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User manual Philips, model LPF 940

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Do not inhale the released toner dust. Remove the toner dust from clothing or objects with cold water; hot water would only cause the toner to set. If the toner level of the cartridge is low, then every time you open and close the cover, the following question will appears on the display: BLACK=NEW?. If you have not installed a new cartridge, press j. Whenever you have installed a new toner cartridge, press OK, and update the toner level memory (also see chapter Changing the Toner Cartridge, page 30). Unplug the device from the power socket before cleaning it. Use a soft, lint-free cloth. Never use liquid or easily flammable cleansers (sprays, abrasives, polishes, alcohol, etc.). Do not allow any moisture to reach the interior of the device. Special fax cleaning sheets are available as accessories from our call centre. Insert a sheet into the document feeder. Press j; the page is ejected. Repeat this process at a few times. EN EN Problems with Faxing No fax transmission No dial tone when lifting the headset Check the installation of the device. Check that the device is connected to the mains voltage. Connect the telephone cable to the socket marked LINE. Insert the telephone plug into your PTT line socket. If possible test your device in another telephone line before you contact technical customer services. Follow the instructions on the display. Fax transmissions are constantly interrupted. Try to send the fax manually: Press . and dial the number. If the recipient is using an answering machine, wait until you hear a whistling tone. Press o. It is possible that the recipient's device is not ready to receive. Fax transmission to a fax number is not possible. Call the number and check whether the number is a fax number and whether the connected fax device is ready to receive (whistling tone or silence). You can eavesdrop while the connection is establish (page 14). Faxes sent are of poor quality. Modify the resolution. Test the device by making a copy of the document. If the device is in order, the device of the recipient might be defective. Test the scanner by printing the functions list (press ., 1 and OK). If the function list is printed perfectly, it is possible the scanner is dirty or defective. Clean the scanner. No fax reception Check whether the manual fax reception mode is set. The device will not receive faxes on its own (page 28). You hear a whistling tone or silence in the handset. The call is a fax. Press o on the device. Press *5on the additional telephone. Hang up. Problems with Printing No printing Printing is interrupted. Paper or document jam, no paper or toner cartridge. Follow the instructions on the display. Copy is blank or the recipient has received a blank sheet Insert the documents face down into the document feeder. The device produces white lines when printing. Clean the toner drum with a soft cloth. Clean the scanner (also see chapter Cleaning, page 32). The device produces black lines when printing. The toner cartridge is damaged and must be replaced. Use only original consumable materials. The device makes a noise during printing. The toner cartridge is almost empty and must be replaced. Use only original consumable materials. Received faxes and copies are too light. The sender’s device is not set optimally. If the copy is also too light the toner is almost all gone and must be replaced. Use only original consumable materials. Problems with the PC Message on the PC: No connection to the printer Check the installation of the device. Check whether the USB cable is connected and the Companion Suite LL software is installed on to the PC. Check whether the device is installed in the printer menu of the PC as Laser Printer Scanner. It is possible that a firewall or anti-virus programme installed is disrupting the connection to the device. Message on the PC: Check the printer The toner cartridge is almost empty and must be replaced. Service 33 EN EN 13 Glossary Additional Devices You can connect additional devices to your device, such as answering machines, telephones, charge meters and computer modems; these can be connected either in series or in parallel. Parallel connection means that the devices are connected to another telephone socket of the same line. If you connect the devices to the external socket of your device, they are connected in series. The fax switch of your device can control and regulate only devices connected in series. Broadcasting see Sending to Multiple Recipients Call-by-Call Selection of the telephone service provider for each telephone call. It is possible to place telephone calls through different private service providers. By placing prefixes in front of the actual telephone number, one can choose a different service provider for each telephone call without entering into a firm contract relationship. Caller List The numbers of the last callers are stored in the caller list. This function requires that the caller identification function be enabled for your P...

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