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• If the oil starts burning, close the lid (8) and pull out the immediately. • Use only good quality oils. Do not mix different oils or fats with each other. Use only accessories that are original or recommended by • Let the unit, as well as hot oils and facts, cool down at a place BEFORE STARTING FOR THE FIRST TIME • Remove all packing material. • Clean the unit as described under Cleaning and Care. Particularly the frying basket (16), fried stuff container (9) and gripping handle (13). Dry all

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• Take up the fritter basket (2). • Pour adequate comestible oil inside the fritter container (9). We recommend the usage of a quality, heat resistant oil, made on a vegetal basis. The oil has to be poured at least until the MIN marking inside the fritter container (9). Do not exceed, anyway, the MAX marking! • Attention: Splashes risk! Dry the moist food before baking it. • Close down the top cover (1) by the handhold (12) and switch the temperature controller (5) on OFF position. • Connect the