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Repeat this step to attach the Left Pedal Tube (not shown) to the left side of the elliptical exerciser. 8. Insert a Plastic Sleeve (16) into the top of the right Handlebar Leg (5). Then, insert a Handlebar (6) into the right Handlebar Leg. Align the holes in the Handlebar with the holes in the Handlebar Leg. Attach the Handlebar with two M6 x 5/8” Pocket Screws (46), two M6 Arc Washers (39), and two M6 Nylon Locknuts (56). Attach the other Handlebar (6) to the left Handlebar Leg (5) in the same

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10 USING THE BODYLIFT The instructions below describe how each part of the BODYLIFT can be adjusted. Refer to the EXERCISE GUIDE accompanying this user's manual for exercise guidelines, and to see how the BODYLIFT should be set up for each exercise. IMPORTANT: When attaching the lat bar or nylon strap, make sure that the attachments are in the correct starting position for the exercise to be performed. If there is any slack in the cable or chain as an exercise is performed, the effectiveness of

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This warranty does not cover wear and tear, only manufacturer defects for the periods specified. Keys warrants that the Product you have purchased for non-commercial, personal, family, or household use from Keys or from an authorized Keys reselleris free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. Your sales receipt, showing the date of purchase of the Product, is your proof of the date of purchase. This warranty only extends to you, the original purchas

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Plug the Y-adapter into the PHONES jack on your stereo. Plug your headphones into the other side of the Y-adapter. PHONES Audio Cable C 1/8” Y-adapter Headphones 14 HOW TO CONNECT YOUR HOME STEREO Note: If your stereo has an unused LINE OUT jack, see instruction A below. If the LINE OUT jack is being used, see instruction B. A. Plug one end of a 1/8” to RCA stereo audio cable (available at electronics stores) into the jack beneath the console. Plug the other end of the cable into the LINE OUT ja

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831.299480 Serial No. Findthe serial number in the location shown below. Write the serial number inthe space above for reference. Number Decal I='Q u ip M E: NT H E:LPLIN F----! 1-800-736-6879 BEARB, ROEBUCK AND CO, HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL 60179 USER'S MANUAL Patent Pending PRO.FORM 8 3 5Q T I_ _1__ I TABLE OF CONTENTS IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS ................................................................. 3 BEFORE YOU BEGIN ....................................................................... 5 AS

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For aerobic exercise, adjust your pace until your heart rate is near the highest number in your training zone. It may also be helpful to set the dials on the resistance cylinders at level 5, 6, 7, or 8. Strength Training To strengthen and tone your muscles, you must exercise your muscles at a moderate to high percentage of their capacity. Set the dials on the resistance cylinders at level 9, 10, 11, or 12. HOW TO MEASURE YOUR HEART RATE To measure your heart rate, first exercise for at least fou

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To turn off the power, simply wait for about four minutes. The console has an “auto-off” feature. If the pedals are not moved and the mode button is not pressed for four minutes, the power will turn off automatically to conserve the batteries. MAINTENANCE AND TROUBLESHOOTING Inspect and tighten all parts of the exercise cycle reg-BATTERY REPLACEMENT ularly. Replace any worn parts immediately. If the console does not function properly, the batteries To clean the exercise cycle, use a damp cloth a

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M10 Split Washer (26).5 M10 x 25mm Button Head Screw (25).5 M4 x 16mm Screw (22).4 M10 Nylon Locknut (58).6 M8 Split Washer (41).4 M10 x 45mm Button Head Screw (46).2 M10 x 58mm Carriage Bolt (59).4 M8 Nylon Locknut (20).4 1. Press two 2O x 3O Endcaps (48) into the Rear Stabilizer (61). Position the Rear Stabilizer (61) under the angled bracket on the rear of the Frame (1). Make sure that the Rear Stabilizer is turned so the recessed holes are on the bottom. Attach the Rear Stabilizer with two M

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Patent Pending Model No. 831.288271 Serial No. The serial number is found in the location shown below. Write the serial number in the space above. Serial Number Decal CAUTION Read all precautions and instructions in this manual before USER’S MANUAL using this equipment. Save this manual for future reference. SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO., HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL 60179 TABLE OF CONTENTS IMPORTANTPRECAUTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Raise or lower the Seat and insert the Seat Knob through the Frame 48 52 42 1 (1) and the Seat Post (42). Tighten the Seat Knob into the welded nut on the Frame. CAUTION: Make sure to insert the Seat Pin through the Seat Post; do not insert the Seat Knob under the Seat Post. ELECTRONIC MONITOR OPERATION The electronic monitor offers five modes to provide instant exercise feedback: SpeedN Displays your pedaling speed, in miles per hour. TimeN Displays the elapsed time. Note: Time will be counted