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User manual MTD, model 241-670A

Manafacture: MTD
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Disconnect spark plug wire to prevent accidental starting. 10. Check all bolts for tightness at frequent periods. 11. Never store this power vacuum with fuel in the tank. Allow engine to cool before starting in any enclosure. 12. Keep bag and equipment free of debris when not in use. 13. Never operate this power vacuum unless air duct and vacuum bag are properly affixed in their place. Large zippered end of bag must be closed when operating to prevent objects from being blown out. 14. Never empty vacuum bag when engine is running. 15. Never change inlet nozzle or auxiliary hose attachment when engine is running. 16. The manufacturer recommends that the operator wear safety glasses or some other suitable eye protection when operating this machine. 17. Check the vacuum bag frequently for wear and replace when necessary. 3 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS CONTENTS OF HARDWARE PACK (A) 4 Hex Bolts 1/4-20 x 1.25" Long (B) 13 Hex Cent. Lock Nuts 1/4-20 Thread (Model 241-670A Only) 16 Hex Cent. Lock Nuts 1/4-20 Thread (Model 241-680A Only) (C) 2 Flat Washers .285" I.D. x.62 O.D. x.059 (D) 4 Flat Washers .285" I.D. x 1.25" O.D. x .060 (E) 3 Hex Bolts 1/4-20 x .50" Long (F) 3 Flat Washers .28" I.D. x .75" O.D. x .063 (G) 4 Flat Washers .344" I.D. x .88" O.D. x .063 (H) 4 Thumb Nuts 5/16-18 Thread (I) 1 Deflector (J) 2 Hex Bolts 1/4-20 x 1.50" Long* (K) 2 Cable Ties* (L) 1 Ferrule* (M) 1 Control Lever* (N) 1 Flat Washer .510" I .D. x .75" O.D.* (0) 1 Spacer* *Self-Propelled Model 241-680A Only 1. Place the upper handle in position. Fasten with four (4) hex bolts (A) and hex center lock nuts (B) provided. 2. Place the air duct liner (studded end first) into the elbow of air duct. See figure 1. FIGURE 1 3. Insert studs of air duct liner through holes in air duct. Thread on two (2) flat washers (C) and hex nuts (B) several turns—DO NOT TIGHTEN. See figure 2. FIGURE 2 4. Place the air duct in position on the blower housing. Fasten with four (4) flat washers (D) and hex nuts (B). See figure 3. FIGURE 3 5. Tighten the two hex nuts on the air duct liner studs at the air duct elbow. 6. Slide the vacuum bag over the back of the upper handle and snap the four flaps to hold the bag. 7. Fasten the deflector (I) on the top of the air duct with three hex bolts (E), flat washers (F) and hex nuts (B). Refer to illustration on page 6. 8. Slide the bag over the air duct. 9. Fasten the nozzle to the front of the vacuum with four flat washers (G) and thumb nuts (H) provided. Use the following steps on the self propelled unit only (Model 241-680A). 10. Fasten the throttle control to the right hand side of the upper handle with one hex bolt (J) and hex center lock nut (B) provided. 11. Secure throttle control cable to the lower handle with the cable ties (K) provided. 12. Place ferrule (U) through control level (M). ^3. Place flat washer (N) over ferrule. Thread control rod into ferrule about eight or nine turns. 14. Hook formed end of control rod in the shifting finger. 15. Place curved face of spacer toward the outside of upper handle left hand side. 16. Fasten control lever in position with hex bolt (J) and two hex nuts (B) provided. 17. Engage and disengage control lever, checking for free pivoting action. It may be necessary to readjust the control rod. OPERATION PRE-START PREPARATIONS Service engine with gas and oil. See engine manual packed with lawn mower for complete instructions for care and maintenance of engine. READ DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. ^ START ENGINE xAfter the engine has been properly fueled and oiled (refer to engine operating and maintenance instructions), start engine following the appropriate instructions. Push Model (241-670A) 1. Move throttle control lever on engine to START position. 2. Crank engine. Pull recoil with a quick firm pull. Do not pull out so far the rope stops with a jerk as this will cause rope failure. Do not allow rope and handle to snap back into place. 3. After two or three full firm pulls on recoil (or as soon as engine fires), move speed control to run position. Self Propelled Model (241-680A) 1. Place drive engagement lever in the neutral position (towards the operator). /0~\2. Move throttle control lever on handle to START ' position. 3. Crank engine. Pull recoil with a quick firm puil. Do not pull out so far that rope stops with a jerk as this will cause rope failure, Do not allow rope and handle to snap back into place. TO STOP ENGINE 1. To stop engine, move throttle control level to STOP position. 2. Disconnect spark plug wire and ground to prevent accidental starting while equipment is unattended. Operate a new engine at intermediate speeds and light load for the first few hours as you would a new automotive engine. ADJUSTMENTS HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT To adjust the height of the nozzle, stand on the right hand side of vacuum and move the index handle towards the engine. Move handle towards rear of unit to lower height. Move t...

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