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User manual Hyundai, model H-DVD5065

Manafacture: Hyundai
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manual abstract

If the programmed tracks are over ten, press NEXT button to go on programming. Use the cursor buttons to move the cursor to the START. Press ENTER button to start programmed playback. Note: For MP3 disc, this function is not available. SETUP • Press SETUP button to enter or exit DVD player’s setup menu. V-MODE • Press V-MODE button to switch the video output mode. A-MODE • Press A-MODE button to switch the audio output mode. L/R/ST • When playing super VCD, VCD, CD disc with multi-channel, press L/R/ST button to select left channel/right channel/stereo/mix audio output. ENTER • Press ENTER button for confirmation of chosen options. STEP • When playing DVD, SVCD, VCD disc, press STEP button once, the picture changes to next frame. Press PLAY/PAUSE button to resume normal play. OSD • Press the OSD button; the relative information of the disc will be displayed on the TV screen. REPEAT • Press REPEAT button to repeat a title, chapter, track or the whole disc. • When playing DVD disc, press REPEAT button continually, the TV screen shows chapter => Title => All => OFF. • When playing SVCD, VCD, CD disc, the turn is following: Track => All => OFF. • When playing MP3 disc, the turn is: Folder => Single => Repeat one => Repeat folder. A - B • Press A-B button on the start point (A) and the ending point (B) to select the repeat part. H-DVD5065 ( 21 • Press A-B button the third time to cancel A-B repeat and return to normal play. GOTO • Press GOTO button to select track, disc time and track time to play. You can use numeric buttons to input the goto time. ZOOM • When playing DVD, SVCD, VCD disc, press ZOOM button to zoom in or zoom out the picture. • In zoom mode, press UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT cursor buttons to move the picture for viewing. The picture cannot be moved in zoom out mode. VOLUME • Press VOL +/VOL- buttons to adjust volume level. MUTE • Press MUTE button, the sound will be turned off and “MUTE” will be displayed on the TV screen. Press MUTE button again, “MUTE OFF” will be displayed and the sound will resume. S.EFFECT • Press S.EFFECT button to change the surround sound (DSP) effect. VIRTUAL • When pressing this button the virtual panel will appear on the screen. It will make your work easier while watching the movie. EQ (This function is optional) • Press EQ button to chose EQ mode. H-DVD5065 ( 22 KARAOKE • Karaoke disc should be in DVD VCD format. This disc should content music and subtitles. Karaoke disc should show to the users the fragments and when they should sing song. It is necessary to use one or two microphones (do not come with the unit). • Connect microphone to MIC cutoff point on the front panel of DVD player. • Enter system setup menu on the Karaoke page. Choose the item you want to set up. Press UP/DOWN cursor buttons to adjust microphone volume in the setup menu. • Press UP/DOWN cursor buttons to adjust the echo level in the setup menu. • Put Karaoke disc into DVD-player and the reproduction will start automatically at once. MP3 PLAYBACK • MP3 is the third audio compression format of international standard MPEG, which compresses the audio signal at the rate of 12:1. Using MP3 format, one disc can contain more than 600 minutes of music, the timbre of which is similar with that of CD discs. • There are many different formats for storing MP3 songs. Usually, one MP3 disc includes many folders (directories) and every folder includes files (songs). • Use the UP/DOWN directional navigation arrows to select the directory you want and press the ENTER button to enter it. Press the PLAY/PAUSE button to play the song you selected. PLAY PICTURE CD • When picture disc menu appears on the TV screen, press cursor buttons to choose the needed folder, then press ENTER button to enter the selected folder. • Select the needed file in the folder and press PLAY/PAUSE button to playback the file. • Press STOP button, 12 small pictures will be shown on the TV screen. • Press cursor buttons to select the desired picture. • Use cursor buttons to select SLIDE SHOW, then press PLAY/PAUSE button to start random playing. • Use cursor buttons to MENU, the press ENTER button to enter button function menu. Button function menu is as follows: [PROGRAM]: to change picture transform mode; [STOP]: entering thumbnail mode; [NEXT]: next picture; [PREV]: previous picture; [PLAY]: to play picture; [UP]: invert picture; [DOWN]: mirror image; Press CONTINUE to go to another item menu [LEFT]: rotate 90 degrees anticlockwise; [RIGHT]: rotate 90 degrees clockwise; [ZOOM]: change zoom mode; [FAST FORWARD]: zoom in picture; [FAST REWIND]: zoom out picture; [UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT]: move zoom center, Select EXIT MENU to exit. H-DVD5065 ( 23 Troubleshooting guide Symptom Cause(s) Solution No power The power cord is not connected. Connect the power cord properly. No picture TV video setup i...


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