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2Close the case and reconnect the power cables. Configure Your RAID Arrays Turn to “First Time RAID Configuration” and “Configuring Units” in 3ware SAS/SATA RAID Software User Guide for information about configuring RAID arrays. The user guide is included on the 3ware CD that came with your controller. It is also available from the 3ware website at Chapter 3. Installing a Battery Backup Unit The Battery Backup Unit (BBU) is an optional add-on consisting of a control module and a battery pack. Wh


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A recommendation is then made as to whether an update is needed, and you are asked to confirm whether you want to continue. If you confirm that you want to continue, the new firmware image is downloaded to the specified controller. A reboot is required for the new firmware image to take effect. Example: //localhost> /c0 update fw=/tmp/prom0006.img Warning: We strongly recommend backing up your data before updating the firmware. Updating the firmware can render the device driver and/or management


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JBOD A JBOD (acronym for “Just a Bunch of Disks”) is an unconfigured disk attached to your 3ware RAID controller. JBOD configuration is no longer supported in the 3ware 9000 series. AMCC recommends that you use Single Disk as a replacement for JBOD, to take advantage of advanced features such as caching, OCE, and RLM. JBOD units are not fault tolerant and therefore not recommended for high availability systems unless additional precautions are taken to prevent system hangs and data loss. Chapter


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Models 9500S, 9550SX, and 9590SE The quiet attribute turns off interactive mode. /cx/ux set identify=on|off This feature only applies to 9550SX, 9590SE, and 9650SE model controllers. This feature requires an enclosure that uses an integrated AMCC/3ware CCU (chassis control unit). (Check the 3ware web site for a list of chassis vendors that support enclosure services, as they become available.) For additional information about enclosure-related commands, see “Enclosure Object Commands” on page 87

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Controller policies are shown at the bottom of the Controller Settings page. • Auto Rebuild. Determines whether the Auto Rebuild policy is enabled or disabled. When disabled, degraded units can only be rebuilt with designated spares. When enabled, the controller firmware will attempt to rebuild a degraded unit if there is no spare, using either an available drive or a failed drive. • Auto-Carving. Determines whether the auto-carving policy is enabled or disabled. When it is enabled, any unit lar