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Adcom URC-200

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Category: Remote Control

The Quick Setup DVD tutorial supplied with the Automator demonstrates the process of setting up and automating a home entertainment system. Watch the DVD first to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the Automator and the setup process. This manual is designed to assist you step-by-step as you setup the Automator to replace all of your remote controls and automate your home entertainment system. URC-200 Owner’s Manual © 2004 Universal Remote Control, Inc. The information in this manual

Adcom THX GFA-7000

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

Your Adcom dealer can help select the best cable for your needs. (See CONNECTING THE GFA-7000 for more information). O RR, LR, R, C, L Outputs The GFA-7000’s connections to the loudspeakers are made through high-grade, 5-way, gold-plated binding post terminals. There are two terminals for each speaker, which are colored RED for the positive (+) output and BLACK for the negative (-) output. The binding posts will accept a variety of connector types; the most secure and prevalent of these is th

Adcom S.A.F.E GFA-7707

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

All input and output signal connections should be made only with high quality, low capacitance, shielded cables following the recommendations in the Inputs and Outputs section of CONNECTING THE GFA-7705/07. Quick Connections For those of you who are in a hurry to hook up your amplifier into your system, we have included this quick-connection section. The wiring is straight forward and expeditious if you use the proper cables and follow this diagram exactly. If you have any difficulties or ques

Adcom S.A.F.E GFA-7705

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

' yCÔlVr GFA-7705 Et GFA-7707 S.A.F.E: HIGH CURRENT, MULTI-CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIERS GFA-7705/07 Features • Precision-matched devices used throughout the signal path. • Independent power supplies for each channel. • Fewer gain stages improve signal reproduction accuracy. • Custom toroidal power transformer provides better regulation and greater peak current capability. • ADCOM-Universal pre-prepped chassis and internal power supplies for easy in-field upgradeability from 5 to 7 channel

Adcom PreAmplifier Alpha 9C

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

This may be necessary if it is not possible to sit centrally between the speakers. In normal use leave in the central 'click' position. © ZONE 1 - Push the button in to activate the ZONE 1 preamp out sockets. With the button in the out position the ZONE 1 preamp out sockets are muted. © ZONE 2 - Push the button in to activate the ZONE 2 preamp out sockets. With the button in the out position the ZONE 2 preamp out sockets are muted. © HEADPHONES SOCKET - Accepts headphones rated between 8 ohms

Adcom Power Amplifier SA200

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

These must be removed and the appropriate wood side cheeks fitted before the amplifier is first used. See page 5 for full details. 2. Please retain the carton and all packing materials provided with this equipment so that it may be repacked correctly if it ever becomes necessary to transport the unit or to return it for service. , 3. If servicing is required then the equipment should be properly packed and returned to the dealer from whom it was purchased. It is essential to include a covering

Adcom Power Amplifier SA150

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

No speaker switching is provided on the amplifiers as this invariably will cause some degradation of the signal, however slight. If it is necessary to switch speakers we recommend that the main pair be wired directly to the amplifier wherever possible and that only the ‘extension’ speakers be switched. With both models it is possible to reduce the value of output fuse fitted in the amplifier in order to provide the best protection for both the speaker and amplifier. See page 7 for full details.

Adcom P80

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

Always ensure that the volume control on your amplifier is set to minimum before starting these procedures. Bi-wiring your loudspeakers Bi-wiring improves the sound of your system because it divides the high and low frequency signal currents into separate speaker cables. This avoids signal distortions arising from the high and low frequency currents interacting with one another within a single cable, as in conventionally wired systems. You will need: Speakers – with four input terminals each: th

Adcom P75

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

MONO LINK 6. The P75 can be adapted to provide two mono loudspeaker outputs from a single input. Pull out the U-link 8 supplied and use it to connect the MONO LINK sockets 6 together. Utilising one P75 power amplifier per loudspeaker will enable you to bi-amplify bi-wireable loudspeakers. This is particularly beneficial for top quality stereo installations with a separate preamplifier, or for the left, centre and right channel loudspeakers in a five speaker Dolby Pro Logic™ or Dolby Digital™ sys

Adcom P1000

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

< Are all the channel-indicator LEDs on the front panel green? Refer to the table on page 10 if you see other colours. Hum on an amplifier output If you have a “hum” coming from one of the speakers, please check the following items. < Does the hum originate from a ground loop caused by an aerial, satellite dish or cable supply (if the aerial is disconnected, does the humming stop)? Please contact your dealer or aerial contractor for further advice. < Ensure that the interconnect and speaker lead