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User manual Sony, model PlayStation 2 (SCPH-79008)

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manual abstract

* Except LCD screen types. Precautions Note on safety when playing DVDs or CDs If you set the volume too high, it may harm your hearing or damage the speakers. Exercise care when setting the volume. Moisture condensation If the console or disc is brought directly from a cold location to a warm one, moisture may condense on the lens inside the console or on the disc. Should this occur, the console may not operate properly. In this case, remove the disc and turn off and unplug the console. Do not put the disc back in until the moisture evaporates (this may take several hours). If the console still does not operate properly, contact the appropriate PlayStation® customer service helpline which can be found within every PlayStation® and PlayStation®2 format software manual. Cleaning • For safety reasons, before cleaning the console or connected accessories, 1) turn off the console, 2) disconnect the power plug for the console from the electrical outlet, and 3) remove the network cable from the network connector. • When cleaning the console, use a soft, dry cloth. Do not use paint thinner, solvents, other chemicals or a chemically-treated dust cloth to clean the product. • When dust accumulates in the console vents, remove the dust with a low-powered vacuum cleaner. • Do not touch the lens located inside the disc cover. To help protect the lens from dust, keep the disc cover closed except when inserting or removing discs. Exterior protection To help prevent damage to the painted parts, follow the precautions below: • Do not spill liquids such as alcohol, benzine, paint thinner or other chemicals on the product. • Do not place any rubber, vinyl or plastic items on the painted surfaces for an extended period of time. Preparation Getting started Positioning the console Checking the package contents Check that you have all of the following items. If any items are missing, contact the appropriate PlayStation® customer service helpline which can be found within every PlayStation® and PlayStation®2 format software manual. s PlayStation®2 console...1 s Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK®2)...1 s AC adaptor...1 s AV Cable...1 s Euro-AV connector plug...1 s AC power cord...1 s Instruction Manual...1 You can place the console in either the horizontal or vertical position. Horizontal position Set the console horizontally. Vertical position When setting the console in the vertical position, use the SCPH-70110 E Vertical Stand (for PlayStation®2) (sold separately). Note Some Vertical Stands (for PlayStation®2) cannot be used with this model of the PlayStation®2 console ( page 46). Choose the SCPH-70110 E when purchasing a Vertical Stand. GB Pr PrPre eep ppar ararati atiatio oon nn Getting started Caution Do not place the console in locations where it may be exposed to the following conditions: • Places subject to excessive cigarette smoke or dust. Cigarette smoke residue or dust build-up on the internal components, such as the lens, may cause the console to malfunction. • Places subject to extreme temperatures, in direct sunlight, near a heat source, or in a car with its windows closed (particularly in summer). These conditions may warp the exterior of the console or cause the console to malfunction. • Places close to magnetic fields, such as those produced by magnets or loudspeakers. • Places subject to vibration. Part names PlayStation®2 console front Disc cover ]/1 (on/standby) indicator RESET Controller port 2 " " product family logo* A (open) button IR receiver Front vent USB connector MEMORY CARD slot 2 MEMORY CARD slot 1 Controller port 1 ]/1 (on/standby)/RESET button * The " " product family logo can be rotated to match the horizontal or vertical positioning of the console. Note You can connect USB devices that are compatible with the PlayStation®2 console. Note, however, that not all USB-compatible products work with the PlayStation®2 console. Refer to the instructions supplied with the device to be connected for more information. Part names PlayStation®2 console rear PlayStation®2 console rear Rear vent !DC IN 8.5V connector AV MULTI OUT connector DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL) connector NETWORK connector Connecting to a TV Before connecting • Do not plug the AC power cord for the console into the electrical outlet until you have made all other connections. • Check that the TV is turned off. Connecting to a TV using the supplied AV Cable Connect the console to the TV as shown below. Note For part names of the Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK®2), see "Using the Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK®2)" ( page 17). VIDEO L-AUDIO-R Audio and video inputs of the TV Do not use when connecting to a monaural TV. To the AV MULTI OUT connector AV Cable Console rear Yellow White Red GB Pr PrPre eep ppar ararati atiatio oon nn Connecting to a TV Caution If you display a still image on a plasma or projection* TV screen for an extended period of time, "ghosting" may occur. This is a characteristic of these types of TVs. Static, non-moving images, such as co...


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