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Category: Network Equipment

The load attached to the ZRW113 is not affected. If you associate Z-Wave devices into Group 3, you can turn those devices on or off by tapping the switch on or off three times. You can brighten or dim devices by tapping the switch on or off twice and then holding the switch. The load attached to the ZRW113 is not affected. You can associate up to 5 Z-Wave devices into each of these groups. For instructions on how to “associate” a Z-Wave device into one of these groups, refer to your wireless con

ADTX Water Dispenser

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Category: Water Dispensers

This is normal. DO NOT drink the first 6.5 gallons of water. Drinking from un-flushed system may cause gastrointestinal discomfort, colic and/ or diarrhea. Consult a physician if discomfort persists. Running out the first two tanks will effectively flush out the system, and make it ready for use. The tank is full when the hissing stops. Using Quick Connect Fittings To remove the tubing from the fitting – push down the seal ring to the fitting body with the thumb and forefinger while simultaneous

ADTX Protection PLUS 90

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Category: Work and Flash Light

3. Replacement of Advance ballasts with ballasts of other manufacturers will void this Warranty to the extent of said replacement. 4. Advance will arrange for a service provider and coordinate ballast replacement (labor) at no cost to the user. 5. There will be no labor allowance for lamp replacement, unless specifically offered in the lamp manufacturer’s published warranty. 6. Advance reserves the right to examine all failed ballasts and/or lamps and reserves the right to be the sole judge as t

ADTX M7506

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Copier/Printer Controller accepts nickels, dimes, quarters, dollar coins, $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills and proprietary magnetic debit cards to vend one or more images, depending on the amount of monetary or card value (credit) available. Six prices are available to support up to six image types e.g., letter, legal and ledger, for black and white, or full color copies. Other pricing schemes are possible, depending on copier make and model. The multi-pricing capability of the M7506 can only be used o

ADTX Firefly AE1020

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AFTER READING THIS MANUAL, SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. ADVANCED ELEMENTS, INC. 2006 REV 06-001 It is our goal, at Advanced Elements, to develop new and unique paddles- ports products that enhance our customers’ outdoor experience. Our focus is on designing and manufacturing “Inflatable kayaks with cutting edge technology”. Our kayaks incorporate many different materials and compo- nents and deliver high performance at a very reasonable price. We are the makers of the AdvancedFr