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Acroprint Watchman Clock C-72

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Category: Time Clocks

May help lower insurance costs. • Assures that security personnel make appointed rounds at prescribed times. • Protects against robberies, fires, and industrial accidents which often occur due to insufficient patrolling. • Maintains strict supervision of watchmen. For more information on our complete line of time terminals, time clocks, time stamps and accessories, please contact your authorized Acroprint dealer. 5640 Departure Drive • Raleigh, NC 27616 919-872-5800 • 800-334-7190 • Fax: 91

Acroprint timeQplus V3

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Category: Time Clocks

Press [MENU], select “User Manage”, press [OK], select “Enroll User”, press [OK], select “Enroll FP”, press [OK], the following appears: Enroll FP New Enroll? ESC OK Press [ESC] to cancel the new enrollment, enter the User ID (PIN number) of the user you wish to enroll an additional fingerprint for: Backup Enroll User ID 00001 ESC OK - 19 - Password Enrollment 1) Press [MENU], select “User Manage”, press [OK], select “Enroll User”, press [OK]. Three enrollment methods are displayed, select “Enro

Acroprint timeQplus TQ600

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Category: Time Clocks

- 36 - 7 7 Delete User Data 1) Press [MENU], the following appears: Menu Ў >User Manage Options PenDrive Mng 2) Select “User Manage”, press [OK], the following appears: User Manage Ў Enroll User Enroll Admin >Delete 3) Select “Delete”, press [OK], input the User ID, press [OK] to confirm, follow the prompts to delete user. Delete User ID 00008 ESC OK Note: You cannot delete a user with multiple enrolled fingerprints without deleting each fingerprint first. If the user has a password you will als

Acroprint RS 232

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Category: Network Equipment

Acroprint PD100

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Category: Time Clocks

CAUTION: . Read and understand all instructions in the PD100 Time Clock User Manual before installing and operating the time clock. . Do not install the PD100 in areas where it may be exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures, such as near a heater. . Do not install the PD100 where it may be exposed to excessive dust or to high humidity, resulting in condensation. . Do not use this product near water or when you are wet. If the product comes in contact with any liquids, unplug the electric

Acroprint Green ATR20/20-6

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Category: Time Clocks

8.7 in. (23 cm) wide X 6.1 in. (16 cm) tall X 2.3 in. (6 cm) deep !"!4 lbs (1.85 kg) #$ Pentium® processor, 300 MHZ minimum, 64 RAM, Windows 95/98/2000/ NT/ ME & Denotes options available. %"""#' • Signal control • Messaging • Autopoll/autoreports ATR20/20-1 ATR20/20-2 ATR20/20-3 ATR20/20-4 ATR20/20-5 ATR20/20-6 Model Chart (" • Track-two magnetic stripe reader, Barcode reader (visible) • 5000+ event capacity, for internal storage between pollings • RS485, RS232, or modem

Acroprint Green ATR20/20-5

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Category: Time Clocks

The Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME package enhances your ability to manage your workforce with detailed reporting and simplicity of operation. . . . • Easy employee setup • Punch detail • Exceptions • Hours summary • Simplifying employee scheduling . • Time Card • Hours • Daily Hours • Who’s In • Who’s In by Shift • Shift Report • Category Summary • Department/Category Summary • Category Count Summary • Group Hourly Report • Department Summary • Attendance Report • Attendance Count Report • Payro

Acroprint Green ATR20/20-4

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Category: Time Clocks

2 line by 20 character backlit LCD (alphanumeric) 16 key, full travel, alphanumeric, programmable 128K RAM &256K RAM 120/240V, 50Hz/60Hz wall mount transformer 9 volt AC, 1000 mA minimum &9 volt AC, 230V European, 240V British and 230V Parallel Blades Internal Lithium Battery retains data and powers the real time clock for up to 10 years. Magnetic Stripe Card Reader (ABAII); Bar Code Reader, Code 39, (visible); External Bar Code Reader; Pen Wand RS-232, RS-485 2-wire single terminal or mul

Acroprint Green ATR20/20-3

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Category: Time Clocks

• Fixed, flexible or open shifts • Wide range of variable parameters for applying calculation rules • Polls unlimited number of terminals • Easy editing for payroll filing • Transfers records for payroll files • Password protection • Automatic report processing • Offline operation • Punched breaks and lunches • Punch editing at the PC or clock • Three levels of overtime • Allows employee transfers • Automatic daylight savings adjustment • Control unauthorized overtime • AM/PM or military time •

Acroprint Green ATR20/20-2

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Category: Time Clocks

Windows 95/98/2000/ME and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. HID is a trademark of HID Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. System Sales..............................1-800-334-7190 System Technical Support..........919-872-5800 Fax...............................................919-872-5967 Email...........................................ATR2020@acroprint.com Website........................................ . • Fixed, flexibl