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User manual Panasonic, model DMCFZ2000EP

Manafacture: Panasonic
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manual abstract

DMC-FZ2000MST-DVQX1043_eng.book 48 ページ 2016年9月19日 月曜日 午前11時17分
[Motion Picture] (Меню за запис на видео)
Това меню позволява да настроите [Rec Format], [Rec Quality], и други параметри на
видео записа.
[Photo Style]
[Metering Mode]
[Sound Output]
[Filter Settings]
[Highlight Shadow]
[Silent Operation]
[Mic Level Disp.]
[Dolly Zoom]
[Mic Level Adj.]
[4K Live Cropping]
[Diffraction Compensation]
[Special Mic.]
[Snap Movie]
[Master Pedestal Level]
[Noise Reduction for Ext. Mic]
[Rec Format]
[Luminance Level]
[Mic Level Limiter]
[Rec Quality]
[Synchro Scan]
[Wind Noise Canceller]
[Exposure Mode]
[Wind Cut]
[Variable Frame Rate]
[Digital Zoom]
[Zoom Mic]
[SS/Gain Operation]
[Picture Mode]
[Time Code]
[Color Bars]
[Continuous AF]
[HDMI Rec Output]
[Level Shot]
[Flkr Decrease]
[Custom] (Меню за персонални настройки)
Можете да конфигурирате някои функции, като показания на екрана, функции на някои
бутони и др., според предпочитанията си.
[Cust.Set Mem.]
[MF Guide]
[Fn Button Set]
[Silent Mode]
[Zoom Lever]
[AF/AE Lock]
[Zoom Ring]
[AF/AE Lock Hold]
[Guide Line]
[Slow Zoom Button Setting]
[Shutter AF]
[Center Marker]
[Slow Zoom Speed]
[Half Press Release]
[Soft Zoom]
[Quick AF]
[Zebra Pattern]
[Lens Position Resume]
[Eye Sensor AF]
[Monochrome Live View]
[Lens Retraction]
[Pinpoint AF Time]
[Constant Preview]
[Pinpoint AF Display]
[Dial Set.]
[AF Assist Lamp]
[LVF Disp.Style]
[Video Button]
[Direct Focus Area]
[Monitor Disp. Style]
[Eye Sensor]
[Focus/Release Priority]
[Monitor Info. Disp.]
[Touch Settings]
[AF Sensitivity]
[Rec Area]
[Touch Scroll]
[Video-Priority Display]
[Menu Guide]
[MF Assist]
[Auto Review]
[MF Assist Display]
DVQX1043 (BG)



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