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User manual Sony, model DSC-WX50

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manual abstract

120 min. Approx. 240 images Viewing (still images) Approx. 180 min. Approx. 3600 images Shooting (movies) Approx. 60 min. — Notes GB • The above number of images applies when the battery pack is fully charged. The number of images may decrease depending on the conditions of use. • The number of images that can be recorded is for shooting under the following conditions: – Using Sony “Memory Stick PRO Duo” (Mark2) media (sold separately) – The battery pack is used at an ambient temperature of 25°C (77°F). • The number for “Shooting (still images)” is based on the CIPA standard, and is for shooting under the following conditions: (CIPA: Camera & Imaging Products Association) – DISP (Display Setting) is set to [ON]. – Shooting once every 30 seconds. – The zoom is switched alternately between the W and T ends. – The flash strobes once every two times. – The power turns on and off once every ten times. • The battery life for movies applies shooting under the following conditions: – Movie quality: AVC HD HQ – When continuous shooting ends because of set limits (page 25), press the MOVIE (Movie) button again and continue shooting. Shooting functions such as the zoom do not operate. GB 13 x Supplying power x Supplying power Notes • Power cannot be supplied when the battery pack is not inserted in the camera. • When the camera is connected directly to a computer or to a power outlet using the supplied AC Adaptor, power supply is available only in playback mode. If the camera is in shooting mode or while you are changing the settings of the camera, power is not supplied even if you make a USB connection using the micro USB cable. • If you connect the camera and a computer using the micro USB cable while the camera is in playback mode, the display on the camera will change from the playback screen to the USB connection screen. Press (Playback) button to switch to the playback screen. Inserting a memory card (sold separately) Ensure the notched corner faces correctly. 1 Open the cover. 2 Insert the memory card (sold separately). • With the notched corner facing as illustrated, insert the memory card until it clicks into place. GB 3 Close the cover. x Memory cards that can be used x Memory cards that can be used For still images For movies A Memory Stick PRO Duo a a (Mark2 only) Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo a a Memory Stick Duo a — SD memory card a a (Class 4 or faster) B SDHC memory card a a (Class 4 or faster) SDXC memory card a a (Class 4 or faster) GB • In this manual, products in A are collectively referred to as “Memory Stick Duo” media, and products in B are collectively referred to as SD card. x To remove the memory card/battery pack Memory card: Push the memory card in once to eject the memory card. Battery pack: Slide the battery eject lever. Be sure not to drop the battery pack. Note • Never remove the memory card/battery pack when the access lamp (page 8) is lit. This may cause damage to data in the memory card/internal memory. GB 15 Setting the clock Control Wheel ON/OFF (Power) Power/Charge lamp (green) Setting the clock Control Wheel ON/OFF (Power) Power/Charge lamp (green) Select items: v/V/b/B Set the numeric value of date and time: / Set: z 1 Press the ON/OFF (Power) button. Date & Time setting is displayed when you turn on the camera for the first time. • It may take time for the power to turn on and allow operation. 2 Select a desired language. 3 Select a desired geographic location by following the on-screen instructions, then press z. 4 Set [Date & Time Format], [Daylight Savings] or [Summer Time] and [Date & Time], then select [OK] t [OK]. • Midnight is indicated as 12:00 AM, and noon as 12:00 PM. 5 Select the desired display color, following the instructions on the screen. 6 When an [In-Camera Guide] introductory message is appeared on the screen, select [OK]. GB Shooting still images/movies Shooting still images/movies Shutter button W: zoom out MOVIE W/T (Zoom) lever GBMode switch : Still image : Movie T: zoom in Shooting still images 1 Press the shutter button halfway down to focus. When the image is in focus, a beep sounds and the z indicator lights. 2 Press the shutter button fully down to shoot an image. Shooting movies 1 Press the MOVIE (Movie) button to start recording. • Use the W/T (zoom) lever to change the zoom scale. • Press the shutter button to shoot still images while continuing to record the movie. 2 Press the MOVIE button again to stop recording. Note • The sound of the lens and lever operating will be recorded when the zoom function operates while shooting a movie. The sound of the MOVIE button operating may also be recorded when movie recording is finished. • Continuous shooting is possible for approximately 29 minutes at one time at the camera’s default settings and when the temperature is approximately 25°C (77°F). When movie recording is finished, you can restart recording by pressing the MOVIE button again. Recording may stop to protect the camera depending on the ambient temper...


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