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Audiolab 8000X7

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

However, you can also run it in five or six channel mode too. By bridging two channels it is possible to create a more powerful single channel -especially useful if your front left and front right speakers are more performance critical than the other speakers in your 5.1 system. “Unobtrusive, with an elegant simplicity, the 8000X7 is a compact yet powerful performer.” r Power output 7 x 100W into rated load impedance (8 Ohm) 5 x 100W and 1 x 150W (8 Ohm) 3 x 100W and 2 x 150W (8 Ohm) IHF ton

Audiolab 8000S

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

_ jllll Integrated Amplifier S p e c i fi c a ti o n The original 8000 series from Audiolab left a legacy of revolutionary products, one of which being the legendary 8000A; a product which lead the way in simple but technically advanced stereo systems. The 8000S has been designed as a powerful upgrade from the legendary 8000A. With this fine heritage behind it, the virtues of the system are many; not least of which is flexibility. Able to operate in any one of five modes the 8000S is a

Audiolab 8000Q

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

To be considered such an audiophile pre-amplifier, the 8000Q must provide all of the functionality and control required without imparting any character of its own to the delicate audio signals. It’s this neutrality that is so hard to achieve, and it is this neutrality that is the secret of the 8000Qs enduring appeal. r Input impedance 20 kW nominal Input level vs. gain setting 500 mV at 0 dB - 350 mV at 3 dB - 250 mV at 6 dB 175 mV at 9 dB - 125 mV at 12 dB - 90 mV at 15 dB Frequency respo

Audiolab 8000P

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

International Audio Group IAG house, Sovereign Court, Ermine Business Park Huntingdon, PE29 6XU audiolab Power Amplifier S p e c i fi c a ti o n The 8000P is a classic two-channel power amplifier, delivering over 100W per channel and a peak output of over 40 Amps. Comfortably able to drive most loudspeaker loads, the 8000P is equally useful in Home Cinema configurations as it is in high performance stereo applications. A simple aesthetic and wide compatibility with other components ensu

Audiolab 8000M

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

This allows you to daisy-chain units to further improve headroom in bi-amped and even tri-amped systems. Simple styling belies the power and speed of response available from this compact amplifier r Rated output power 125 W per channel into rated load impedance (8W), 200 W into 4W Typical output power 145 W per channel into rated load impedance (8W), 240 W into 4W k—H Input for full rated power 1.13 V rms Input impedance 47 kW nominal o Gain 29.0 dB at 1 kHz o Signal to noise Greater th

Audiolab 8000CD

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Category: CD Players

Using a bespoke designed transport, optimised for accurate transfer of data to the very latest Crystal DACs, it is a worthy partner to the amplifiers and stands alone as one of the best CD players at anything close to its price. r Connectors Two pairs RCA phono Output level 2.4V rms Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.5dB "of) O Output impedance 100 Ohms Ö < S/N ratio Better than 100dBA Q Channel balance Better than +/- 0.5dB @1kHz u Channel separation Better than 100dB @

Audiolab 8000AP

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Category: Receivers & Amplifiers

The new HDMI enabled 8000 series ‘Audio Processor’ is a reference quality 7- channel audio processor and preamplifier. The Audiolab 8000AP offers superb quality audio processing and switching with capacity for stereo and multi-channel analogue sources, co-axial and optical digital inputs and twin HDMI inputs. Multi-channel HD audio can be passed via the HDMI connections from appropriately equipped source components. The emphasis is on high-quality audio offering an unequalled sound quality whate