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Audio Analogue SRL XA500

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

The power supply will be restored with pushing this switch down again. 9 Output Connector These connectors have two kinds: Binding post and Neutrik connector. You can choose proper connectors according to practical need. For your safety, please be careful when do connecting work. 10 Clip Switch Set this switch at "ON" position, once the output level is above maximum output level, the clip begin, thus keeping consistent output level for protecting apparatus. If the switch is set at "OFF", this cl

Audio Analogue SRL XA1000

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

Protective grounding terminal. Alternating current /voltage. Hazardous live terminal. ON: Denotes the apparatus is turned on. OFF: Denotes the apparatus is turned off, because it uses the single pole switch, be sure to unplug the AC power to prevent any electric shock before you proceed with your service. WARNING: Describes precautions that should be observed to prevent the danger of injury or death to the user. CAUTION: Describes precautions that should be observed to prevent danger of the appa

Audio Analogue SRL Verdi Cento

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

So this has been our design philosophy: a vacuum tube preamplifier stage to take advantage of the audio properties of that technology and a solid state power stage as “transparent” as possible. Other important innovations concern the Mono/Pre Out and added use functions. Verdi Cento Integrated Amplifier 2/7 A AAAAU UUUUD DDDDI IIIIO OOOOF FFFFU UUUUT TTTTU UUUUR RRRRA AAAAspa Unit description 333 555 111 222 333 666 1. Power Supply 2. Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Stage 3. Power Stages 4. Protections

Audio Analogue SRL Soundpleasure Bellini preamplifier

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

Introduction To achieve the best performance in a high end chain, first noise and interferences must be reduced in all the parts and especially in the stages before power amplifier. In fact power amplifier will add his high gain to everything it sees at its input, that’s say of course the signal but noise and interferences too! We’ve spoken of noise and interferences because both work to reduce the performances but they are due to different mechanisms. Interferences are caused by external source

Audio Analogue SRL Pure Class A

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If nothing happens, please refer to the troubleshooting section of the present manual. Even if it is preferable to turn the unit off unplugging it from the outlet when unused for long periods of time or during lightning and electric storms, it is possible to leave it plugged when using it daily. In this case, you may put the unit in stand-by mode. It will deactivate the unit and silence its outs. Accensione del Maestro Line Preamplifier Quando si collega la spina del cavo di alimentazione di ret

Audio Analogue SRL Maestro soundpleasure MAESTRO INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

One advantage of this type of connection is the possibility of choosing different types of cable for low frequencies and mid-high frequencies. With two separate sets of cables (with speakers that allow this type of connection), the final sound quality can be further enhanced. Each loudspeaker output terminal fitted to the Maestro Integrated Amplifier is capable of accepting two spade (fork) connectors, or one spade (fork) connector and one bare wire connection to accommodate bi-wiring requiremen


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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

Whenever damages to the equipment occur because of fixing and modifications made form non-authorized staff or because of normal deterioration of the system. No part of this manual can be reproduced by any means, transmitted or copied for private or public use without private authorization from AUDIO ANALOGUE. The information contained in this manual is related to the data kept by AUDIO ANALOGUE at the moment of the issue o f this publication; AUDIO ANALOGUE has the right to make changes to this

Audio Analogue SRL Maestro Duecento Stereo Power Amplifier

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

Dual mono design. No capacitors in the signal path and only double-side metallized polypropylene film capacitor in the critical points. The internal stages are DC coupled and the offset is reduced by means of an integrating amplifiers. Hign current capability. The protection and control sections are galvanically insulated from the analog sections to minimize the digital noise. No mains fuse. The mains current is measured at the input of the transformer (with a current probe) and in case of

Audio Analogue SRL maestro

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Category: CD Players

You have acquired an exceptionally musical, high-precision audio component, capable of extraordinary performance in any high-end system. Its refined circuit design yelds great sonic purity whereas its inborn elegance will ensure easy integration with the room’s furniture and with the rest of your system. To get the best from your new compact disc player, we advise you to use only good- quality components and cable; follow our advice and maestro will give you years of musical pleasure. Please tak