Supports both music and images. SVCD/VCD with PBC function (2.0 version) In order to play pictures from VCD the menu indicated on the screen can be used. H-DVD5062 11 ( Controls Front panel 1. Disc tray 2. Display Screen 3. USB slot 4. OPEN/CLOSE button 5. PLAY/PAUSE button 6. Microphone input 7. STANDBY button Rear panel 1. Component video output 2. Mixed L/R audio output 3. Coaxial digital audio output 4. S-Video output 5. Composite video output 6. 5.1 CH audio output 7. SCART H-DVD5062 12 ( .ru) Remote control (RC) 1. POWER button; 2. Numeric buttons; 3. FAST FORWARD/REWIND buttons; (SCAN) 4. PLAY button; 5. STOP button; 6. TITLE button; 7. Cursor (LEFT/RIGHT/UP/ DOWN) buttons; 8. AUDIO button; 9. ANGLE button; 10. SUBTITLE button; 11. N/P button 12. ZOOM button; 13. STEP button; 14. SLOW button; 15. OSD button; 16. OPEN/CLOSE button; 17. REPEAT button; 18. A-B REPEAT button; 19. VOLUME+/- button; 20. GOTO button; 21. PREVIOUS/NEXT (SKIP) button; 22. PAUSE button; 23. SETUP button; 24. ENTER button; 25. MENU button; 26. A-MODE button; 27. V-MODE button; 28. MUTE button; 29. L/R/ST button; 30. USB button; 31. PROGRAM button. H-DVD5062 13 ( Remote control operation • Insert two AAA/1.5V batteries into the remote control. The remote control is pointed at remote sensor within 8 meters and within 30 degrees at the left or the right side. • Take the battery out of the control if it is not used for a long time. H-DVD5062 14 ( Connection Precaution: Do not turn on the power of the player before all connections are done correctly. Note: The diagram may be different from your DVD player; the connections are only for your reference. Video system connection TV/Monitor video input Component video input Composite video and S-video input SCART input Component video output Composite video and S-video output SCART output DVD player video output Following video outputs are available in this unit. Composite video Use the cable with yellow plug of an AV cable to connect the composite video output of this unit to the video input of a TV/monitor. Component video H-DVD5062 15 ( Use a 3-core AV cable to connect the components outputs of this unit to the corresponding inputs of a TV/monitor. S-Video Use an S-Video cable to connect the S-Video output of this unit to the S-Video input of a TV/monitor. SCART Use a 21-pin SCART cable to connect the SCART output of this unit to the TV/monitor SCART input. Notes: The connection you should make depends on the TV/monitor input terminals. Don’t make all the connections at the same time, otherwise the produced picture will be affected. H-DVD5062 16 ( Audio system connection TV/monitor/amplifier audio input 5.1CH audio input 2CH audio input Digital audio input COAXIAL l”l I u I 0 COAXIAL 5.1CH audio output 2CH audio output Digital audio output DVD player audio output There are two types of audio output systems. They are analog audio output system and digital audio output system. Analog audio output system includes 2-channel stereo output and Dolby AC-3 5.1 channel output. Digital audio output system includes coaxial output. Stereo audio Use a pair of audio cable (white for left, red for right) to connect the stereo audio outputs of this unit to the stereo inputs of a TV or a power amplifier. 5.1 CH audio Use 3 pairs of audio cables to connect the 5.1 CH audio outputs of this unit to the 5.1 channel inputs of external audio amplifiers or other players. Coaxial audio Use a coaxial cable to connect the coaxial output of this unit to the coaxial input of a power amplifier. H-DVD5062 1...


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