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Genz-Benz SHUTTLE 6.2 STL6-2

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Category: Car Amplifiers

This model has been designed with our unique ULTRA LIGHT unified design process, yielding a 600 watt professional high powered tour-class bass guitar amplifier, weighing only 3.75 lbs! This 2nd generation SHUTTLE® amplifier now incorporates our unique 3-Dimensional Power Management circuitry along with other enhancements like increased tube gain and high efficiency thermal management. Our proprietary 3DPM™ technology insures greater and more solid sounding output while retaining the feel and pla


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Category: Musical Instruments

This compact design blends a simple, intuitive and versatile high voltage, 3 tube, 6 stage classic style analog preamp with an internationally proven high performance Class D power amplifier. This Class D amplifier and SMPS module is enhanced with our PATENTED P.H.A.T. (Proprietary Heat Abatement Technology) topology. This delivers robust and reliable, high output performance in a tremendously compact and convenient package. The result is a versatile bass amp that exudes fat, rich tones while re


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Category: Musical Instruments

the more radical the EQ boost and volume level of the PREAMP VOLUME control, the more possibility of an overload condition. If overloading of the TUBE channel is occurring, adjusting the PREAMP VOLUME and/or PREAMP GAIN controls down will reduce or eliminate the over-load condition and adjusting the MASTER VOLUME control up will return the overall loudness. Note: It is OK for this LED to flash occasionally with your hardest notes played and it may flash even if the FET channel has been selected

Genz-Benz STREAM LINER 600

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Category: Musical Instruments

Additionally, we developed our own, proprietary 3DPM™ 3-Dimensional Power Management signal processing techniques to give a distinctly analog feel and sound to the Class D platform. This system provides exceptional performance and dynamics retention even for low frequency applications such as bass guitar. SPEAKER OUTPUTS – The Streamliner™ 600 provides two Neutrik Speak-On™ connectors (wired 1+/1-). The speaker jacks are paralleled. The minimum speaker load is 4 ohms. Do not ground either the “+


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Category: Musical Instruments

Each channel is equipped with a .” unbalanced line input and channel 1 is also equipped with an XLR balanced microphone input (with phantom power). The 2 inputs on channel 1 are summed (mixed) together at a 1:1 ratio. Each channel offers a 3 band equalizer with a sweepable midrange frequency control. Equalization centers were carefully selected for use with acoustic instruments. Each channel also contains individual send controls to the stereo digital effects circuit. The channel signals are the

Genz-Benz BLACK PEARL 30 BP30

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Category: Musical Instruments

This amplifier is built for those that know tone and feel are inseparable. The Black Pearl 30® is meticulously designed with an all-tube signal path, component selection and custom transformers that add up to responsive, thick, rich tone. Inside there are beautifully crafted black military spec PCB’s with robust, precision routed direct-to-point gold-flashed signal traces, neatly dressed wiring and custom tube sockets and retainers; all to ensure that every amp built delivers the Black Pearl 30’

Genz-Benz SHUTTLE 6.2 STL6-2-12T

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Category: Car Amplifiers

For countries using 100V, 110V, 115V and 120V AC mains, select the 115V switch position on the Voltage Selector switch. For countries using 220V, 230V, and 240V AC mains, select the 230V switch position on the Voltage Selector switch. There is no externally accessible AC mains (line) fuse. The internal fuse is integral to the SMPS power supply and is not user serviceable. This fuse will not fail except under very unlikely fault conditions to the SMPS, and if this occurs a qualified service techn

Genz-Benz SHUTTLE 9.2

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Category: Musical Instruments

The high frequency EQ section is a 4 KHz shelving curve with 15dB of cut or boost. The parametric sweepable-mid frequency section features 15dB of cut or boost with a bandwidth approximately 1 octave wide. The center frequency of this filter is continuously user adjustable from 150 Hz to 2 KHz with a single control. This filter is typically (but not always) used to reduce or remove offending frequencies in the instrument’s pick-up response, or boost response to achieve a particular voicing. Spen

Genz-Benz SHUTTLE MAX 12

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Category: Musical Instruments

The SHUTTLE MAX 12.0 is equipped with a .” unbalanced INSTRUMENT INPUT; input stage clip detector; MUTE switch with LED indicator; FET and 12AX7 TUBE preamps each with HIGH/LOW gain stage settings and 4 band ACTIVE equalization with 2 sweepable midrange bands; 3 switched SIGNAL SHAPE filters with level adjustments; MASTER VOLUME; proprietary OUTPUT LIMITER; TUNER OUT; AUX INPUT; 3 EFFECTS LOOPS; balanced DIRECT OUTPUT with GROUND LIFT, PRE or POST EQ; and MIC/LINE switches; HEADPHONE OUTPUT; and

Genz-Benz 250

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Category: Musical Instruments

The saturation control affects primarily the apex of the waveform, similar to the effect of overdriving and saturating the output or interstage transformer of a tube amplifier. Our implementation generates a distortion rich in second harmonics and subtle waveform compression. The harmonic control affects the waveform closer to the zero crossing portion of the waveform, yielding a more distinct overdrive with added higher order harmonics and a steeper signal compression factor. It is important to