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Symphonic SC319B

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TV-14 Unsuitable for children under 14 TV-MA Mature audience only and you press the F.FWD/B button, the sub-ratings will appear on the TV screen. If you select the rating category (example: TV-PG) and turn it [BLOCK] or [VIEW], the sub-ratings (example: V for Violence) will turn [BLOCK] or [VIEW] automatically. You can set the sub-ratings to [BLOCK] or [VIEW] individually when the rating category is set to [BLOCK]. To set the sub-ratings individually, follow the steps below. • When you select [T

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The lower ratings will be available for viewing. • When you set the lowest rating to [VIEW], all other ratings will automatically be available for viewing. 4 Exit the V-Chip setting mode Hit [MENU] to return to original mode. -16- EN VIDEO CASSETTE This unit will operate with any cassette that has the mark. For best results, we recommend the use of high-quality tapes. Do not use poor quality or damaged tapes. PRECAUTIONS • Avoid moisture. Moisture condensation may occur on the tape if it is move

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In the example below, the timer is being set to record: DATE: July 4th, 2003 SETTING TIME: from 7:30PM to 8:50PM CHANNEL: CH61 TAPE SPEED: SP Make sure ... • If a cable box or satellite box is connected with the TV/VCR you will be limited to record only one channel. And the channel selector on the TV/VCR must be selected to the output channel of the boxes CH 3 or CH 4 and then the actual channel to be recorded must be selected on the boxes. • Clock must be set to the correct time and date before

Symphonic SC313C, SC319C

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Or there is a case that no channel is broadcasting the XDS signal in your area, as shown by no time. In these cases, you must manually enter the correct local PBS station, or set the clock manually and turn off the Auto Clock Setting feature. MANUAL CLOCK SETTING Make sure ... • TV/VCR power must be turned on. In the example below, the clock is to be set to: DATE May 7th, 2002 SETTING TIME 5:40PM - 11-EN 9I03 1 Select “SETTING CLOCK” –M E N U – Press the MENU button on the TIMER PROGRAMMING PICT

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PICTURE CONTROLS TRACKING ADJUSTMENT • Tracking adjustment will be set automatically (Digital Tracking function) when you start playback. • However when playing pre-recorded tapes or tapes recorded on units other than your own, noise lines (black and white streaks) may appear on the playback picture. If this occurs, you can adjust the tracking control manually by pressing the CHANNEL K or L button until the streaks disappear. To return to the DTR function, stop the tape once and start playback

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• 2 Step picture search operation–You can view a video program at a high speed or super high speed in either a forward or reverse direction in LP and SLP mode. For SP mode only high speed. • Three different playback tape speeds : SP/LP/SLP • Two different recording tape speeds : SP/SLP • Auto Head Cleaner–Automatically cleans video heads as you insert or remove a cassette. • Zero Return–The tape returns to counter of 0:00:00 by rewinding or fast forwarding. • Still–“Freeze” the picture at any ti

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(Rewind Search) s button– • Press to select a mode from a particular menu. (for example: LANGUAGE or USER’S SET UP) 8 PLAY button– Press to begin playback. K button– • Press to select setting modes from the on screen menu. • Press to enter digits when setting program. (for example: setting clock or timer program) 9 F.FWD button– Press to rapidly advance the tape, or to view the picture rapidly in forward during playback mode. (Forward Search) B button– • When setting program (for example: settin

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B 61 EVRY MON -:- - - - --:- Then, press the F.FWD/B but-- --/- -- - --:- - --/- -- - --:- - --/- -- - --:- ton. 10 Finish setting the program Press the F.FWD/B or REW/s button. The program is now completed. • To set another program, repeat steps [2] to [10]. • Press the MENU button on the remote control to return to original mode. 11 Set the timer Press the POWER button to set automatic timer recording. The TIMER REC indicator lights up. • You must turn off the TV/VCR to activate automatic time

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- 3-EN 9J27 PRECAUTIONS LOCATION For safe operation and satisfactory performance of your TV/VCR, keep the following in mind when selecting a place for its installation: • Shield it from direct sunlight and keep it away from sources of intense heat. • Avoid dusty or humid places. • Avoid places with insufficient ventilation for proper heat dissipation. Do not block the ventilation holes at the top and bottom of the unit. Do not place the unit on a carpet because this will block the ventilation ho

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Then, press the F.FWD/B button. –SETTING CLOCK – 2 Set “AUTO CLOCK” to [ON] B AUTO CLOCK [ON] Press the F.FWD/B or REW/s AUTO CLOCK CH [AUTO] button repeatedly until [ON] MANUAL CLOCK SET appears. D.S.T. [OFF] 3 Enter the channel number for the PBS station Press the PLAY/K or STOP/L button to point to “AUTO CLOCK CH”. –SETTING CLOCK – Then press the F.FWD/B or AUTO CLOCK [ON] B AUTO CLOCK CH [AUTO] REW/s button until the channel MANUAL CLOCK SET number for your local PBS station D.S.T. [OFF] app